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Perfect Fitness Crunch Review

Perfect Fitness Crunch

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Perfect Fitness Crunch Introduction

A single device to target all your core muscles, the Perfect Fitness Crunch is an affordable enabler. I personally enjoy all Perfect Fitness products, and while this product does not feature high up on my list, it still gets a nod of approval simply because of the concept.

Not everyone can manage the perfect crunch or push up. It takes time and effort to master form with floor exercises, and while you can do it the hard way, I would advise purchasing the Perfect Fitness Crunch to get a head start. Obviously, this is a beginner friendly product that is not meant for pros and masters of floor exercises.

The design incorporates cradles for your head and neck with a bar to hold on to. Depending on how you place the equipment, you can either perform dips and pushups or crunches. The overall construction and design ensure comfort and safety without sacrificing on repetitions or sets. Flipped upside down, the unit allows for dips and pushups. For beginners, both can be daunting, but with the slightly elevated surface and cushioned grips, these routines become easier.

While Perfect Ab Crunch is promoted for all fitness levels, the design is mostly suited to beginners wanting to learn the correct form and movement.

Perfect Fitness Crunch
  • Perform crunches comfortably and effectively
  • Flip over for pushups, dips and total body workout
  • Reduce strain on head and neck

Perfect Fitness Crunch Review

I ordered the Perfect Fitness Crunch for a client who was having a hard time doing his crunches right. His problem is that majority of his weight resides in his lower abdomen. Since crunches are the only way to target this region effectively, my advice to him was to do as many as he could possibly muster on a daily basis. That wasn’t working out well as he can barely manage two sets of 15 on his own.

I do not visit him daily but do make other day visits, and I was concerned that he may start skipping out on his crunches altogether. That was when I decided to get him the Perfect Fitness Crunch. My sole motive with this purchase was to teach him proper form and maybe ease the routine a little, so it does not stress his back and neck region.

The product came with a total of five components that took around half an hour to assemble. Be careful with the mesh cover as it is tight and you may end up putting it the wrong way up like I did. Unfortunately, there are no proper directions on how to assemble the product other than vague references to each part.

Once assembled, I had my client jump into it and performed a crunch. If you do not position yourself correctly, the bars resist more than they assist, my first lesson with the Crunch station. After a couple of retries, we found the perfect spot for him. This got me thinking if I could use the device since I am much smaller than his 6’2” frame. For me, it was hard reaching the bars when resting entirely on the mesh back. If you are less than 5’5” the Perfect Fitness Crunch may not be the right crunch station for you.

In the short duration I personally used it, I felt the device did not assist much. It only ensured that I kept my form and if anything, made crunches a tad difficult. While I generally applaud any fitness product that increases the difficulty of a routine, this device was meant to teach form to beginners, not to make crunches harder. Nevertheless, if you stick with it, results are guaranteed.
Speaking of results, the best feature of the Perfect Fitness equipment is its ability to double up as a push-up and dips platform. Beginners can have a hard time with conventional floor push-ups and raised leg dips. Hence, the elevated surface and cushioned grips do a great job in easing the two exercises.

My only major gripe though remains the lack of assistance in crunches. Pros and intermediate users won’t benefit much from this device unless you suffer from back pain or neck spasms. Besides beginner users might find it too difficult to handle if they are not motivated enough. Nevertheless, the Perfect Fitness Crunch is a decent gym equipment, worth investing if you only wish to learn proper form.

Perfect Fitness Crunch Pros

  • Simple design makes it easy understanding the operation.
  • Lack of any moving parts reduces the chances of accidental damage.
  • Comes preassembled and ready to use.
  • Mesh support cradles the head and neck region without stressing either.
  • Good starting point for beginners.

Perfect Fitness Crunch Cons

  • Not much in it for intermediate and pro users.
  • Could have done with a bit more support for the neck and back.
  • You quickly outgrow the device.
  • Not comfortable for small folks, you should at least be over 5’5” tall.

Perfect Fitness Crunch Best Features

  • Mesh Support – Instead of using cushioned rollers, the Perfect Fitness Crunch relies on mesh neck and head support that is holistic and comfortable.
  • Simple Design – This equipment comes with preassembled components that take less than 15 minutes to put together. Also, the build quality is better with the ability to support up to 290lbs.
  • Multiple Exercises – While abs are its main forte, this machine can be used for more than just abs. It works on the triceps, biceps, shoulder and chest region too.
  • Focuses On Form – Instead of making ab workouts harder, this Perfect Fitness machine focuses solely on the form of the user. You practice better form, which in term ensures completion of routines and sets.
  • Affordable – Costing less than $30, this Crunch station is also inexpensive.
  • Good for Beginners – While pros might not find the Crunch station useful, beginners trying to learn floor exercises will learn a lot.

Perfect Fitness Crunch Conclusion

Some fitness devices are meant to help improve your workouts while others teach you correct form and assist you. The Perfect Fitness Crunch falls in the latter category. Though not as assistive as I would like it to be, this equipment does stick to form practice. One week sweating on this machine and you should be a pro at dips, push-ups and sit-ups.

For the money you spend, I would advise getting the Perfect Fitness Crunch though, coupling it with a decent diet plan, more floor routines and cardio exercises is always a better bet for a holistic fitness regime.