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Ab Coaster Max Review

Ab Coaster Max

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    Design - 9/10
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Ab Coaster Max Introduction

Home fitness equipment makers do not always cater to the entire market. Some make their products too easy for pros while others tend to use movements too complicated for beginners. The Ab Coaster Max is an exception to the trend. Instead of being selective, it offers all users the chance to truly target their abdominal muscles and keep challenging them to flatten them even further.

The Ab Coaster works great because of its unique design and motion. Users are required to sit squatted on their knees and drag their body up by pulling on the handles. The unique body position helps contract the abdominal muscles, working simultaneously on the upper, middle and lower abs. As you move down, you once again work those abs in reverse order. The result is each repetition taxes every single muscle fiber in your abdomen region.

Best of all, you can work those laterals and oblique muscles too, simply by moving to either side. To work on side muscles just twist the seat to either direction as you move up. The Ab Coaster Max truly is a complete abs exercise machine.

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Ab Coaster Max Review

The first time I came across the Ab Coaster Max was back at the last gym I worked at. Until then I had not seen one of these ab fitness machines. Floor exercises are how I always trained my clients and occasionally relying on a decline bench. However, once I tried the Ab Coaster Max, it instantly became my favorite abs workout machine.

Let me begin with the build quality. Before writing this review, I visited my old gym to see if the Coaster Max they had was still operational. As it turns out, they got two more to complement their old Ab Coaster because it was the most used ab machine in the gym. The old machine still stands strong even today though signs of its old age are evident with scratches and paint falling off. Keep in mind that this ab coaster is nearly three years old!

The latest model of the Ab Coaster has better paint and uses lighter materials without detracting from the overall build quality. If anything, I feel the seats are easier to use and have more movement. Even the bars on the seat to add weights are slightly longer so you can add combinations of weight.

The ab coaster design is completely different from any other ab machine on the market. It relies on upwards motion to work the abdomen. You basically sit on your knees and hold onto the handles. To work the abs, you pull your body weight up using your stomach and body muscles. The contractions produced in your stomach and pelvic region, in turn, works out the abs. As you get more adept at repeating this motion, you can start adding weights to the seat. This is the reason why I rate the Ab Coaster Max as a must have ab machine.

What are some of the muscles you target with this machine? You won’t work your arm muscles neither the shoulder or the lower body muscle groups. What you will target though are the abdomen muscles exclusively. The upper abdomen, lower and middle abdomen experience the most strain while the lateral and oblique muscle groups are secondary muscles targeted. For the latter group of muscles, you need to twist to either side as you move up and return back to the default position.

I advise working the inner abdomen muscles first in three sets of twenty repetitions and then target the sides by twisting, again in sets of 3/20 reps. For beginners, it is not necessary to perform floor exercises though doing so gives the best result. For professionals, you can couple the ab coaster max with a decline bench for crunches and other ab-centric exercises. Together, you can graft a complete abdomen routine for six months that will shred those muscles to perfection.

Ab Coaster Max Pros

  • Gym quality construction with top-grade components and materials.
  • Easy to use, does not involve any complicated movement.
  • Takes on additional weight discs to challenge advanced users.
  • Sturdy and heavy should support most users up to 250lbs.
  • Ergonomic design requires little maintenance.

Ab Coaster Max Cons

  • Rubber grips, seat covers and small components can be difficult to source.
  • Cumbersome and large. It needs a dedicated space in your home or personal gym.
  • Only targets the abdomen region.

Ab Coaster Max Best Features

  • Single Design – Unlike other ab workout machines, the Ab Coaster Max is a unique all-inclusive model that uses the same motion range to target the entire abdomen region.
  • Beginner Friendly – The design and modus operandi suits newbies. Without weights, it’s hard for beginners to complete three sets of 20 repetitions and when you finally manage to do so, you can add weights to greater gains.
  • Sturdy Construction – The frame, design and construction all boast of its longevity. The unit is large and heavy enough to handle up to 250lbs.
  • Gym Backed – Renowned gyms around the world rely on the Ab Coaster Max to provide complete abs training to their members.
  • Standalone Equipment – It is not always I feel a workout equipment can do the job without any additional routines or exercise. The Ab Coaster Max though can be used without relying on floor exercises or other equipment, provided you keep increasing the resistance by adding weights.
  • No Height Restrictions – Though the design does not allow for customization, it works well regardless of your size. If you are above 5 feet tall, the Ab Coaster will work for you.

Ab Coaster Max Conclusion

A good ab workout machine should spend 90 percent of your calories on stressing the abdomens and just 10 percent on the rest of your body. The Ab Coaster Max does precisely this. The unique design and motion of this ab machine ensure that your efforts target only the abs and sides. If you couple this with a decline bench or an ab roller machine, the results will improve. However, for novices, the Ab Coaster Max is sufficient to start with.

My advice, if you can spend nearly $200 then get the Ab Coaster Max plus couple of extra 5lbs grip plates. The extra weight will keep your abdomen muscles in a constant state of activity allowing you to further rip the muscle cores.