Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow Review: Best Of 2018?

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The Cabeau Evolution Cool travel pillow is definitely the most high-tech travel pillow I’ve had my hands on. But does it stack up against more traditional travel pillow models?

What’s the Cabeau Evolution Cool made out of?

Like most modern day travel pillows, the Evolution Cool has a few different layers to it.

The outside

On the very outside, we have a completely removable “shell” layer. This has become more and more commonplace for travel pillows of all kinds, and it’s a trend I really appreciate. The capability to wash the outer layer only is truly a great feature, and it means you can go into long trips safe in the knowledge that your travel pillow is clean as a whistle.


The outer cover itself is a little different than others I’ve dealt with. Most high quality memory foam travel pillows seem to opt for outer covers made of that plush, velour material.

I really do like the velour, and was a bit skeptical of this new Cabeau pillow while I was waiting to try it out.

The Cabeau’s outer cover is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, and I’ve had bad experiences with polyester covers in the past.

I think they’re often irritating and simply not the best choice for a cover that’s going to be in direct contact with your skin for an extended period of time.

Thankfully, my concerns were unfounded.


I was very pleasantly surprised with the outer cover, and it’s actually made me rethink my stance on polyester/spandex blends as a whole.

It’s not nearly as luxurious to the touch as velour covers are, but I think that’s for the better when you consider exactly what the Evolution Cool is trying to do.

This whole travel pillow is centered around providing cool neck support. While plush velour covers may feel rich and soft, they definitely do hold in body heat more than other materials do.

Cabeau dealt with this issue by replacing the velour completely with their polyester/spandex blend.

You can tell the difference in “softness” with your hands, but I honestly did not notice a difference between the polyester/spandex cover and more traditional velour covers once the Cabeau was around my neck.

The polyester/spandex cover is also what lends the Evolution Cool its much-appreciated moisture wicking properties. If you tend to sweat a lot while traveling like I do, this pillow is a godsend.

The inside


As per usual, the pillow’s innards are 100% polyurethane memory foam. No surprise there, as this is the baseline for high quality, true memory foam travel pillows.

But, Cabeau did take another spin on the memory foam part of the pillow as well. They claim to use a “proprietary dual-density memory foam” construction.

My understanding of this is that there are technically two layers of memory foam: a denser, firmer inner layer, and a more porous outer layer.

The phrase “proprietary dual-density” screams marketing buzzword at me, and I’d honestly dock the pillow points for that alone if I didn’t know that Cabeau really does make high quality products.

To be honest, I wasn’t really able to distinguish between this “dual-density” memory foam and normal high quality memory foam. However, the pillow uses high quality, firm, memory foam that does a bang-up neck support job either way, and that’s all that matters.

The extra


The outer cover comes with a “magnetic custom-sizing toggle” built into it, and I enjoyed it as far as clasps and sizing toggles go.

The magnetic aspect of it is pretty neat, and a great example of Cabeau paying attention to the small details that we probably wouldn’t even pick up on otherwise.

I found the toggle firm, and it did a great job of keeping the pillow as firm or loose around my neck as I wanted it.

Check out this cool video by Cabeau for a visual breakdown of the pillow’s construction:

Construction of the Evolution Cool travel pillow

In general, this pillow is incredibly well-constructed.

It strikes me as being much more durable than most high end travel pillows, which is always great to know.

The stitching is on point, and I really can’t see this thing ripping, pilling, or losing its shape anytime soon.

Otherwise, Cabeau’s newest travel pillow definitely has some high-tech features that make it stand out from the pack of premium memory foam travel pillows.

Cooling Air Circulation Vents

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You’ll notice these vents on either side of the pillow, with the intention of allowing increased air flow as the pillow is in use.

Not many travel pillows incorporate this feature yet, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with how well it worked.

The vents, combined with the moisture wicking cover, did a great job of preventing body heat build-up in the memory foam of the pillow.

Like I said before, I sweat a lot when I travel. If I fall asleep wearing a travel pillow around my neck, I’ll almost always wake up with a damp neck.

I thought that would always be a given for me, and had stopped trying to fix it. Imagine my delight when I wore this pillow for a seven hour bus ride, and came out the other side completely sweat-free around my neck!

If you sweat a lot while traveling, or are hesitant to use travel pillows because of how stifling they can be on long journeys, you have to give the Cabeau Evolution Cool a shot for its cooling technology alone.

Raised Neck Support


Much like their original Evolution memory foam pillow, the Evolution Cool makes use of a cool raised-neck design.

This allows for increased neck support that honestly doesn’t ever give out.

Some of the more traditionally-shaped travel pillows will work fine for the first few hours of a trip, but eventually become squished and compressed with reduced neck support as the trip goes on.

Cabeau’s design choices with this pillow ensure that you’ll have great neck support as long as you want it.

The design is definitely as close to true 360 degree support as I’ve ever seen, and really affords you the freedom to rest your head in whatever position you feel like.


I couldn’t resist pointing this feature out as well. Cabeau specifically designed this pillow to be headphone friendly, which I think is really awesome.

The most common question I see asked about travel pillows online is “does it work with headphones?”

Many travel pillows are JUST bulky enough that they interfere with headphone use, and that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.

Cabeau has clearly listened, and made sure that the Evolution Cool is good to go as far as headphones are concerned.

What’s included?

extraLike many travel pillows have begun to do, the Evolution Cool comes with a pair of corded one-size-fits all memory foam earplugs, and an attachable travel bag.

It’s hard to make such common accessories stand out, and I didn’t notice anything especially noteworthy about either. The bag does have two extra pockets built in, which is nice if you want to keep any smaller items with you while traveling.

Fully compressed in the bag, the pillow does end up being about half it’s normal size. When full, the travel bag is roughly 4 inches by 6 inches, and is appropriately compact for travel purposes.


The pricing range its in may seem steep for a travel pillow, but I learned long ago that comfortable travel is priceless.

The pillow is so well-constructed, too, that you really will be set for many years to come.

My Experience

This is one of the very, very few travel pillows I’ve tried that’s actually impressed me with its cooling technology. Those features usually come across as gimmicky to me, but I really felt like there was a big different in temperature when using the Evolution Cool.

Everything else meets Cabeau’s impressively high standards, but I really am especially blown away by the cooling vents and mositure wicking features.

The bottom line: Available in a variety of colors and with excellent craftsmanship, the Evolution Cool is another home run by Cabeau. If you sweat while traveling, this is the answer to your travel pillow problems.

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One Year Update

More than a year spent with this fantastic pillow, and it’s still my all-time favorite. I honestly have no complaints – nothing’s broken, the memory foam has held its shape and density perfectly, and there haven’t been any rips, tears, or pilling throughout the pillow. I like it enough to make it my pillow of choice for long haul flights!

Buy this fantastic travel pillow by Cabeau and you will not be disappointed.

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