The 5 Best Luggage Locks of 2020: TSA Approved (Reviews & Buying Guide)

After spending more than 40 hours testing eighteen locks during five separate flights, we’re confident the best pick for most travelers is the Tarriss TSA Lock. They’re airline security approved, sturdy, affordable, and extremely easy to use,

Budget Pick

Travelmore Combination Cable Lock


Our Pick

Tarriss 2 Pack


Mid-Range Pick

Forge 2 Pack


Table Of Contents

1. Tarriss Lock (2 Pack)

This lock features a standard three digit combination, which can easily be set and reset as often as you†d like. It†s constructed from a high-strength Zinc alloy, making it resistant to brute force attempts at removing it.

However, the most appealing aspect of this lock is its SearchAlert feature, which consists of a small indicator built into the front of the lock. This indicator is normally green-colored, indicating that your bag is secure and hasn†t been tampered with.

If you notice that the indicator has changed to red, it means that TSA agents have opened your luggage for inspection. There are many legitimate reasons why they would have to do this, so the indicator being red isn†t a reason to immediately worry.

However, if you do notice that something seems to be missing from your suitcase, you know to take it up with the administration.

2. Forge Lock (2 Pack)

This Forge lock is very similar to the Tarriss lock, and maintains a similar level of quality and security. It†s a three digit combination lock, and features a Zinc alloy outer casing as well as hardened steel shackles.

It has a similar security system as well, called Open Alert, which will make you aware of any inspection done to your luggage by security personnel.

If an inspection is done, this lock has a unique feature that forces the inspector to re-lock your luggage before removing their key, which eliminates the possibility of it being left unlocked by accident.

3. TravelMore Combination Lock (2 Pack)

This is a more basic lock, but still constructed in a way that offers satisfactory durability and safety. It†s the least expensive lock on the list as well, and can be purchased in a four-pack for even more savings.

The lock is equipped with a flexible steel cable instead of the standard rigid shackle, which offers more maneuverability and allows it to be easily threaded through all types of luggage zippers.

A lifetime warranty is also included for each lock.

4. Acrodo Luggage Lock (2 Pack)

This model by Acrodo is constructed out of solid steel, making it exceptionally strong and resistant to brute force attempts at removing it. The lock is opened by a standard three-digit combo, which can be set extremely easily.

It has its own pop-up indicator as well, which is similar to security systems on other locks. If your bag is inspected or accessed at all by the TSA, a red indicator will pop up from the bottom of the lock.

These locks also come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee of quality.

5. Desired Tools 4-Digit Combination Steel Padlocks (2 Pack)

This is the only lock on the list that can be ordered in a variety of different colors, including red, blue, and green. It†s accessed with a four-digit code, which is a step up from most locks on the market.

Four digit combination locks take far longer to crack than their three-digit counterparts, offering additional security.

The lock is constructed from a combination of Zinc alloy and plated steel, offering exceptional durability. The lock is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, as well as a three year warranty.

How We Tested

Since most locks are constructed using the same basic materials, they were fairly easy to test.

First, we performed an impromptu stress test on each lock after using it to secure a piece of luggage. We pulled apart as hard as we could, and any locks that broke or snapped under this pressure were immediately discounted from our “best of” list.

Then, we put each lock to the test – we secured identical pieces of luggage each with a different lock, and we took them all on several trips through TSA. Any that came out cut or otherwise detached after going through were immediately discounted from our recommendations.

As a result, our suggestions to you represent only the strongest, most security-friendly locks on the market.

Buying Guide (2020)

If you†ve ever had your luggage stolen, you know that it†s one of the worst possible things that can happen to you at an airport. Even so, a surprising amount of people don†t take the necessary steps to secure their suitcases.

Luckily, we†re here for you. We†ve compiled a list of our five top picks currently on the market, placing importance on the quality of the locks and the degree of security that they offer.

These locks are an extremely simple and affordable way of protecting your luggage, and they make would-be thieves much less likely to target your family†s belongings. Their affordability especially makes them a must-buy for any informed traveler.

When I talk about “luggage thieves,” you probably have an image in your mind of a shady airport stranger snatching your suitcase from the baggage carousel and taking off with it.

However, that†s not always the case. There have been a number of publicized incidents in recent years where airport workers and even TSA agents have stolen items from passengers† suitcases, which is a scary prospect.

All of the featured locks on our list are TSA-approved, which means that airline security can open them with a special key if they get pulled for inspection, instead of them having to cut the lock off. Our selection is made up of some of the best TSA locks out there.


Every year, thousands of suitcases are stolen from airportsand never seen again. Luggage locks are an extremely affordable and effective way of combating this, by safeguarding your luggage and making thieves think twice before snatching your suitcases.

And while it†s true that no lock will keep out a dedicated criminal, having a durable lock in plain sight will make it much less likely that they†ll go after your luggage. Plenty of people still don†t make an effort to secure their suitcases, and these people present far easier targets to would-be thieves. Stay safe, and secure your luggage with a TSA-approved lock!