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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

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It isn’t always that the very first product a company releases becomes a super hit. That is exactly what happened with the HyperX Cloud Gaming headset. Since day one, it has garnered rave reviews. Now, this is the choice among professional gamers who prefer stereo sound over surround sound. But wait, HyperX has you covered too if you want surround sound because the Cloud II does everything that the Cloud I does but with surround sound.

Basically, if you have the budget and want something that looks cool, is comfortable and works well with all sorts of games then the HyperX Cloud is what you should be getting. We recommend this to everyone, regardless of what kind of console you play on or what genre of gaming interests you. Besides, if you like music (who doesn’t right) then these will serve as a decent replacement to any audiophile level entrant headphone.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One S¹, Nnintedo Switch (KHX-H3CL/WR) - Black
  • Extremely comfortable light weight headset with leatherette memory foam ear cups and extra set of velour ear cups
  • Over-the Ear headphone with noise isolating ear cups and detachable microphone
  • 53mm hifi capable drivers with 15-25khz frequency response

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Introduction

The first true foray of HyperX into the realm of gaming headsets, HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset has since its launch managed to win plenty of awards. It is today the preferred headset for gaming organizations and communities. We too recommend the HyperX Cloud if you don’t mind spending a little more than the entry range of gaming headsets and aren’t that big with surround sound 7.1 channel technology. Other than the surround sound effect, the HyperX Cloud excels in every single facet of gaming headset technology. Super-soft padded headband with massive earpads that cradle your head and comfort your ears through long hours of gaming. The earpads are leatherette for better comfort and grip.

What truly sets the HyperX Cloud apart though is its HiFi capability with crystal clear sound reproduction in all frequencies starting with the lows all the way up to the highs. Besides, the slight boost in bass does add to the overall sound stage and signature. Compatible with all consoles including PCs, mobile phones, notebooks, PS4 consoles, tablets and Xbox One (with the stereo headset converter), the HyperX Cloud is an absolute must have for any serious gamer. By the way, SK-Gaming and Team Liquid officially support HyperX Cloud as their team headset.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Design

As far as design goes, anything present in the HyperX Cloud has some or the other comfort factor associated with it. Let’s begin with the mic in this instance. It is detachable and feels premium grade to the touch. By being detachable with a sturdy construction, you can store it away when you only wish to play solo missions or are listening to music while finishing that long awaiting web design work. Then there are those memory foam ear pads that just melt onto your ears, caressing them and cushioning your head simultaneously. What really astounded us was that this HyperX product costs around the $80 dollar mark and comes with an extra set of ear cups that produce a slightly different sound profile and texture. You get to choose the one which suits your ears the best. Good to see someone offering customization in gaming headsets without charging a good deal of money.

As for the rest of the accessories included in the packaging, you get an airplane adapter, mesh bag to carry everything, a control box with a 100cm cable length and an extension cable of 2cm.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Specifications

Words cannot suffice the technical wizardry at play here. HyperX somehow managed to make the specifications read like that of a Bose or Shure headset without costing the same. The drivers on these babies are 53mm so you know the bass is punchy with distinction between each beat whereas the highs and lows are separate from the mids at all times. There is decent sound stage production with these 53mm drivers because of the wider 15Hz to 25,000Hz frequency response range. Besides, the T.H.D. is measured at less than 2% and nominal impedance is about 60 ohms per system. All this translates to near audiophile quality stereo sound reproduction in a gaming headset. Nothing else in the market presently offers this kind of sophistication. By the way, it uses dual 3.5mm plugs that if required will convert into a single input jack. Finally, the audio control center lets you do all the tweaking on-the-fly leaving you free to game as you please.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Performance and Feel

Our entire team of testers, even those who aren’t on the peripherals team unanimously voted the HyperX Cloud Gaming headset as the clear winner among all gaming headphones. Granted, we have yet to try the Cloud II but if it is anything like the Cloud I then we sure are in for a treat.

Where do I start? Well, let’s begin with the stereo HiFi sound reproduction. Whether you play WoW or other MMOs, be it COD, Battlefield or even FIFA, the sounds this pair of cans produces drowns every other headset in the market. Yup, stereo quality on these headsets are probably at par with some low to mid range audiophile studio monitors. The bass has a lot more effort behind it but that does not take away from the mids, lows and highs. They too come out with utmost clarity, such that you end up hearing every single jingle, clank, fall and step. Moving to the mic, straight out of the box, this one picks up every word of yours with precision without jumbling in the background ambience. Even with the fan running at medium, it managed to weed out most of the blade noise leaving a clear audible voice on the other end. And listening to other players speaking on the Cloud is amazing, especially if you have multiple voices in the background. You can instantly distinguish game sound and the voice of player.

As for the comfort factor, these earpads are massive and they rest comfortably against your head without putting any pressure whatsoever on your head or your ears. The good thing about the construction is that it is entirely made from aluminum so it weighs considerably lighter than any competing model or brand. What made my day though was the additional earpads included in the packaging. The one that comes fitted on the headsets are leatherette but the one included separately is made from mesh and padding foam. I prefer the latter and it was nice to see that Kingston has thought of all possibilities with the Cloud.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Pros

  • Absolute treat with the sound signature, sound stage and clarity. Nothing is lost with this pair of stereo headphones. Even music sounds sublime on it, though it is an outright gaming headset.
  • The microphones are clear and sharp, they catch even low decibel speech without any of the background interference.
  • The complete accessory bundle is a nice touch as you need not purchase anything separately. The mic detaches from the main headset so it can double as an mp3 headphone as well.
  • Audio controller has 100cm wire on it but if that isn’t enough, you can always extend with the additional 200cm wire or use it separately.
  • Option of choosing between mesh ear pads and leatherette ear pads is a nice afterthought. By the way, the sound stage and signature varies slightly with the two so you get to choose what sounds best to you.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Cons

  • Honestly, the only thing that bugged me with the HyperX Cloud is the microphone’s construction. Having read a few reviews earlier that the wires start showing after a while, I am not surprised as the ends are not sheathed properly. Be careful and store your HyperX Cloud in its protective mesh cover when you aren’t using it.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Conclusion

There really is no reason why anyone should not purchase the HyperX Cloud other than the fact that you want surround sound effect. In that case, HyperX has you covered because the Cloud II offers just that with all the goodies of the Cloud I present. Does it play music well? Yes absolutely and this isn’t something we even considering in our headset tests since our primary motive is gaming. But, these cans are so good at separating sound stages and signatures that they do well with high quality music too. Besides, the detachable mic allows you to wear these cans on the subway or while commuting. For less than $80, you really won’t find another headset like this one. No wonder, it gets the stamp of approval from gamers all over the world. By the way, this particular model from HyperX is the most popular and bestselling of the lot. Now we see why.