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Ab Roller Evolution Review

Ab Roller Evolution

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    Build - 8/10
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    Ergonomics - 8/10
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Ab Roller Evolution Introduction

The Ab Roller Evolution improves on the original Ab Roller by offering more than just crunches support. It lets you do push-ups, dips and even pull-ups! The caveat is that the design makes it rather bulky and difficult to store away once done. Nevertheless, the Ab Roller Evolution gets a nod from me because of its unique all-in-one design and beginner-friendly design.

The shape of the Ab Roller Evolution helps secure your neck while providing sufficient support to your body when doing crunches or sit-ups. Instead of straining your back and neck, you can focus solely on maintaining proper form until you are ready to perform crunches without support. As for construction, the entire unit is made from metal and comes almost assembled. You just need to connect the two sides with each other to finish assembly.

Ab Roller Evolution
  • Supports neck, head and upper body
  • Upper body trainer: Works chest and core
  • Push ups, Sit ups, Dips

Ab Roller Evolution Review

My first experience with the Ab Roller was a couple of years back. I saw this weird looking contraption lying around in my last gym but never actually bothered asking what it was for. One day I noticed a fellow trainer using it with a client who had a difficult time completing his crunches and that’s when it hit me – the Ab Roller is a perfect crunch machine!

The Ab Roller Evolution is a major improvement over the old model back in my gym as it offers more than just crunches while being heavier with a tougher build. This model doubles up as a platform for dips, push-ups and even beginner pull ups. The latter I realized after watching a couple of YouTube videos.

I purchased a new Ab Roller Evolution couple of weeks back for my cousin. She is 5’6” weighing just over 130lbs. I immediately noticed the difference in size. The original Ab Roller was shorter than the Evolution model, but the difference in height isn’t a problem unless you are less than 5’3”. My cousin has never done any kind of floor exercise, and back in high school, she suffered a neck bruise that hurts her even today. Day one and her experience with it was enjoyable.

She complained that the neck rest kept turning on its own and did not feel comfortable. To fix the issue, we wrapped a Turkish towel around it, so the towel slides a little preventing the neck rest from moving much. This helped though not enough. Thankfully, as she grew in core strength, a week later, she relied less on the neck rest. A word of advice, anchor the neck rest if you get the evolution model.

In the first week, she managed to complete her crunches and sit-ups without much strain. Initially, I was skeptical about the Ab Roller’s claim to perfect abs, but by the end of the week, I realized that it is not about perfect abs but rather form. I see it with clients on a regular basis – they practice their crunches with poor form, straining the neck and back. The Ab Roller Evolution prevents this as it locks your body into the correct posture.

In the second week, we increased the stakes by adding in small 5lbs weights to the Ab Roller. Yes, this is the biggest advantage of the Ab Roller Evolution. It can carry additional weights thus refining your workout regime. That was when I decided to give the machine a try. For me crunches are easy, and I often need multiple sets to feel the burn. Adding weights to the Ab Roller Evolution though, wore me out by the third set. That was yesterday! Today, I ordered another Ab Roller Evolution, for me.

No review is ever complete without pointing out the negatives. The Ab Roller Evolution too has its negatives. First, the design is such that while it can double as a dip and push-up stand, you won’t feel comfortable as your palms will sit against bare metal. If you plan on using it for more than crunches, wear appropriately padded gloves.

Speaking of dips and push-ups, I was surprised to see someone on YouTube perform pull-ups! Yes, with weights on this machine, you can actually use it for assisted pull ups. Personally, I found pull ups difficult (women tend to find pull-ups harder). With the Ab Roller Evolution though, I could perform a complete set of pull-up without feeling overwhelmed.

Ab Roller Evolution Pros

  • Easy to use and simple directions.
  • Good construction quality.
  • Helps beginners learn correct form for crunches and sit-ups.
  • Comes almost fully assembled.
  • Comfortable hand rest
  • Can take more weights to increase difficulty.

Ab Roller Evolution Cons

  • Lack of quality check. You may get a piece that needs replacement or minor DIY.
  • The neck support needs more cushioning.
  • A little more weight would help stabilize the machine.
  • Just an enabler but not an actual workout machine.

Ab Roller Evolution Best Features

  • Preassembled – The Ab Roller Evolution comes preassembled. Just join the two sides, and you are ready to roll.
  • Cushions – Designed for beginners and home users, the neck cushion and frame design together help reduce the overall strain while doing crunches.
  • Perfect for People With Arthritis or Neck Pain – Folks who suffer from neck pain, arthritis or any condition that prohibits them from doing floor exercises will love the cushioning on the Ab Roller.
  • Simple Design – There really isn’t much regarding design. This is a simple abs machine that enables you to complete your sets better.
  • Lifetime Use – Unlike several other ab machines, the Ab Roller Evolution will always come handy. It can take additional weight if you want to increase the difficulty of your workout.

Ab Roller Evolution Conclusion

Ab machines usually are designed for working the core muscles. The Ab Roller Evolution is different. While its target area is the core, you still depend on natural motion and movement to get an advantage. In my mind, the Ab Roller is an enabler that lets you practice perfect form for crunches until you can perform them unassisted. Additionally, you can add weights to increase the difficulty level, which makes this machine equally enticing for professionals too.

I got an Ab Roller Evolution, and while I use it for assisted weight resistance crunches, I still complete my set of floor exercises. I advise you to do the same even if you end up purchasing the Ab Roller. Together with this product and your floor routines, I am sure you will achieve the dream of washboard abs in no time at all.