Travelrest 4 in 1 Premier Class Travel Blanket Review

Travelrest blanket navy modelToday we’re going to take a break from travel pillows and take a look at a travel blanket!

This is one of the first travel blankets I’ve ordered, and I went with it because I’ve had such amazing experiences with Travelrest products in the past.

I tend to have serious temperature regulation issues specifically on airplanes and buses, so I always make sure I have some kind of blanket with me when going on long trips.

Let’s see how the Travelrest 4 in 1 Premier Class Travel Blanket stacks up!



You have two different sizes to pick between: the larger 40 x 72 inch (101.6 x 182.9 cm) size, and the slightly smaller 38 x 60 inch (96.52 x 152.4 cm) size.

If you’re like me, those numbers don’t really mean anything to you. So, I decided to check out the “standard” sizing for blankets.

It turns out there are several standard sizes for blankets, depending on the type of bed they’re made for.

Here are the average sizes for each type of blanket:

  • Throw Blankets – 50 inches wide x 70 inches long
  • Twin Blankets – 65 inches wide x 90 inches long
  • Double/ Full Size Blankets – 85 inches wide x 90 inches long
  • Queen Blankets – 90 inches wide x 90 inches long
  • King – 90 inches wide x 108 inches long

So, the Travelrest travel blanket sizes both come in as slightly smaller than a throw blanket.

Travelrest blanket model

This makes sense for a travel blanket, because you’ll want it to be as light and compact as possible when traveling. No one likes heavy luggage!

To add some perspective, 72 inches is exactly 6 feet tall. That means this blanket will cover most people just fine.

I’m 5′ 9” on the dot, and fit underneath the blanket with plenty of room to spare.

But, if you’re taller than 6’1” or 6’2”, you may run into some sizing issues with this Travelrest blanket.

As for the smaller size, 60 inches is exactly 5 feet. That’s a whole foot smaller than the larger size option, but it’s an excellent choice for smaller people as well as younger children.

The blanket does come with a built-in storage pouch, and both versions measure 10 x 13 inches when folded up inside the pouch.

Travelrest blanket built in storage pouch

Weight & Bulk

When it comes to weight, you can again see why this is considered a travel blanket. The smaller version of the Travelrest weighs in at 13 ounces, with the larger size weighing 20 ounces.

One pound is 16 ounces, so both sizes will add right around one pound to your luggage total.

Blankets by definition will always be bulkier and take up more space than something like a fully compressible, memory foam travel pillow, so it’s up to you if the tradeoff of added comfort for less packing room is worth it.

Travelrest blanket folded

I tend to ditch the blanket if I’m trying to travel super light, or if I’m in danger of exceeding carry-on restrictions on an airplane.

Luckily, this rarely happens, and I always almost have some type of travel blanket with me on longer trips.

All in all, these measurements are what I’d expect from a true travel blanket. It definitely takes up some space, but Travelrest does a great job of minimizing that as much as possible.

As of writing this review, you can order the blanket in navy or grey. Both colors are deep and comforting.


They went with a personal favorite here, and the blanket is made with an “ultra plush” material. I can’t tell if it’s actual velour or some kind of polyester mix, but I’m not complaining either way.

travelrest blanket up close

In my opinion, this is the only way to go for travel blankets. Anything else is just straight up less comfortable.

Travelrest describes the blanket as being “soft, warm, luxurious, and comfortable,” and I have to say they’re pretty dead on with that description.

This is the type of material that makes you feel like you’re swimming in a pool of fuzzy silk, if that makes any sense at all.

What I’m trying to say is this blanket is super comfortable. You feel cozy, at-home, and ready to nod off the second you crawl under it.

It’s the kind of blanket that makes you wish it’s cold and rainy outside so you have an excuse to curl up with it for the entire day.


This blanket is well-made. You can see a closeup of the stitching and tag below:

Travelrest blanket closeup

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the crappy free travel blankets that a lot of airlines give out.

You know, the ones that are basically thin sandpaper and start falling apart before you’ve even taken them out of the packaging?

Travelrest clearly made it a priority to ensure this travel blanket is the polar opposite of those crappy free blankets.

I don’t know much about the technical side of sewing and stitchwork, but this blanket is one of those products that you can just feel the quality oozing off of.

There’s no fraying, no pilling, no straggling threads all over the place, and no weird stitching issues at all.

Maybe I just got lucky with my unit, but I’m seriously impressed with the quality control here. Hats off to you, Travelrest!


