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Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Review

Wonder Core Smart Fitness

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Wonder Core Smart Fitness Introduction

Yet another product advertised heavily on TV as a fitness breakthrough, the Wonder Core Smart fitness equipment promises more than just a toned tummy for the bikini season. It is an all-in-one system that could, in theory, help you work a lot of other parts of your body. However, this product is sold as an abs trainer, and that is what I am going to focus mostly on.

The concept behind the Wonder Core is that assisted sit-ups, crunches and other floor exercises will get you better results as your back and neck is not stressed beyond the breaking point. With back support, your energy goes into squeezing the abs and sides, so the gains are supposed to be higher. I purchased the Wonder Core back a couple of months back when I accidentally bruised my lower back, slipping in the kitchen. Not wanting to stop exercising I decided to try the Wonder Core for my sit-ups and crunches.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment, Black/Green
  • Provides total body muscle toning and cardio in one compact System
  • Allows you to target a variety of muscle groups, including your upper, middle and lower ABS and obliques, thighs, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps
  • COMP and portable

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Review

Back in August, I bruised my back when I slipped in the kitchen. At the time, my doctor recommended I ease up on my daily exercise for at least a month. That was something I wasn’t going to do so I waited patiently for ten days to pass and then gradually began working out. While I could manage most routines or weight exercises, I could not do any floor bound activities simply because of my back. That was when I decided to search for an abdominal trainer, which made crunches and sit-ups easy.

The Wonder Core is not a trainer per say. It rather works by assisting you in your daily workout. Folks with weak backs, those who never completed a single crunch in their life will gain a lot from this purchase. It promotes good practices such as the correct posture, straight neck and abdominal activity.

I started easily with the Wonder Core Smart trainer using it for just five minutes every day. Back then, five minutes was all my sore back could handle before it began to flare up. But, by the third week, I could do a complete three sets of 20 repetitions without hurting my back. Somewhere I felt that using the Wonder Chef managed to assist in my recovery as it supported my lower back but did not completely isolate it from my workouts. As a result, I recovered in five weeks to the point where I no longer needed the Wonder Core.

Today, the Wonder Core is my constant companion when visiting clients who have a weak back or are out of shape and need assistance. Instead of standing on top of them and helping them complete their crunches, I now give them the Wonder Core to help learn the right posture and structure.

Almost all my clients too have purchased a Wonder Core for their personal use and loved it. Some have already progressed to the point where they use the Wonder Core Smart for completing 100 sit-ups daily! Of course, the idea with this device is not to do as many repetitions but to practice crunches and sit-ups enough until your back and body can handle your entire weight.

While the Wonder Core does wonders for beginners, it isn’t something I would suggest to pros or people with washboard abs. This will not stress your abdominal muscles any further if anything it makes floor exercises easier. Naturally, the product is marketed towards sedentary apartment dwellers, however, if you have a weak back and wish to perform floor routines, you should get the Wonder Core immediately.

A word of advice, do not purchase directly from Wonder Core. They run regular adverts on TV and though they offer a better price than on Amazon, promise 60-day return guarantee and a lot of other goodies – they do not stick to their promises.

Delivery can be delayed, 60-day return guarantee is more like 30 days’ assurance from the date of order and the upselling on the phone will leave your mind in a dizzy. A client of mine recently purchased the Wonder Core, and bought two resistance bands, a floor mat and a juicer! Yes, the sales team at Wonder Core is too good. Better stay away from them!

The instruction DVD does detail various other exercises you can do with it. Again all activities are assisted, so they are easier to learn using the Wonder Core. The DVD has lessons dedicated to all the exercise routines possible on this abs workout equipment.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Pros

  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a complete instruction DVD that details all the various activities it helps with.
  • Simple design requires zero maintenance.
  • Does as advertised.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Cons

  • Suitable only for beginners, will not add resistance to your training.
  • Expensive at over $70.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Best Features

  • Does as Advertised – Wonder Core does not promise better results. They assure perfect form and assisted completion of floor exercises.
  • More Than Just Sit-ups and Crunches – The Wonder Core design allows for push-ups and a lot other variation of floor exercises. Use the instruction DVD to understand all the routines it can help with.
  • Assisted Movement – Because of the assisted movement, people with lower back pain or weak backs can get started exercising.
  • Fully Assembled – The package comes pre-assembled from the warehouse. Just open the packaging and start using.
  • Good Build Quality – The build quality is decent though not great. The construction serves its purpose.
  • Ideal for Home Users – The compact size and its concept both make it a perfect choice for home users, especially apartment dwellers.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Conclusion

The Wonder Core may not enhance your abdomen workouts, but it sure does reduce the strain felt on your back. If you need assistance with your floor exercises but cannot hire a personal trainer or if you injured your lower back, get the Wonder Core Smart fitness equipment. It is a simple device that is designed to assist you in your movement and retain a perfect posture throughout.

Does it work well? Yes, it does as advertised, and then some more. In a month or two, you will manage hundreds of crunches, perform pushups with ease and even scissor leg raises too.