Davy Jones Interview

Davy Jones is one of the Narrative Copywriter for the critically acclaimed MMORPG game Two Worlds. The work of a narrative copywriter is crucial to how the game flows. In a single game, there is not one narrative copywriter, rather a team of copywriters collaborating to come up with a polished product ready for the public to grab.

Such is the case in the aforementioned game, Two Worlds, where a team of 6 copywriters worked together on the script and did countless rewrites until they got a product they are happy with. The head writer for that team was none other than Davy Jones, a seasoned veteran in the realm of script writing, either for movies, short films, or even online games, his latest pet project. Davy brings a calm demeanour to work every day, and this resonates with his peers and subordinates as well.

We were fortunate to get a chance interview with Davy as we met him backstage at Comicon, where he is a familiar face every year that it has been held. One of his favourite past times is attending conventions like these, where he can catch up with old friends.

NA: Hi Davy! Nice to see you here at Comicon. Tell us a little bit more about Two Worlds and your role in its production?

DJ: Hello! One thing about the Two Worlds project that people do not know is that I wasn’t part of the original team of Narrative Copywriters assigned to do the task. They were having problems with the direction of the storyline. And so, the producers did a reset, that’s when you scrap the whole script and start from scratch. That’s the only time that I came in along with the rest of my team. Although the production was already full-blown, it felt like a new project for us because we only came into the picture midway of the production phase. After we came in, the producers were pleased with our initial draft, and we kept on rolling from there. We never looked back ever since.

NA: Where do you get your inspiration when writing storylines for games?

DJ: Writing a storyline for games is similar to writing a script for a movie. You have to have a feel for these games. There is a theme, of course and a plot, several sub-plots. In the gaming world, sub-plots are a must. This makes the game more unpredictable and a lot more exciting, with the twists and turns a gamer has to go through while navigating the game. So, our inspiration for our storyline for Two Worlds is a combination of our past experiences with online gaming

NA: How is Two Worlds different from other games out there?

DJ: Two Worlds presents players with a lot more options during gameplay. The way the game is played is nonlinear. There is no specific level you have to go through before going onto the next. There are also side quests, which could be in the form of puzzle games, which could add to your inventory of weapons, potions and other in-game essentials. The game has unique features never before seen in other games of this genre. So this is something gamers are looking forward to.

NA: What makes a game popular?

DJ: I think the popularity of games are based on how far players are able to control their characters during gameplay. The goal of game-makers nowadays is realism. Not in the strictest sense of the world, but rather in a gamer’s world, realism in terms of how you play the game as if you were literally in it. It’s called immersion.