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Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer Review

Ab Rocket Twister

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Ab Rocket Twister Introduction

Seen the late night infomercials on how easy it is to cut down on fat? The Ab Twister made its first appearance on TV and had since then grown by leaps and bounds. The Ab Rocket Twister promises a brand new way to work on the oblique, upper and lower abs. While it looks more like a massage chair and less like a fitness equipment, it promises to deliver a full core workout without stressing the back and neck.

The design of this abs machine allows it to pivot to either side and carry your body along with it. You can move forward or backwards, much like doing crunches or you can twist and turn as you go up and down for side crunches. According to the company, just five minutes daily can help transform your flab to abs. Read on and find out if this fitness equipment meets the promises set forth on TV.

Along with the product, you receive three resistance bands that increase the difficulty of your workout. You also get a free DVD and fat-busting system that discusses on low-calorie meal plans and shows four different exercise strategies to overcome your belly fat. As long as you purchase from Amazon, you are assured of 30 days return guarantee in the event you find the product below your expectations.

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer
  • Abdominal chair designed to work upper abs, lower abs and oblique's
  • Backrest includes padded massage rollers that pivot with your body
  • Padded swivel seat twists and turns with your lower abs for core strengthening

Ab Rocket Twister Review

Before I begin, please do not purchase the Ab Rocket Twister directly from the company. They run plenty of infomercials late at night and unfortunately, do not entertain returns or refunds. They also sell on and purchasing through Amazon guarantees a 30-day return and refund if you decide to do so.

I got the Ab Rocket Twister from Amazon as a gift from my cousin. She said it helped her immensely and that it was better than the twister I got her couple of years back. Upon receiving the package, I quickly assembled the unit together (not hard at all) and hopped in. My first reaction was that the back massage rollers were a bit weird. For rollers, they are harder than they should be. They move a lot and do not feel comfortable at all. As for my neck, it took a couple of tries until I felt comfortable enough.

Ab Rocket could have done a better job by just providing the choice of changing the height of the backrest segment. As it stands, trial and error is the only method to find the perfect position for your width and height. Speaking of trial and error, it was during my test phase that I realised, the handle grips were made of cheap quality material. It started peeling from day one!

Does it challenge your abdomen muscles? Not if you are already fit like me. I tried the red band (toughest resistance band), and the difference was minimal on my body. Yes, after five minutes of rocking and side movement, I did feel a tiny tug on my obliques, but it isn’t enough to justify the product claims.

As it stands, folks who have never before used an abs machine will benefit from the Ab Rocket Twister. For the rest of us who do floor routines regularly, this equipment is ineffective. By the third day, I decided to gift it to one of my clients who was having trouble doing crunches the traditional way. He says that the Ab Rocket helps him and that it challenges his body as he can feel the pain in less than a minute.

Ab Rocket Twister Pros

  • Proof of concept suggests that it should work.
  • Easy for beginners and can gradually scale up difficulty using the included resistance bands.
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Does not need a lot of time to use.
  • Easy to use straight out of the box.

Ab Rocket Twister Cons

  • May not produce the results that you are interested in.
  • Is not designed well for tall or wide folks.
  • Construction is sub par with the frame and padding failing from the start.

Ab Rocket Twister Best Features

  • Complete Core Workout – The Twister edition of Ab Rocket includes oblique and side workouts. It now offers full core workout as you target all muscle groups in your abdomen.
  • Backrest Design – The backrest design includes massage rollers that move with your body, so your back stays supported. For your neck, you may need to adjust a bit to get one of the top rollers precisely positioned.
  • Swivel Seats – The Twisting padded seats turn and twist allowing the lower abs to work on core strengthening.
  • Different Resistance Levels – Red band offers the highest resistance while yellow offers least. You get a total of three resistance bands to control the difficulty of your workout.
  • Additional Content – This abs machine comes with DVD content and a meal plan. Together they teach good form practice and proper diet control for washboard abs.
  • Living Room Friendly – You can use the Ab Rocket Twister for your living room, especially when watching TV.
  • Just Five Minutes – Folks who have never exercised before can experience sufficient gains in one month by spending just five minutes daily on the Ab Rocket Twister.

Ab Rocket Twister Conclusion

Not all ab machines are designed for advanced users. Some equipment target only beginners or folks with a lot of weight. The Ab Rocket Twister targets beginners but is not intended to handle wide or heavy folks. Construction is sub par though the frame seems sturdy enough. At less than $70, Ab Rocket could have done a much better job at least with the grips.

Nevertheless, get the Ab Rocket Twister if you are interested in working the side muscles and your abdomen region, all at once. Just don’t keep your hopes high thinking that this machine alone will get you washboard abs. Remember, abs take time, effort and proper diet – they are like babies.