The Best Portable Closets of 2020: Simple Storage When You Need It

Organizing your clothes and other personal items can be quite a chore, especially if you travel frequently. Thankfully, there is one great alternative that you can explore – the portable closet. The name pretty much explains itself: it’s a lightweight and affordable storage space that offers great flexibility when it comes to organizing your clothes and personal effects, both at home and on the road.

Our Pick: The Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet

5 Best Portable Closets Of 2020

Whitmor Clothes Closet


  • Surprisingly sturdy and light
  • Can fit 40-50 hangers
  • CHEAP!


  • May be too small for some
  • Not a big fan of the color
  • Not much ‘extra’ storage space

My Review

I really like this option from Whitmor. I assembled the whole thing in twenty minutes or so, and it’s remarkably sturdy when it’s all set up. You wouldn’t expect it to hold up so well because of how light and portable it is, but there’s absolutely no sway, tilting, or imbalances present – the unit sits quite firmly on the ground.

As for space, this was absolutely perfect for me. I own a lot of dress shirts so the capacity for 40-50 hangers was great. I easily fit my shoes in as well, and there was plenty of room for just about every other part of my wardrobe. That being said, it’s not a huge unit. If you’re looking for a portable option that can store an extensive selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories, you may want to look for a larger model.

Overall, you just can’t complain at this price point. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and give this Whitmor a try – even if you don’t like it and are too lazy to return it, you’ll hardly be out any money at all!

OxGord Portable Storage Organizer Wardrobe Closet & Shoe Rack

oxgord portable wardrobe


  • Very sturdy – stainless steel frame
  • Huge – 13 shelves and 9 side pockets
  • High quality cover that protects your stuff


  • Setup takes an hour +
  • Not modular
  • May be too big for those seeking a truly portable option

My Review

This unit from OxGord is huge and stylish – you can pick from gray, beige, and blue, all of which are rich but subtle. It looks more like a “real” closet than most of the other portable options out there.

The stainless steel, rust-proof frame that acts as the backbone of this closet is very well-made. Portable closets are often characterized as flimsly and even wobbly or imbalanced, but this one is most definitely not. I packed an absurd amount of heavy winter gear into this bad boy over spring, and it didn’t buckle or complain one single time.

As for downsides, the unit is definitely not as portable as some other wardrobe options are. It’s not configurable, either – you have to construct it according to the directions, which means you won’t be able to shift shelving around, make more room for hangers, etc.

If you’re looking for an expansive option that looks more like a “real” piece of furniture than not, you won’t go wrong with this OxGord.

SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closetsongmics portable clothes wardrobe


  • Durable yet very light
  • ~30 minute assembly
  • Good balance of shelving + hanging space


  • You’ll pay a bit more for the quality
  • No color options – not super stylish
  • May not be portable enough for some

My Review

This 59″ SONGMICS model is definitely more premium than some of the other options out there. I was personally not a big fan of the grey color – there aren’t any other options – but the unit itself does look nice. It’s rather sleek for a portable closet, and looks at home up against any wall, in the corner, or wherever else you might want to stick it.

Let’s talk storage space: I actually think SONGMICS did a great job balancing out the shelving vs hanging vs extra storage space. There’s a large hanger bar front and center, two larger shelves directly underneath the hanging section, and then 10 smaller shelves on the left and right hand sides of the unit. This is definitely more of a “catch all” closet than just a wardrobe, so keep that in mind if you have a ton of clothes and are just looking for clothing storage.

Assembly wasn’t hard at all – took me around 30 minuets or so, and didn’t require anything weird. All of the bits and pieces were present and accounted for, which is always nice. Sometimes these online orders ship with parts missing.

The whole thing is covered by a zippered dust-proof cover that you can use if you’re traveling, moving with the closet, or putting it into storage. I was pretty impressed by how heavy-duty the over was – I don’t get the impression that it’ll be breaking anytime soon.

Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet

whitmore double rod


  • No frills, but quite stylish
  • Lots of hanging space
  • Very sturdy while staying lightweight


  • Won’t fit huge wardrobes
  • Tight fit when adding hangers to the top rod
  • Plastic brackets

My Review

The Whitmore Double Rod Freestanding Closet is one of the most-purchased portable closets out there, because it’s easy to assemble, stylish, practical, and cheap. Sounds pretty good, right?

Aesthetically, you’ll either love or hate this model. I opted to go for the bare silver look, although you can choose between silver and black, and you can then choose to add a cover if you want to. Honestly, I think it looks best in silver and without a cover, although that obviously depends on the rest of your furniture and the style of your home in general. The silver model I got is quite subtle and allows you to turn the closet into a statement piece depending on what you keep on the shelves.

For storage, you’re working with two hanging rods, four smaller shelves along the right-hand side, and then one bigger shelf/shoe storage space below the hanging areas on the left-hand side. This suited my needs almost perfectly. I have a lot of clothing to hang up, so the two-rod build was definitely appreciated. I will say that this Whitmore model is probably not the best option for someone with a huge wardrobe if you’re looking to pack it all into the same space. However, I’d imagine if you needed to create some extra space, you could always extend the frame using something like Maker Pipe. But as it goes for a portable wardrobe, it’s not bad at all.

