Painkiller Interview

One of the few QA Testers who went by an alias, Painkiller had a very good reason to do so. Painkiller was just a regular Joe. He went to work every day, he paid his taxes, mowed his lawn, brushed his teeth. He became a target for harassment when he posted snide remarks to the bulletin board about the gaming habits of some of the people in his game group. So he preferred not to be known by his real name, but stuck with his in-game alter ego, Painkiller.

So much for the trivia part. Painkiller is one of the best game beta testers anyone could ask for. He would explore worlds in a game nobody ever knows existed. He has a nose for discovering secret passageways and portals. Needless to say that he is excellent at what he does. He tests games and tests them well. Leaves no stones unturned, so to speak.

That is a quality all game testers should have. The result is a better game experience for the gaming public for when the game is released to them.

We had a chance to sit down over coffee with Painkiller and got some insight on his persona.

NA: Such a nice name you’ve made for yourself. Is it fun being you?

P: Well, it’s nice to be famous, but it’s not always sunny and peachy. The fame has its perks, but on the other hand, haters spring out from everywhere. The worst part is when they come up when you least expect them.

NA: What’s the worst thing that happened to you?

P: Well, as far as I can remember, the worst thing was when somebody left me a nasty message on a bulletin board at work for everyone to see. I didn’t take it seriously, though. If that person was serious about facing me, he or she should have done it face to face.

NA: People at work praise you for being a meticulous warrior. Explain a little bit?

P: Well, yeah. I have the tendency to look for bugs and glitches where others would not dare venture into. That’s what separates me from other game testers, I guess. I’m quite nosy and I use it to my advantage at work. So far, it worked out perfectly for me.

NA: What are you working on right now?

P: Right now we’re running beta tests for a new MMORPG game due to be released June of next year. I know it’s a long ways to go. But we have a lot of testing to do, so between now and then, we have quite some time to do all the tests we need to do. Our ultimate target is a product which we could be proud of. Our team of testers are each assigned a certain area in the game map to test. Sometimes our maps overlap, but that is of no consequence to us. The more tests done will be better for our final product.

NA: Explain to us what is it you really do at work?

P: Well, we play a lot of video games for free. No, check that-and we get paid to do it. We have access to unlimited coffee and sandwiches. We also have unlimited access to the games resources at our disposal. So it’s a really cool job to have. I would not trade it for any other job out there. Working on this job gives me an unmatched satisfaction and fulfilment that I’m sure I wouldn’t come close to had I been in another line of work. I consider myself fortunate in this regard.