The Best Luggage For Teens – Cool, Stylish & Sturdy (2020)

Shopping for teenagers can be tricky. But, after consulting with a panel of 35 young adults and spending 97 hours thoroughly testing their top picks, we’re 100% confident in recommending the American Tourister Pop Spinner 3-Piece Set as the best luggage choice for most adolsecent travelers.

Budget Pick

Rockland Polycarbonate Carry On


Our Pick

American Tourister Pop Spinner


Mid-Range Pick

Coolife Spinner Hardshell Set with TSA Lock


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Shopping for teens can be tough, and luggage is no exception. They tend to want something bold, something cool, and something that will stand out at the airport. However, you also don†t want to misrepresent them by purchasing a piece of luggage that they think is too childish. Hopefully, my comprehensive list will help ease you through the buying process.

Best Overall

American Tourister 3 Piece Pop Spinner​

The Moroccan Blue color displayed above is rich and vibrant in person – it’s perfect for guys and girls alike. It†s sure to attract attention when being wheeled through an airport, and it gives off a mature look while still remaining cool and unique.

If blue isn†t your thing, don†t worry! This 3 piece spinner set from American Tourister comes in a handful of different colors, including red, orange, lavender, and traditional black.

The three suitcases feature padded top and side carry handles, for ease of transportation. In addition, they come with a multitude of pockets on the exterior and interior, providing ample room to organize and sort items as you wish.

Cheap Teen Luggage

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry On

If price is your number one concern, this cool carry on from Rockland will do you just fine.

This suitcase is one of the most visually interesting pieces of luggage I†ve ever encountered, so it†s only fair to place it at the top of my list. If your teen often strives to be unique or different, this suitcase is exactly what they†d want.

Its bright, colorful exterior is travel themed, featuring famous landmarks from around the world. The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and the Taj Mahal all make appearances, giving this piece of luggage a worldly and seasoned traveling look.

This suitcase is made of polycarbonate, which has the benefit of making it both durable and lightweight. The material is strong enough to adequately protect your luggage, while its light weight allows you to pack everything a teen would need for their trip.

Luggage On Wheels

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage


This suitcase has a very basic yet elegant design, and comes in several darker colors. The appearance of this Samsonite suitcase still allows for some creativity and aesthetic appeal, without it looking childish.

Made out of 100% polycarbonate, the suitcase was specifically made to be durable and tough. Its exterior was designed to absorb impact by flexing when under stress, and then popping back onto place. This drastically reduces the possibility of any permanent dents or dings.

The suitcase also comes equipped with TSA-approved combination locks for added security.

Full Sets

1. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Suitcase Set


This set of luggage has a sleek, stylish look, and comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. The set includes three suitcases- one 28 inch, one 24 inch for checking in, and one 20 inch for carry-on.

The suitcases are all made of ABS plastic, which is extremely light yet hard enough to protect any valuables you might be packing. Each case is also equipped with modern spinner wheels, allowing you to wheel them effortlessly and silently in any direction.

This luggage set also has the benefit of being equipped with TSA-approved combination locks, alleviating any concerns about your luggage being stolen or misplaced.

2. Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Sonic Upright Set


This is a another set of luggage coming from the Rockland company, and as such it maintains the same standard of quality that the brand†s other suitcases are known for.

The main draw for this set of suitcases is the staggering number of colors you can purchase them in. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows are all available and all appealing, giving your teen a wide range of options to choose from.

Each suitcase is constructed of ABS plastic and equipped with eight spinner wheels, making them exceptionally functional and durable. The interior of the luggage contains mesh and zip pockets, allowing for easier storage and organization.

3. Merax Dreamy 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Set


This luggage set comes in several dazzling, eye-popping colors, including cherry red, aqua blue, caramel, and chrome. The set contains three suitcases of different sizes, offering more options in terms of stowing and boarding with luggage.

The suitcases are constructed with a special material consisting of both polycarbonate and ABS plastics, which offers the best of both worlds. This combination produces a suitcase that is extremely durable, yet also light-weight.

TSA-approved locks are provided for these suitcases as well, which are the best security measures you†ll find on luggage in this price range.

4. Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set


This is the biggest set of luggage featured on my list, so it†s more meant for an extensive trip, ambitious packing, or simply the desire for more traveling options. The set consists of two larger suitcases and three smaller travel bags, affording you with the luxury of choosing which bags you need and how you want to stow your luggage.

Each piece of the set is constructed from durable, 1200 denier polyster, and the interior of each bag is fully lined. A multitude of zippered pockets, both on the exterior and interior, provide ample ways to store and organize items.

The suitcases are also equipped with inline skate wheels, for exceptionally smooth and easy rolling.

5. Goplus Globalway 3 Piece Luggage Travel Set


This set of luggage is available in a variety of colors to please both guys and girls, including blue, lime green, purple, and light pink.

Crafted with a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, these suitcases are exceptionally durable. The exterior of each case is resistant to dirt and grime, in addition to being very easy to clean.

Each suitcase mainly consists of one large compartment, offering plenty of room to pack all your travel essentials. And as for security, this luggage comes equipped with firm coded locks, keeping out all unwanted hands.

Luggage For Teenage Girls

1. Steve Madden Hard Case Carry On


This carry on comes in five different gorgeous, eye-catching designs, featuring abstract patterns and vivid colors.