Overall, if you’re just looking for a functional, good-looking, cheap portable closet, I definitely recommend starting with this Whitmore model.

Yasite Portable Furniture Clothes Closet

yasite portable furniture


  • Easy assembly
  • Ample storage space
  • Very sturdy frame


  • Both colors are rather “blah”
  • Plastic joints
  • May be too large for some

My Review

This Yasite Portable Furniture model is slightly more expensive than the other options on this list, but for good reason. It’s well-built, sturdy, and quite roomy to boot.

Yasite opted to give us a good combination of hanging space and shelving – you have one main hanging rod section, 4 smaller shelves along the right hand side, and two large shelves / shoe racks / storage areas both above and below the hanging section. This configuration is well-thought-out and suits both wardrobes and general storage purposes (shoes, boxes, toys, whatever else).

I was particularly impressed by how sturdy the hanging bar seemed to be. I packed it full of heavy winter coats as a test run, and there was absolutely no bend or give – this is unfortunately common in other portable closet models.

While I’m not a big fan of the gray and brown color options, the unit as a whole doesn’t look bad at all. It’s very practical – it doesn’t take up any more space than it needs to.

If you’re looking for more of a “real” closet replacement rather than a super lightweight portable option, the Yasite is a fantastic choice.

Portable Closet Buying Guide

The biggest benefit of using a portable closet is its flexibility. It is lightweight which means moving it around the house is a breeze. Most can be assembled and disassembled in a few quick steps which means storing it is fast and easy. The primary goal of having a portable closet is convenience, and it excels in that area with flying colors.

Another great advantage of having a portable closet is that you can easily expand your clothes storage without the need to spend too much cash. No need to have a carpenter build you one as well. You can purchase one from your local furniture shop at an affordable price (around $20 and up).

Buying one also has no need of any special transportation as you yourself can bring it home with no problem. Compare that to buying a large wooden wardrobe which requires you to have it delivered via truck. You can also choose a portable closet that is basically just a garment rack (extremely easy to transport) or one that uses covering for a more permanent placement and better protection.

Cleaning portable closets are also extremely simple and easy. You can disassemble and reassemble within a few minutes. The coverings used are waterproof so you don’t need to worry about damaging it through washing.

Types of Portable Closets

Basically, you can choose between two types of portable closet. One that is simply a clothing rack and another that uses a cover that encloses the items inside. Each has their own strength and weaknesses which is something you should take into account.

The most basic portable closets are the ones that are simply just clothing racks. These are best for those who need to constantly move as its design allows it to be folded for easy transportation. The drawback here is that your clothes are basically out in the open. If your home is susceptible to dust then dust accumulation will be a problem. This is primarily ideal for those who need a quick and easy storage for their clothes. It’s not really designed to be used as a permanent wardrobe storage.

For those looking for a more permanent closet then a portable closet that has covers is the best choice. Just like the bare bones portable closet, these are lightweight for easy positioning and transportation. It uses a cover to help protect your clothes from the natural elements. It is also well-ventilated which prevents that musty smell from sticking to your clothes. The type of cover varies as well. Some use tarpaulin or polyester material while others use common fabric. Most coverings are also waterproof and can easily be cleaned.

What to Look for before Buying

First and foremost, you need to check the structure of the portable closet. Ask yourself these questions when looking for a portable closet.

  • Is it sturdy?
  • Is the frame durable and stable?
  • What about the interior dividers? Does it use frame support?
  • What material does the covering use?
  • Are the zippers durable and well-made?

Most portable closets that have covers utilize zipper flap doors. It is best if you check the quality of the zipper thoroughly in order to make sure that it doesn’t easily get stuck. Ask the store if they can place some weights inside the closet. Some portable closets use dividers that are unsupported with metal frames. This lack of support causes the closet to warp, giving the zipper tremendous strain in the process. Look for ones that have stable support in the interior and at the bottom to avoid this problem.

You should also be aware of the weight capacity of the portable closet. Those that use the T zipper arrangement closure will have trouble once you exceed the weight limit. If you wish to avoid this problem I suggest looking for one that uses the D zipper configuration. As the zipper closes and opens from the side, it helps alleviate the strain caused by a fully loaded interior.

As for the covering, choose one that is durable. Standard plastic coverings can suffice if you only plan on storing soft fabrics but I recommend you look for high quality polyester canvas in order to increase the cover’s shelf life and protect the contents of your closet.

What to Avoid

There are certain factors that you should keep an eye out when it comes to buying a portable closet. For example, always check the bottom canvas of the closet to see if uses supports. Having a frame support at the bottom will prevent it from warping and twisting when filled to its capacity. Basically, just remember that if the fabric and material feels cheap, it probably is. Get one that uses high grade material.

Final Thoughts

Having a portable closet is a smart and cost-effective way to increase your storage space at home without needing to spend too much cash. It also has other uses besides clothing storage. For example, a hanging rack can be used to dry washed clothes outside. Portable closets are a smart investment for those looking to save cash.

The best ones out there are dependable and flexible and should solve storage problems with relative ease. Use this guide to help you find the best possible portable closet in the market. Remember that the most expensive portable closet is still relatively cheap so invest in a high quality one to avoid issues in the future.