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Today we’ll be looking at the Travelrest travel pillow, marketed as “The Ultimate Travel Pillow” perfect for resting on those private jet charter flights while heading out on vacation.

This is the first full-body travel pillow that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out, and I quite enjoyed it.

Travelrest actually offers an entire line of travel comfort accessories (like their premier travel blanket), but today I’ll be focusing mainly on the base Travelrest travel pillow.

Size and weight

Fully inflated, the Travelrest pillow measures 26 inches long x 7.9 inches wide (at the thickest point), and is 5.9 inches thick. It weights right around 6.5 ounces, or slightly more than half a pound.

When it’s deflated and rolled up, the Travelrest measures 9 inches long x 3 inches wide, and is right around 2 inches thick.

You could cram a deflated one of these just about anywhere:

Travelrest travel pillow rolled up

Honestly, this is one of the many advantages the pillow has going for it. Inflatable pillows always win when it comes to size and weight.

As soon as you deflate them, they’re smaller than any other type of travel pillow will ever be.


To start, the entire pillow is covered in what appears to be a type of faux velvet material.

While it isn’t quite as soft as, say, a plush material, it more than does the job.

It was very comfortable against my face after extended use of the pillow, with no irritation or red marks from pressing my skin against it.

As a side note here, I will mention that Travelrest also offers a separate “Luxurious Velour” cover for the Travelrest travel pillow. The velour cover also comes with true memory foam inserts for the pillow, for extra head and neck comfort.

This cover slips easily over the travel pillow via a side zipper, and replaces the velvet material with an incredibly soft velour material.

Check out how it works in this video:

I highly recommend spending an extra few dollars for the velour cover in order to experience the full potential of the Travelrest travel pillow.

Update: You can now buy the pillow and cover together as bundle! Click here to check the new listing out on Amazon!

You can still buy the pillow and cover separately as well, if you want to test out the pillow alone before deciding whether or not you need the cover.



Travelrest Travel Pillow Cover

Travelrest Travel Pillow with luxurious velor cover.

The cover and memory foam inserts do add a bit of bulk to the pillow. It’s not “bulky” by any means, but it’s not as slim and compact as it was without the cover/inserts.


As far as inflatable travel pillows go, the Travelrest stands in a league of its own.

I was able to inflate the pillow in seconds, with only a few quick breaths.

The inflating and deflating mechanism is actually quite ingenious, and I enjoyed playing with it far more than I should have.

Rather than trying to explain how it works, take a look at the video demonstration below, produced by the Travelrest company itself:

Pretty neat, right?

This device allows complete control over the firmness of the travel pillow, and makes adjusting on the fly a breeze.

I’ve found that the best way to use the Travelrest is to inflate it to it’s capacity at first, and then slowly let out air until you reach the desired level of firmness after you’re already seated with the pillow in use behind your head/back.

The other great part about an inflatable travel pillow is its storage – it can be deflated in seconds, and is designed to easily roll up for quick stowing.

Travelrest Travel Pillow 3

One end comes with a simple button clasp that can be used to clip the rolled up pillow securely to a piece of luggage, or around a seatbelt while inflated for added stability.

The other end comes equipped with a nylon strap that’s meant to be easily slipped around the back of your seat should you want to tether the pillow down, as demonstrated in the Travelrest video below:



Travelrest Travel Pillow 4

The Travelrest utilizes a unique lateral design: the primary method of using the travel pillow entails nestling the pillow’s head in the crook of your neck, so that it rests on a shoulder while you easily lean your face into it.

The tail end of the pillow comes diagonally across your torso.

This design ensures proper head and neck positioning, and greatly reduces unnecessary muscle strain while resting.

The natural positioning of the pillow also does a great job of preventing the head from nodding or falling forward while sleeping.

Bonus – it fits children perfectly too!

That’s not all, though. There are apparently so many different ways you can use this pillow that Travelrest put together a poster demonstrating a few of the most popular:

Travelrest travel pillow positions

I’ve put this pillow in some pretty weird positions – I have to say it’s impressively adaptable.