The unique style of this suitcase makes it the ideal piece of luggage for someone who wants to use it to express creativity and artistic flair, without resorting to painfully bright colors or childish design.

The suitcase†s exterior is made of a composite shell, which consists of ABS plastic with a polycarbonate film finish. It†s extremely durable, and fully capable of protecting your belongings from any bumps or drops that may occur during your flight.

In addition to being sturdy, the material is extremely lightweight as well, making it easy to carry and stow away.

This carry on also features side and top handles for easy lifting, as well as a modern telescopic push button handle system. In addition, the suitcase†s 8 spinner wheel system provides maximum maneuverability and flawless gliding through busy airports.

2. Merax Travelhouse 2 Piece Vintage Suitcase


The design of this luggage set features delightful shades of bright pastel coloring, making it ideal for a younger teen or pre-teen who really wants to make her presence known in the airport.

And if the bright pink is a bit too much for you, don†t worry! It also comes in a darker, mature purple that preserves the overall vintage aesthetic quite nicely.

This set consists of two suitcases- one 20 inch case and one 24 inch case. Both are constructed from ABS plastic, offering durability while still maintaining a light weight.

Each suitcase features 4 riveted protective shells in the corners, which increase the security and overall sturdiness of the cases.

The interior of the luggage boasts several multi-use organizational pockets, making it extremely easy to sort and pack smaller belongings.

To top it all off, each case comes equipped with a 3-digit combination lock, offering some security against possible tampering or theft.

3. American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner


This suitcase comes in a variety of colors as well, although I personally think that the blue checkerboard pattern is by far the most appealing.

Standing at 29 inches tall, this piece of luggage is big enough to pack everything you†d possibly need for your trip, eliminating the need for a more extensive set of bags.

Constructed from polyester and nylon fabric, this suitcase might not be quite as durable as a plastic case. However, it makes up for this by being more affordable, extremely light, and less susceptible to cracking or other permanent damage.

The suitcase†s main handle is lightweight and beveled, and contains a push-button locking system. There†s also an integrated handle on the top of the case, making it easy to carry and stow.

The case stands on four multi-directional spinner wheels, allowing for easy rolling. It also has the benefit of rolling upright, leading to less strain and fatigue when transporting the case across long distances.

4. David Jones Upright 2 Piece Luggage Set


This pair of luggage comes in several unique designs, including a couple that are specifically travel themed. The set includes an upright suitcase, as well as a smaller cosmetic case.

They†re both small enough to be carry-ons, with one standing at 20 inches and the other at 13 inches.

Both cases are constructed from 100% polyester, making them extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

And if you want to make it even easier to carry both pieces, the smaller cosmetic case can actually be slipped over the extended handle of the larger suitcase, allowing you to handle the set as if it were one piece

Each case also has top and side carry handles, allowing for more flexibility when moving your luggage.

The larger suitcase comes with standard inline skate wheels, offering smooth and stable transportation.

Its interior is fully lined, and comes equipped with adjustable tie-down straps which allow you to snugly secure your valuables and prevent potentially harmful movement during long flights.

5. New Travel Carry On Suitcase


This piece of luggage is on the smaller side, which is reflected in its relatively inexpensive price tag. It comes in 8 different styles, which include solid colors as well as intricate patterns.

A notable feature of this particular suitcase is its two front zipper pockets, which allow for easy access to important items that may need to be packed or taken out in a hurry.

The case also features compression straps, which help to ensure that your items remain tightly packed, organized and stable while you travel.

The suitcase†s two standard in-line wheels aren†t the most sophisticated on the market, but they†re more than enough to get the job done when you take into account the small size of the case.

A padded handle is also located at the top of the suitcase, making it easier to carry and maneuver.

6. Dakine Women†s Split Roller Bag


This colorful piece of luggage has enough space for everything you†d want to pack, reducing the need for multiple bags. It contains four interior zip compartments as well as two exterior pockets, making it extremely easy for you to organize and sort your belongings.

The Dakine women†s roller bag is also constructed with durability in mind, with a burly, sturdy handle, urethane wheels, locking zippers and tough fabrics.

And to top it all off, this suitcase looks great as well. Its exterior flaunts a brightly colored, checkered pattern, making it perfect for any young woman.

7. Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set


This pair of luggage might be better suited for more casual travel, which is something that†s demonstrated by its relatively low price tag. The set can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and designs, to suit either male or female teen needs.

This is a set that can also be great for younger folks, as some of the available designs feature bright symbols, cartoon characters, and polka dots.

The set that†s pictured above has one of the coolest and most unique designs I†ve seen on a suitcase, and as such it†s sure to be appreciated by those who tend to be more artsy and creative.

How We Tested

Our testing process for these luggage pieces was twofold: first, we tested the more measurable qualities like weight, durability, construction, and so on.

Then, we assembled a panel of sorts, made up of 35 teenagers (half male, half female). These young adults voted “yes, I like this piece,” or “no, I would never use this set” on over 50 different sets of luggage. Any single product that had less than 60% “yes” voted from our panel was immediately discounted.

The 15 suitcases you see in this post were the winners – they passed our stress testing with flying colors, and were all okay’d by a majority of our panel.