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Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Review

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro

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Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Introduction

I prefer buying equipment that does more than just one or two things. The Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro is an excellent addition to a home gym. It offers plenty of exercise routines without taking up much space. Called the Ab/Hyper Bench, this bench helps you target your core muscles, extend for the back and even stress your upper body muscles too. The possibilities are endless with the Stamina Pro Ab Hyper Bench. Best of all, the small footprint means you do not need a dedicated workout area, and if you really are short on space you can always fold it up to store away in a closet or under the bed.

The Stamina Pro Ab Hyper Bench costs a tad more than competing brands and makes, though in return it offers premium grade thick padded upholstery that is not just comfortable but rather easy to clean too. The design incorporates adjustable components such as the thigh support and extended hand grip unit. Both can adjust as per your needs, so the bench works great for short as well as tall folks.

Be it hyperextension or tummy exercises, the foam rollers help lock your feet away without exerting any pressure. Yes, the foam rollers pivot depending on how you chose to use the bench. Finally, the bench uses non-slip rubber padding on foot rests so the bench and you stay steady regardless of the routine.

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery.
  • Adjustable thigh support covered with durable stitched vinyl upholstery.
  • Heavy-duty 2" steel frame construction. Easy-to-reach extended hand grips.

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Review

The Stamina Ab Hyper Pro bench has immense potential. In the few days I have had the opportunity to review the Hyper Pro, I learnt that you can do a lot more routines than advertised by the manufacturers.

I have a flat bench and a decline bench at home, but they are fixed and don’t really offer much regarding customization. When I saw the price of the Stamina Ab Hyper slashed by 25%, I immediately ordered one for my home gym. This is probably the only equipment that I purchased for personal use. Every other purchase has always been on behalf of a client or to review and try it out.

The package arrived in a relatively compact box. Inside were all the parts and a manual that showed how to assemble the unit. The good news is that this bench trainer comes pretty much pre-fabricated, so every component slides in or bolts on with relative ease. I had to wrestle on of the anchor bolts between the two main flat surfaces as the holes weren’t lining up perfect. Other than that, DIY on this project took less than 15 minutes.

Once ready, I oiled the joints and pivot points for smooth operation (if you do not have special fitness equipment oil, you can use sewing machine oil or olive oil). The bench can take up at least 5 different orientations depending on what you want to do. Best of all, it allows for almost all core exercises and hyperextension routines.

With my size and weight, this bench managed to challenge me with crunches, sit-ups, side hyper extensions, concentrated curls, dumbbell pullovers, triceps bench dips, dumbbell sit-ups, dumbbell decline press and a lot more. Switching between various exercises did not take time as adjusting the thigh rest, pivoting the foam rollers or adjusting the angle of the bench is all done using a peg and lock mechanism.

In short, the Stamina Pro Ab Hyper Bench offers a lot of possibilities for those who prefer working out at home. I have gone as far as recommending this to any client who has progressed far enough to increase the time spent on core muscles. My only gripe though with this bench is that it is uncomfortable for anyone beyond the 6 feet mark. If you are tall and bulky, your head will slide off the bench by a good 14 inches or so. This is not the case when you use the bench for hyperextension or side lateral rise.

Maybe in future editions, Stamina could allow the bench to extend so as to accommodate taller customers horizontally. This single improvement can make the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro a must-have among home gym owners.

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Pros

  • Superb construction, the use of steel is evident throughout the equipment.
  • Allows for multiple exercise routines with sufficient padding and protection.
  • Compact design folds into a flat and easy to tuck package that slides under the bed.
  • Affordable considering the build quality.

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Cons

  • Small design errors that should be fixed in subsequent upgrades.
  • Size is a bit constraining for anyone over 5’11” tall.

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Best Features

  • Good Quality Upholstery – The padding on the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro is plush with high-quality finishing that improves comfort while being easy to clean.
  • Thigh Support For All Purposes – The leg support on this home gym bench is adjustable with over 6 different positions to accommodate users of all heights.
  • Extended Hand Grips – The hand grips on the Stamina Pro Ab Hyper Bench are always within your reach during hypertension routines as well as upper body training.
  • Foam Rollers For Added Comfort – This bench provides foam rollers for locking your legs in during crunches and will even double as a leg lock for hypertension core movement by pivoting down.
  • Rubber Footrests – The footrests are covered with a rubber non-slip material.
  • Compact And Foldable – The Hyper Bench Pro from Stamina might seem significant, but it can fold to fit under a bed, in a corner or closet.

Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro Conclusion

No home gym is ever complete without a multi-purpose bench setup. Yes, you need fixed-benches but a versatile bench lets you innovate and perform several exercises at once without needing much setup. The Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro does just that. It allows for core training, upper body strength and hyperextension training. The possibilities with this bench are simply endless.

If you measure less than 5’11” tall, need a versatile bench for your home gym so you can go full throttle doing more than a single routine, the Stamina Ab Hyper Bench Pro is what you should get. It does not cost a lot, and for less than $200, the build quality is just phenomenal.