You can put the Travelrest just about anywhere you want, and it’ll make you more comfortable than you were before.


When you add to the cost of the optional luxurious velour cover, the final price range might seem expensive for a travel pillow – unless you grab them as a bundle.

In my opinion, it’s thoroughly worth it to buy the cover/inserts for a truly unparalleled resting experience facilitated by Travelrest and their wonderful travel pillow.

If you’re on the fence about splurging beyond the bare bones pillow, you can always buy the base model travel pillow first.

If you are happy with the form and function you can just upgrade to the premium velour cover and memory foam inserts whenever you want.

My Experience

Travelrest travel pillow man sleeping

I didn’t know how I’d like this particular travel pillow due to its weird shape, but boy was I wrong.

The Travelrest was a pleasure to use, and kept me extremely comfortable over the course of an 11 hour long plane ride.

I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go, with absolute none of the neck and back aches and cramps that I usually get on longer plane rides.

I particularly enjoyed the “messenger bag” mode of the pillow, which is easily accomplished by connecting the nylon strap at the head of the pillow to the button clasp at the tail of the pillow behind your back, so that the pillow is securely strapped to you around one shoulder a la a messenger bag.

I did also purchase the premium velour cover with memory foam inserts, and I was extremely happy that I did so.

The plush velour and true memory foam takes an already great travel pillow to an even new level, and I didn’t want to take the pillow off when the plane ride was over.

I was also a big fan of how it runs across the front of your torso, as I typically like holding a pillow in my lap anyway.

It provides you with something substantial to cross your arms over while resting should you like to do so.

The pillow is also available in a few different colors, which is always a nice option to have.

Bottom Line: The Travelrest Travel Pillow is a pioneer in travel pillow form and functionality, and thankfully so. It provides a truly premium travel pillow experience, and is my personal go-to for long plane rides.

Travelrest travel pillow – one year update 6/22

Well, I’ve owned the pillow for a year now.

I have to say…I’m extremely impressed with how it’s held up. I honestly can’t think of a single problem I’ve had while using the pillow.

If I’m being honest I expected it to pop, or for the inflation mechanism to break after a few casual uses.

On the contrary, the Travelrest pillow has been a staple for me on all…six or seven plane flights I’ve been on in the past year.

I do own the velour cover as well, and it’s been just as great as the pillow has. I’ve washed it a few times and it keeps coming back out just as soft and plush as it was before.

I actually did think of one minor issue with the pillow, even though it was my fault in the first place. After a few months of using it I accidentally yanked the cord out of the claspy thing that controls how tightly the pillow is bound to something.

Final thoughts

This pillow is really a gem.

There are a lot of weird, gimmicky pillows out there made by people just trying to make a quick buck, but not Travelrest.

I’d love to know how them came up with the lateral design, because it just works so well.

It’s pretty logical when you think about it, that your head will move in whatever direction it’s pointed by your back/neck.

I’m just amazed that Travelrest was the first to take such a great approach to the problem by stabilizing your body rather than just containing your head in a normal neck pillow.

The Travelrest ultimate travel pillow is a must-try for anyone who has ever had back, neck, and head pain on longer journeys.

Travelrest - Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow (Rolls Up Small)
  • The only product that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer.
  • Promotes proper head and neck and cervical alignment - KEEPS HEAD FROM FALLING FORWARD. Ideal for chronic pain sufferers. INFLATES EASILY with just a few breaths and DEFLATES INSTANTLY. Stores neatly when rolled to minimize packing space.
  • ERGONOMIC Patented design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.
Travelrest Cover - Luxurious Plush Velour with Memory Foam Inserts (Cover Only) (Compatible with Pillows with Round Cord)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: "corded" pillows. If your cord is round without a hook then this is the cover that fits your pillow. If your cord is FLAT with a hook, this cover won't fit.
  • Memory Foam Inserts Mold Perfectly to the Head and Neck for Extra Plush Comfort!
  • When Combined With a Travelrest Pillow the Velour Cover With Memory Foam Inserts Creates the Most Luxurious Travel Pillow & Cover on the Market

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