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HyperX Cloud Pro Review

hyperx cloud pro front with inline cable

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A simple way to figure out whether a gaming headset is great for you is to try them on. Good thing about all HyperX Cloud models is that they are all excellent with a sound signature close to each other. This is because they all share the same 53mm drivers with a similar construction and design. It is only with the Cloud II that surround sound comes into play. But all other designs offer Hi-Fi stereo with noise cancellation and superior clarity. If you like music as much as you do gaming but don’t mind a slightly punchier bass, then these HyperX cans will serve you really well.

Coming to the question of this or that, the Pro edition was designed keeping chat software and phone users in mind as much as hardcore gamers. While professional gamers probably won’t go for the Pro edition, you should if you spend a lot of time gaming and chatting on Skype or other such software.

HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset - Silver - with in-Line Audio Control for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (HX-HSCL-SR/NA)
  • In-line Audio Volume control and Microphone mute
  • Durable aluminum frame. Detachable noise-cancelling Microphone
  • Memory foam ear cushions provide award-winning comfort for marathon gaming sessions

HyperX Cloud Pro Introduction

Designed for serious gamers, The HyperX Cloud Pro is a subtle improvement on its popular Cloud gaming headset. This gaming headset from Kingston too comes with aluminum frames, durable long lasting leatherette padded headphones and those impressive 53mm drivers that pump out HiFi sounds with crisp lows, mids and highs without missing out a single bass beat. The closed cup design of all Cloud headsets is probably what makes them so immersive by nature. You simply lose track of time and your immediate surroundings once you get gaming with these cans on. And like the Cloud, the Pro version too comes with a detachable boom unidirectional mic. It can be adjusted just the way you like it and will filter out all ambient noises so you always sound clear and audible to your fellow gamers. But, when you just want to listen to music, you can stow the mic away by unplugging it. To be honest, the only real difference between the Pro and the normal version is the presence of inline volume and mic controls for conferences, video chatting and the sorts.

In fact, this particular HyperX model is certified by Discord and TeamSpeak. It is compatible with a range of chat applications such as RaidCall, Mumble, Ventrilo, Skype and more. The mic is slightly better tuned though and this allows for cleaner playback without any voice distortion or background noise.

HyperX Cloud Pro Design

As far as design goes, it is practically the same design as seen on the HyperX Cloud version except for the slight change in detailing. For instance, the metal protrusions on the two ear pads are now silver metallic rather than full black and the stitching up top across the headband is now silver instead of red, as is the HyperX insignia. But otherwise, the design is exactly the same. Only changes are seen in the aesthetics. Having said that, for those unaware of the basic HyperX Cloud, these have massive ear pads that are leatherette and sit against your head encompassing your complete ear. Hence, pretty comfortable on long duration gaming runs. As for the headband and construction, entire thing is aluminum so they stretch easily and will fit all head sizes.

The mic is detachable and easy to attach too plus the cable is 2 meters long with inline controls for quick and easy access. It is a simple yet functional design that works, maybe that’s why HyperX did not make much changes with the design aspects in the Cloud Pro.

HyperX Cloud Pro Specifications

Powered by 53mm drivers on either side with Hi-Fi reproduction of sound waves, these cans are the pick of gamers. They offer an impressive frequency response ranging between 15Hz and 25,000Hz with an impedance of 60 ohms. In other words, these headphones might be for gaming but they are way more sensitive than most stereo headsets in the market, gaming or not. Even the microphone is designed for functionality. Not only is it detachable but also happens to function like a high quality add-on mic. No crosstalk, zero static and interference plus the ability to detach the mic when not in use or when you simply wish to game alone.

Probably the only specification wise change with the Cloud Pro is the presence of inline controls over an Audio control box. Not that this eats away from performance or experience but it is more ergonomic for those who engage in more online chats and meetings as much as they game. In fact, the other difference we noticed is the absence of the Y Cable that basically converts 3.5mm dual jack into a USB jack. Probably because this headset was meant to multitask as a communicator as well and thus it comes with only a single 3.5mm jack for compatibility with laptops and smartphones too. You can still game with it on your PC and PlayStation 4. Besides, it still retains all the performance boosts as the original version, albeit with slight specification changes as mentioned just now.

HyperX Cloud Pro Performance and Feel

Between the HyperX Cloud and the HyperX Cloud Pro, there is really no clear winner. It is a matter of perspective and to me personally, I love the audio controller box of the basic edition and not to mention the presence of the USB adapter. Nevertheless, the Cloud Pro too manages to impress the hell out of me. Once more I find myself falling in love with the HyperX brand when it comes to gaming audio performance. Other manufacturers should take cues from Kingston. Why change something that works well? Instead of pelting out new editions and new models, they stuck with what was and is working. Hence, the same 53mm drivers, the same exact ear pad and overall construction is what you get in the Hyper Pro.

While in the functionality front, it still does an impressive job, there is the feel that I have to get to. The inline controls are decent but for a gamer, I don’t think it is the right way to go. For those who game but spend a lot more time on conference calls, busy taking or giving presentations, this may be a better choice. Besides, it does not miss out on the gaming functionality neither does it falter with music. The microphone is as always its biggest attraction according to me. With noise cancellation and unidirectional throw, these HyperX mics are the best in the business. And because they are detachable, you can always get a replacement mic if you ever damage it or lose it somewhere.

HyperX Cloud Pro Pros

  • Great for gaming and work. The compromise design does a good job providing superior gaming pleasure while also working with chat tools such as Skype and the likes.
  • 53mm drivers do a wonderful job of accurately reproducing stereo signals while maintaining a wide sound stage. You almost get a surround sound effect with the right settings but because these aren’t Dolby preprocessed or anything, you can still enjoy light music and movies on the side.
  • The construction is durable and lightweight. It should last a good long time without really breaking and if anything, does break – Kingston is known for honoring its 2-year warranty and replacement promise.
  • With a decent AMP you could even enjoy high quality sound tracks.
  • The microphone drastically reduces background noise, concentrating on your voice. If you aren’t careful enough though it can even catch the breath under your voice.

HyperX Cloud Pro Cons

  • Not particularly a big fan of inline controls on a gaming headset. Personally, I prefer the audio control box. However, if the option of audio control box was not available, I would go for this version any day.
  • The folks down at HyperX should not have removed the USB adapter even though they switched over from dual 3.5mm to a single 4-pole 3.5mm plug.

HyperX Cloud Pro Conclusion

It does not matter which Cloud series gaming headset you purchase from HyperX; they will leave a lasting impression on you. With such wonderful stereo sound quality, impressive comfort and ergonomics as well as the afterthought of adding a detachable mic, why would you not spend your ~$80 on this instead of the many others in the market? I had a blast with the Cloud Pro and while I prefer the basic version, this is at par and a perfect replacement for the basic model. Both cost the same, so it basically boils down to which kind of plug you want and whether you like your audio controls inline or in a separate controller box. Regardless, you won’t be disappointed with the HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset.