The 8 Best Luggage Tags Of 2020: Durable & Personalized

Are you looking for quality luggage tags to buy before your next big trip? We can help! We know how important it is to have a well-made tag attached to your bags – without it, your bags get lost more easily and it†s harder for you to tell your bag from other similar pieces of luggage. 

After exhaustive testing, we’ve settled on the Talonport Stainless Steel Privacy Tag as our pick for the best luggage tags of 2020.

Budget Pick

Shacke Luggage Tags


Our Pick

Talonport Privacy Tag


Premium Pick

Holmes Custom Engraved Tags


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Our Top 8 Luggage Tags Reviewed

1. Talontag Stainless Steel Luggage Tags

Speaking of metal tags, this stainless steel tag from Talontag is another one of my absolute favorites. If you†re like me, you don†t like buying cheap products that you†ll have to replace again and again. I like paying slightly more, but receiving a quality product that will last me for years to come. That†s exactly what you get with this stainless steel tag.

The entire tag itself is not metal – it†s basically a thick card insert protected by a full stainless steal sheath. It†s cleverly designed so that at a glance only your name is visible – your other info is there, but protected by the steel covering. 

The card inserts are either red or white, and allow you to spot your bags quite easily among other similar luggage pieces. Best of all, this tags comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee from Talontag – even if you just end up losing it by mistake.

2. Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover

Shacke†s basic tags come in 8 different fun, vibrant colors for easy spotting at the baggage claim, and are attached to your luggage with strong steel loops. They even put a “privacy backing” on these little guys, which is extra cool. 

Basically, you can flip a PVC flap up and over your personal information so no one take a glance at it while you†re not with your bag. Perfect for the privacy-minded travelers!

3. Finx Character Luggage Tags


These are definitely some of the coolest luggage tags I†ve seen! Finx offers character-themed tags from 30 different shows and movies, including Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Winnie The Pooh, Despicable Me, and many more. 

These are supremely colorful, fun, and well-made. Perfect for setting your bags apart from the sea of boring luggage out there!

4. Fashioncraft Flip Flop Luggage Tags

These are another very cool set of luggage tags. You get a set of 4 flip flop shaped tags, each in a different color (yellow, blue, pink, orange). Each comes packed in its own little “beach themed” gift box, and each has a small starfish embellishment on the top of the flip flop. 

These are durable as well – the rubberized material won†t be breaking or wearing out anytime soon.

5. Bellerina Luggage Tags

These visibility tags from Bellerina are some of the most stylish tags I†ve seen. They†re made with PU leather (split leather layered with a polyurethane coating), which isn†t quite as durable and rugged as real full-grain leather, but which looks absolutely phenomenal. 

You have 5 vibrant colors to pick from and each set of tags comes with a 100% money back (or replacement) guarantee.

6. Shacke Luggage Tags with Genuine Leather Strap

This second contender from Shacke is one of my personal favorites. These tags are just so fun to look at, they make me smile every time I see them bobbing along atop my luggage. 

The really cool thing about these tags is that the colorful shapes are actually individual, rubberized pieces – they†re not just printed and laminated patterns. The rubber really adds a nice quality heft to the tag, and you can just tell it†s well made. They†re attached to your bags using genuine leather straps, and they come with reversible info cards to protect your privacy.

7. Holmes Stamp & Sign Custom Engraved Brass Luggage Tags

These customized metal tags from Holmes Stamp & Sign aren†t as brightly colored or quite as visible (from a distance) as some of the other options on our list, but they†re extremely cool in their own right. It†s a set of 3 heavy-duty brass tags, and you can get up to 4 lines engraved on them. 

The engraving is then oxidized black, so it won†t rub off or wear away anytime soon. They also come with leather straps, and the smug knowledge that you†re one of the elite few with custom engraved brass luggage tags!

8. Emochies Large Emoji Luggage Tags

Yet another cool luggage tag option, these tags are basically full-sized emoji faces. They†re made of a soft PVC material and come with sturdy straps, and are honestly surprisingly well-made. 

You†ll be able to identify your bags from a mile away with these things, because they†re made with vibrant colors and they†re, well, in the shape of little faces. Hard to miss, in my opinion!

Buying Guide (2020)

The hustle and bustle of airports and other travel terminals are stressful enough, but what if you can†t find your luggage when you arrive at your destination? You planned for a relaxing vacation, quality family time, or a productive business trip, but now your clothes and toiletries are lost in the abyss of the airport. You worry that your valuables are gone forever, and your trip is ruined by thoughts of what could†ve been done to prevent it from happening.

How do you avoid this? In frustration and disappointment, it†s tempting to swear off travel as the only solution. Instead, take a deep breath, and don†t panic at the thought of lost luggage. What could stop your belongings from ending up in the lost and found, and save your travel plans before the trouble begins? Luggage tags!

What are luggage tags?

Luggage tags are labels that are placed on travelers† suitcases or bags to easily locate luggage. The tag lists information – like the name, address, phone number, and hotel or lodging – of the owner, and the information is used if the bag is lost.

Why should I invest in them?

Luggage tags make life easier, and they can help both a frequent flyer and someone who just travels once or twice a year! Tags allow a person†s lost possessions to get back to them a lot quicker than if they didn†t have a tag.

For example, if a misplaced suitcase had a tag with a person†s name and the place they were staying at, the airport could contact them at their destination; this means the items that were packed for the trip could actually be used on the trip, instead of receiving the luggage weeks after returning home. The trip would go much smoother; there would be no running to the nearest store to buy that toothbrush, pick out a bathing suit, or pull together a last-minute outfit for that important business meeting.

Luggage tags allow a traveler to locate their luggage more easily, as well. Having an easy to notice tag on a suitcase or bag may not seem important, but let†s admit it: when it†s time to pick up checked bags, luggage that is similar in appearance to yours is a dime a dozen. Tags eliminate an always obnoxious “luggage debate.” Is that black, nondescript suitcase yours or mine?

Not only will a tag help a person spot their bags, it prevents someone from mistakenly taking it as their own. A screaming baby or canceled hotel room is all it would take for someone to become distracted and grab the wrong luggage, but no two bags or suitcases with personal luggage tags would look alike! Tags would be helpful to use on carry-on bags, as well. The rush to get off the plane wouldn†t be as stressful if a person could easily locate their possessions!

Personal luggage tags are much different than labels provided by an airport. Luggage tags have more information on them, like a hotel or lodging address, and this makes it easier and quicker for workers to get lost luggage to the right people.

Airport labels do have a barcode for personnel to scan to access personal information, but they don†t have any information about a traveler†s destination other than the city they landed in. They wouldn†t be able to figure out the whereabouts of the owner in time for the luggage to be used on the trip, and this would cause unneeded worry for the person whose bag is lost in the airport universe.

Another difference is airport labels are made of paper, and they can easily be ripped off luggage. This would make it almost impossible for airport workers to track down the owner; it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The owner could possibly receive the luggage weeks or months after the trip, and there would be a chance the owner wouldn†t be identified at all.

Different Types

It comes down to personal preference when choosing a luggage tag; the color, material, and size is up to you, and there are countless designs to choose from. Do you want something colorful, elaborate, or plain? Is clear plastic, metal, or leather your style? Is there a specific shape you want? Tags can range from traditional, rectangular shapes to unique ones, and they can have anything from personal pictures to a favorite sports team or beautiful quote.

In addition to how stylish your new luggage tag would look on your suitcase, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Is the luggage tag strong enough? Would something glued or sewn be better for your lifestyle? It†s important to not only question the strength of the tag itself, but also the strap that secures it to the bag. What is the material? It would be smart to skip paper or anything that looks flimsy. A good test is to lift the luggage by the tag itself. Does it tear or feel as if it could any second? If it does, find something stronger.

Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the strap. If it†s too long, it could become caught on something during travel and possibly break; this would cause additional problems, especially if you†re looking for a suitcase with a specific tag and can†t find it. Something else to consider is how easily you could spot your chosen tag when it†s time to get your luggage. Is it a color or design you would notice out how of hundreds of suitcases, or is it too obscure?

With all this talk about traveling, you†re probably buying that ticket right now. Just remember to label your luggage properly, so your trip doesn†t have to be spent worrying about where your valuables have gotten off to. Lounge by the pool, love on your family, and strike that business deal with your luggage in tow!