CBD Oil to Aid Anxiety, Pain and Sleep – Buying Guide & Reviews

The online marketplace for CBD products just keeps growing, which is fantastic for consumers. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of credible watchmen who are appropriately judging the quality of these products.

There’s a need for comparing and evaluating the legitimacy, effectiveness, and general quality of wave of projects attempting to capitalize on CBD’s rising popularity—and our goal is to do just this.

This is an industry which is currently oversaturated with products which just don’t stack up to some of the more legitimate options. As such, it’s vital that people who are looking to enhance their personal health and well-being have a clear lens to see which products best suit their wants and needs.

Our Take on CBD Oil Drops

Probably the most common way that folks are ingesting CBD, at this point, is CBD oil drops. These drops are easily applied under the tongue and make for a smooth, comfortable experience for the user.

Being the most popular form of ingestion, this is also where a lot of the worst representatives of the CBD oil industry have taken an opportunity to take advantage of a lack of transparency and accountability inherent industries such as these. That’s why we’ve written this field guide. As a side note, if you're interested in learning about CBD oil for dogs, visit LivingBetterCBD's guide.

We’re here to make sure that you are receiving high-quality, legitimate full spectrum CBD oil products. We don’t just stick to the safe bets and classics, either. We’ve consulted with a respectable network of sources to ensure that our list is representative of the best of the best, from the highly renowned to the up-and-coming hidden gems.

What Did We Rank These Companies On?

Of course, it begins with the product itself. We wanted to make sure that these CBD oils delivered on their promises. CBD oil users wish to experience a range of effects- from subtle THC-free relaxation to powerful, highly concentrated psychoactive experiences. Any oil that got an exceptional grade, it was because the product served the purpose it stated it would serve to a near-perfect degree.

How Did We Do it?

Beyond this, there are many other factors which separate the best from the rest. Customer service is essential in this industry. If you have questions, they should be answered promptly and professionally, for example. We had professionals test the chemical makeup to ensure that concentrations and potencies were accurate and practical, too.

And, when testing the oils, we made sure that the participants were not told which oil was which—it’s essential to make sure that people aren’t going into these experiments with any kind of preconceived notions of what’s best, or what their “favourite” is. Basically, we took every measure imaginable to come up with unbiased, honest, and integral results.

To reiterate—to arrive at these results, we took a comprehensive sample of the most popular, best-selling, and most highly recommended options that we could find. The list began exhaustively, but really slimmed itself based on value, quality of the product, reputation and honesty, customer service, and general effectiveness.

The Results

We’ll start from the top and work down from there.

Now, we’ll begin by saying that, after considering all options, there was one clear winner which we felt really separated itself from the pack…

Best CBD Oils

Yours Nutrition

The best single product that we got our hands on was Yours Nutrition’s “Full Spectrum” CBD oil. And it wasn’t particularly close, either.

Keep in mind that this was just by our own standards, which though impartial, are of course subjective to a degree.

Regardless, Yours Nutrition’s Full Spectrum CBD oil covers all of its bases.

Designed to enhance and create optimal health conditions ideally, we found that this particular oil was remarkable in its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation. Of course, Full Spectrum is entirely, wholly organic and natural, and it is also raw—derived from hemp, in fact.

The extraction methods are also particularly impressive, as they employ a process which preserves an undeniably admirable quantity of natural compounds, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids. The result is an incredible CBD oil built on a firm foundation of raw hemp extract, organic oils, and natural mint flavor.

The resulting flavor is a fresh, wholly natural mint with no obtrusive additives. Ingestion is quick and painless. And the benefits are many. People found a reduction in anxiety and stress, a calming of depression symptoms, faster recovery time from intensive exercise, general pain relief, and more. Others use it to treat epilepsy and reduce side effects from particularly traumatic physical processes such as chemotherapy.

Runners Up for Best CBD Oils

Yours Nutrition wins. But some other companies put up a good fight. Here’s a quick list of others which we would be happy to recommend.

Lazarus Naturals

If you’re into artificial flavors, rather than naturally occurring, you’ve got to try Lazarus.

Their contemporary take on many modern flavors is impressive—it’s never wholly overpowering, and the balance defines what makes Lazarus so good.

Their terpene profile is solid, and the ethanol extraction process is worth noting. As well as oils, they make capsules, balms, and products for pets.

PlusCBD Oil

Original members of the CBD movement, they’ve proven their excellence through not only longevity but through quality as well.

Based in California but using European hemp, they are a thoroughly professional operation with a notable customer service department—they do all the little things right, that’s for sure


I’m not sure if anybody is as professional in terms of lab testing. Their flavors are diverse and well-executed, and the impressive amount of accountability is very commendable.


One of the best tasting oils with their mint flavor and they also have a fantastic reputation for quality products and customer service.  The main reason why they didn't make the top spot is the price.  They are clearly higher-priced than others on this list and we were unable to find the same value as Yours Nutrition.

Functional Remedies

Transparency. Quality. Specialization in those who require CBD oil to assist in athletics and exercise. It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for those who it’s for.

NuLeaf Naturals

If you’re looking for something with a real kick, NuLeaf might be the right source for you. It’s strong, sometimes deceptively so.

If you’re looking for effective pain relief, and don’t care about something subtle which will, more-or-less, enable you to continue your day-to-day routine unaffected, this is a great option.

These tinctures have a natural taste which reflects the potency of the concoction. That natural taste is not for everyone.