The Best Luggage For Kids (2020 Reviews & Buying Guide)

We spent 60+ hours testing 38 pieces of kids’ luggage across a variety of flights, car rides, and bus trips in order to ensure both durability and longevity. We then turned to a panel of 14 children aged 3 – 10 and noted down their personal design and function preferences. The results are in: we’re confident in recommending the Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry On Skin as the overall best kids luggage selection.

Our Pick

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry On


Our Top 10 Reviewed

1. American Tourister Disney 18-Inch Upright

This Disney themed piece of luggage comes in several designs, each featuring a different lovable Disney character. Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, and various Disney princesses all make appearances, giving this piece of luggage a truly unique feel.

It stands 18 inches tall, making it big enough to pack essentials but small enough for a child to be able to handle it.

The exterior of the case is made out of 100% ABS plastic, which is standard for hard-shell cases due to its durable yet lightweight nature.

The case comes equipped with standard side-mountain skate wheels, allowing your child to wheel it through the airport with ease.

The large mesh pocket on its interior makes packing a cinch, while the dual cross straps ensure that any valuables remain secure and stable.

2. Stephen Joseph Little Boys Classic Rolling Luggage

This piece of luggage is absolutely adorable, coming in a variety of styles that cater to every child. From dinosaurs to airplanes to pirates, your kid is sure to find a design that resonates with them and their interests. It†s a suitcase that I would have loved to receive as a child, and my personal favorite on this list.

The case is 18 inches tall but weighs a light 2.5 pounds, allowing even the youngest of kids to lug it around the airport. Its exceptionally light weight comes from the fact that it†s made of 100% polyester, which might mean that it†s a bit less durable than a case with a harder exterior.

The trade off for this is that it†s much easier for a child to handle, and its construction allows it to implement a much more creative design.

The exterior of the suitcase is loaded with pockets, which makes it much easier to organize your valuables and allows you to grab items in a hurry.

3. Goplus 2 Piece Kids Luggage Set

This set of luggage contains two cases: one 16-inch rolling suitcase, and one 12-inch travel backpack

These cases are absolutely perfect for younger girls, with several designs featuring cartoonish animal scenes and bright colors.

The larger suitcase is made from a mix of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, offering protection from bumps and drops. The smaller backpack is constructed from nylon, which cuts down on its weight drastically while still being strong enough to be packed to capacity.

The suitcase comes with multi-directional wheels, allowing for smooth mobility and 360° rotation . Its ergonomically designed telescoping handle makes it easier for small hands to pull it through the airport, and the backpack is small and light enough to be carried without complaint (ideally.)

4. Olympia Kids 17-Inch Carry-On Luggage

This carry-on comes in a variety of unique styles, making it a good fit for both boys and girls. It sits 17 inches tall and weighs a light 3.6 pounds, allowing for easy handling at any age.

The case is made from 100% polyester, which allows it to maintain a light weight and reduces its price tag by quite a bit. It†s one of the most affordable 17-inch cases on the market, making it the perfect starter suitcase for a young child.

It comes equipped with a standard external retractable handle, as well as a top carry handle. The case also features a large front zippered pocket, which is great for storing supplies and accessories.

5. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Rolling Luggage Backpack

This creative piece of luggage is insanely cute and sure to catch the eye of any young child. It features an owl-themed design, complete with large cartoonish eyes and fabric ears that stick out from the case.

An extremely useful feature of this suitcase is its removable, adjustable back strap, allowing it to be worn as a backpack. If your kid gets tired and refuses to pull it any farther, you can simply sling it over your shoulder for hands-free transportation.

The case includes a large front zip pocket as well as a mesh bottle pocket, allowing items to be externally stored and quickly accessed in a pinch.

The handle of the luggage retracts a full 13 inches, making it easy to roll and allowing it to be adjusted for kids of any height.

6. Stephen Joseph Little Girls Classic Rolling Luggage

This particular piece of luggage comes in a variety of styles, most of which are made with little girls in mind. Featured designs include butterflies, flowers, princesses and more, catering to a wide range of interests.

The case stands 18 inches tall and weighs a light 2.6 pounds, allowing it to be handled with ease.

It†s constructed from 100% nylon, which aids in reducing its weight and makes cleaning it extremely simple. Extendable handles make for easy rolling, and a multitude of zippered pockets on its exterior allow for diverse organization.

7. Travelpro Minions Kid†s Hard Side Luggage

Minions can be found basically everywhere at this point, and luggage is no exception. This cheeky case features a full-size picture of everybody†s favorite cartoon character, making it a sure hit among kids.

The case is a respectable 17 inches tall and constructed from 100% ABS plastic, ensuring superior durability and protection against drops and dings.

Its single-tube handle system has multiple stops, allowing it to be adjusted for different heights. In addition, the case comes with high-performance inline skate wheels, allowing for smooth and quiet transportation.

8. Rockland Luggage 22-Inch Rolling Duffel Bag

This duffel bag comes in a staggering number of colors, so we†ve only featured the most popular styles below. I thought that some of its styles best suited kids, but the sheer number of options makes it a great piece of luggage for travelers of any age.

This duffel can hold quite a bit of luggage, standing at an impressive 22 inches tall. It also contains four front pockets as well as a large top pocket, allowing for an extremely customized packing experience.

The bag is sturdy as well, coming equipped with durable, extra large wheels, as well as heavy duty zippers. It also features convenient top handles, making it easier to maneuver.

9. Marvel Avengers Light Up Luggage

This unique piece of luggage features all four members of the Avengers, and is sure to make any young superhero fan happy. It†s a very light and very inexpensive case, making it ideal for a child†s first piece of luggage.

It stands at 16 inches and weighs a measly 1.7 pounds, making it easy to roll for kids of any age. It†s constructed from polyester and only provides one main storage compartment, which is how it maintains its light weight.

The case also has the ability to light up, which will make for some very excited children.

10. Rockland Luggage 20-Inch Carry On Skin

This carry on might be better suited for older kids, as its construction and overall design are a bit more grown-up. It comes in nine different styles, featuring a variety of colors and patterns.

The case is 20 inches tall and weighs a respectable 8.3 pounds, making it a bit too hard for young children to handle.

Its exterior is made of a polycarbonate/ABS plastic mix, offering superior durability and damage prevention. Multi directional spinner wheels make for effortless wheeling, and its ergonomic telescoping handle ensures that it†s not too rough on your hand.