Travelrest markets their travel blanket as a “4 in 1 premier class” travel blanket.

Travelrest 4-in-1 blanket

You can use it as a blanket, a pillow, as lower back support, and as a self-contained storage pouch that you can clip right on to your luggage.

In other words, it’s “shape” is where this blanket truly shines.

Head Hole

To start, there’s a hole for your head – it’s basically a “poncho” blanket.

Travelrest blanket head hole

I love this because it means the blanket stays snugly on you even if you fall asleep for hours at a time.

I’m a pretty restless napper, and normal blankets usually end up on the ground a few minutes after I drift off to sleep. You won’t have that problem with Travelrest’s blanket.

Note: Keep in mind that the slit to put your head through is roughly a foot from the top of the blanket.

So, if you plan to use the head hole, take that into account when you’re thinking about the size of the blanket.

For many people, using the head hole means your feet might be poking out a bit at the bottom of the blanket.

That didn’t bother me because I have shoes on whenever I’m using this blanket while traveling, but I know that kind of thing really bugs some people. Just something to keep in mind!

Storage Pouch

Next, we have the blanket’s built in storage pouch.

Like many travel products these days, the storage aspect is integrated into the blanket itself.

Travelrest blanket zipper

There’s a zipper across the front of the blanket – no, you won’t notice it when using the blanket – and you can fold the blanket up into itself when you want to pack it up for the time being.

Check out this video from Travelrest that shows exactly how to fold the blanket up:

I’ll admit it’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’s completely manageable and the pouch serves its purpose well.

The self-contained storage solves a few other common problems, too: if you don’t also have a travel pillow with you, you can zip the blanket up and use it as a temporary pillow, or as lumbar support.

It doesn’t make the best pillow in the world just because that’s not its intended purpose, but I really enjoyed how much lower back support it lent me.

Either way, it’s nice to have a single product that can definitely help you out in a few different circumstances, whether you need a blanket, pillow, or back support.

The built in pouch is also pretty cool because it gives you a big pocket to work with while using the blanket too.

It’s perfect for stowing your kindle, ipod, phone, or whatever else you might have on your lap while traveling.

This is also a great additional safety measurement – if you fall asleep on a train or bus, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are literally zipped up right on top of you.

Tested in

I’ve tried this blanket out in the wild on one longer bus ride, and on a three hour plane ride.

Travelrest blanket in a car

For my personal needs, I really can’t come up with a single complaint.

Travelrest basically took the idea of a blanket, adapted it to be perfect for traveling, and made it as comfortable as possible.

They didn’t add any weird, unnecessary features, and they didn’t under-deliver either.

It just works, both on land and in the air.

Recommended for

Travelrest blanket model

I recommend Travelrest’s product for essentially any kind of travel where you might need a blanket.

It really is more of a “luxurious” travel product, so I would be wary about taking it camping or anywhere else you might get it dirty.

But, even then, the whole thing is machine washable. It comes out looking and feeling just as good as it did going in!

As far as cars, busses, trains, and airplanes: yes, yes, yes, and yes. It works perfectly for each type of travel.

It’s also one of those “travel” products that you’re probably going to start using around the house, once you try it out.

It really is the perfect blanket to curl up under in front of the fire on a winter day, in front of the TV on a rainy day, or with a good book and a cup of tea after a bad day.

Final Thoughts

I’m super happy with this blanket, and it’s set the bar very high for future travel blanket reviews.

There are really only two very minor negatives I can think of:

1) It definitely can be tricky to store the blanket in it’s built-in pouch.

Travelrest blanket pouch

In the video I posted above in the “Shape” section, you can see how Travelrest really recommends having a decent amount of space to work with when folding and compressing the blanket.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to have that kind of space on an airplane or on a crowded bus.

I was able to make do with the limited space on both, and I did get the blanket folded up eventually. It just wasn’t as easy as they make it sound at times.

2) The blanket generates a lot of static electricity.

Again, this isn’t the kind of thing that bothers me – but I know some people hate it, and I do understand why. An unexpected static shock is very unpleasant.

I wouldn’t really blame Travelrest for this, though. It’s really due to the material the blanket’s made out of, and the tradeoff is an occasional shock for otherwise extreme comfort. I’ll happily take that trade any day of the week!

Bottom line, Travelrest knocked it out of the park with the phenomenal travel blanket.

I’m excited to see how it holds up over the next few uses, although I’m sure I won’t have any problems.

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