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Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

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This around-the-neck memory foam travel pillow is truly a beauty.

Incredibly comfortable and full of neat and thoughtful little features, the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow approaches the pinnacle of premium travel pillows.


The Cabeau travel pillow really is beautifully crafted.

The filling is high-quality Polyurethane Memory Foam that will mold to the contours of your neck and head in seconds, and covering this memory foam is an incredibly plush, high-quality velour cover.

The cover is easily removable for convenient machine washing, and the memory foam core can be surface cleaned by hand.

The memory foam filling is shaped to provide raised side supports which gently but firmly hold your head in place and provide you with the option to lean your head comfortably to either side while resting.

The travel pillow is styled as a flat back cushion, so that the memory foam conforms to your neck rather than pushing your head forward into an uncomfortable position.

The pillow can also be easily rolled up and compacted to 1/4 of its normal size for maximum space saving while packing.


As mentioned above, the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow has some really cool bonus features that make it stand head and shoulders above the hundreds of other carbon copy travel pillows that saturate the market.

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Firstly, to reiterate, the travel pillow has raised side supports that keep your head and neck gently but firmly in position while resting.

As a bonus, it provides “360°” head and chin support, as you are able to swivel the pillow around your neck in any direction that you please for maximum control over your travel comfort.

Secondly, the travel pillow has adjustable front sliding toggles that are used to easily customize how tight the pillow hugs your neck, and how much “give” there is when wearing the pillow.

The Cabeau travel pillow’s next original feature is a nifty “Media Pouch” that allows you to store your phone or other music player in a convenient pouch built in to the side of the pillow.

While some bigger phones do stick out of the pouch a bit, I’ve found that most phones still remain firmly in place while tucked into the pouch.

Lastly are two very useful accessories that come with the Cabeau travel pillow.

It ships with a compact, water repellent travel bag that allows the pillow to be stored at 1/4 of its normal size when rolled up.

The travel bag can also be easily clipped onto most types of luggage for easy traveling.

The pillow also ships with a complementary pair of memory phone earplugs, which I’ve found to be a high quality and incredibly useful product pairing with the travel pillow.

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As another bonus, the pillow comes in a variety of colors and patterns, such as blue, black, crimson, pink, camouflage, and many more.

Being able to personalize something as boring as a travel pillow is always a pleasant option.

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Check out Cabeau’s video below for a comprehensive look at the design feature of the travel pillow:


The Cabeau Travel Pillow comes in on the more expensive side of travel pillows. Check current pricing on Amazon.

While the price range may cause some to think twice about purchasing, I took the plunge and am extremely happy I did so.

Considering the premium nature of the pillow, as well as its included ear plugs, travel bag, and other design innovations, the pricing is more than fair for a superb travel pillow that will last a lifetime.

My Experience

The Cabeau travel pillow is one of my absolute favorite travel pillows of late.

It’s so high-quality through and through that I don’t really have an aspect I’m unsatisfied with.

As one reviewer notes, the pillow is “so amazing that I felt guilty using it in a plane full of uncomfy people!”

The velour is so plush and the memory foam so comfortable that I didn’t want to take the pillow off when I got to my destination.

The sliding toggles are a smart and innovative way of allowing room for personal preference regarding how the pillow fits around one’s neck, and the pillow in general is built so that it offers a personalized experience to anyone that uses it.

Bottom Line: The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow is a rockstar among around-the-neck pillows, and leaves little room for criticism. If your budget has some splurge room for a truly great travel pillow, look no further than the Cabeau.

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