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Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill

  • 9/10
    Assembly - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Features - 9/10
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    Ease Of Use - 9/10
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    Build Quality - 9/10
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    Portable - 9/10

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Introduction

2.2 HP peak DC motor was probably the first thing that caught my attention. For long I have been a proponent of Iconic fitness brands and their treadmills. However, after learning that the Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill is a hot favorite on Amazon I just had to give this a try.

Instead of getting it just for a review, I finally managed to sell one of my clients on the idea of giving this a twirl. What finally got her convinced was the fact that this foldable treadmill had a soft drop mechanism quite similar to the way doors and windows close without making that loud thud or bang.

Basically, you unfold it and let it slow down to a complete without needing any help whatsoever. This plus the fact that it packs in total of 9 workout profiles is probably why it features so high up on my list of personal favorite treadmills.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill w/ 9 Programs, 3 Manual Incline, Easy Handrail Controls & Preset Button Speeds, Soft Drop System
  • 2.2HP peak DC motor with a 16x49 inch running surface
  • Easy Folding mechanism and a soft drop System to help you fold and unfold your Treadmill safely and with ease
  • Handrail controls allow you to Control start, Stop, adjust speeds, and measure your Pulse rate

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Review

Treadmills from reputable brands usually are reliable and packed with features but the problem with reliable brands is that their starting lineup tends to cost a lot more than they should. With the Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill, my only concern was the quality of the product and whether it matched up in terms of reliability because feature wise it seemed top-of-the-line for an affordable sub-400 bucks treadmill.

First off, let me start with the assembly as any fitness equipment needs some amount of rigging before it can be used. Some happen to come with over 100 components while others come nearly 99.9% preassembled. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill falls somewhere in between.

Total of three prefabricated and preassembled components and 8 screws with washers to join them together. By the way, they pack the required tools too. An Allen screw and a wrench is what you get and all you need plus about fifteen minutes with the package. The manual is detailed with illustrations and steps to help you assemble this unit.

Something that I loved with this purchase was the included belt lubrication oil. If you aren’t aware, you should always lubricate the deck and belt before using a brand new treadmill. This treadmill needs periodic lubrication every 188 miles according to the manual and the good thing is you need not remember this. It has a warning built into the console that reminds you when you reach 188 miles and lubricating the deck is an easy process as explained in the manual.

Getting back to the treadmill performance, probably the two things that impressed me was the soft fold down feature and its range of user profiles. Unlike any other folding treadmill, this equipment folds up easy but folds down even easier. Just release the latch that keeps the deck up and it folds down on its own, slowing down as it nears the ground. Nice afterthought from Sunny Health & Fitness.

As for the user profiles, every single profile has its own range of difficulty level plus they are geared to maintain a specific heart rate. Unfortunately, the heart rate sensors don’t account for the profiles as they as passive sensors that just give you a basic reading. You can however manually tinker with the profiles on-the-fly to maintain a particular MHR level, which is what I recommend doing. Both the handles on this treadmill have heart rate sensors while speed and start/stop controls are divided between the two. They fold too!

As for the limitations of this treadmill, it is rated safe for 220 pounds, which is probably the only place where I am disappointed since cheaper foldable treadmills have more weight capacity than this one. At least, the actual treadmill weighs just 103 pounds, so it isn’t all that heavy to tug along.

You have a minimum of 0.5 mph and maximum of 9 mph setting with quick settings along the way – 2 mph, 4 mph, 6 mph and finally 9 mph. Inclination is manually set on this treadmill but you need not dismount to do this. I could reach the back flip switch on the deck with my legs to quickly increase the inclination. You have total of 2 options with inclination and the default flat plain. Overall, there’s sufficient features and options available in the Sunny health & fitness sf t7603 to warrant my approval.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Pros

  • Soft drop feature works great.
  • Quick assembly with a detailed manual.
  • Comes with lubricating oil.
  • Love the workout profiles and manual profile too.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Cons

  • Weight restricted to just 220 pounds.
  • Small sized deck.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Best Features

  • Soft Drop – Definitely its biggest selling point, the fact that this foldable treadmill isn’t just easy folding up but also folding down is what I rate it highly for. Your floor will never scuff again neither will the deck jar to a stop.
  • Ample Workout Selections – Quick speed options, two inclination manual settings and total of 9 profiles for variable workouts is a lot of options. For the price you pay, you are getting a lot of features that thousand dollars plus treadmills offer.
  • Decent Speed Options – Maximum of 9mph with quick speed settings is great when you want to control your workout. Perfect for those who want more concrete control over their workouts using a heart rate watch or monitor.
  • Simple Assembly – Detailed instruction booklet, included tools plus limited components to assemble make it a simple product to get started with. Assembly needs fifteen minutes with only 8 screws and 3 pre-assembled large components.
  • Lubrication Alert – Lubrication alert is a nice touch as the unit automatically warns you when you reach maintenance periods of 188 miles. Plus, you get a bottle of treadmill lubrication oil along with the purchase so no need to invest into that from the beginning.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf T7603 Treadmill Conclusion

Sunny Health & Fitness isn’t a brand I was previously aware of. It was purely out of serendipity that I stumbled across the SF T7603 model. What tilted me towards advising this to my client was the range of workout features and the reviews I read on how simple assembly and maintenance was.

My client wanted something she could easily maintain and move in and out of her storage cupboard. This met all her criteria and had rave reviews everywhere. I see why people rate the Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill so highly now. It is my top choice among the best folding treadmills.