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Perixx PX-1100 Review

Perixx PX-1100 Front view

  • 9/10
    Look - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Feel - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Durability - 7/10
  • 8.5/10
    Value For The Price - 8.5/10

Our Rating

We Recommend The Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Keyboard For

If your budget prevents you from getting a mechanical gaming keyboard and you have to settle for an inexpensive membrane keyboard, then the Perixx PX-1100 is what you should be getting. This keyboard doesn’t really pack in gaming centric features but it does come with the general set of lucrative specifications such as 20 million keypress life, backlighting and dome membrane keys. Basically, if you don’t game 24/7 then the Perixx PX-1100 will work for you. It won’t give you anti-ghosting and such features but it will do a decent job typing, browsing and gaming but only on a casual level. The moment you think online gaming or competitive gaming, the Perixx PX-1100 becomes a serious handicap.

Perixx 11055 PX-1100, Backlit Keyboard - Red/Blue/Purple Illuminated Keys - Gaming Style Design - Rubber Painting Surface - 20 Million Key-press Lifecycle - Adjustable Palm rest
  • Blue/Red/Purple LED Illuminated Feature with Backlit Keys
  • Full Size Layout with Wired USB Interface - 6 Feet Long Cable
  • 20 Million Key-press Lifecycle

Perixx PX-1100 Introduction

First of all, for a true gaming experience, you should always try and aim for a mechanical keyboard, even if it does not have all the bangs and frills of more expensive models. If that isn’t possible and you need to set your sights low, then a membrane keyboard will do but only if there are certain features in them.

As far as membrane keyboards go, there are plenty of choices in the market but not all are reliable or even built to last. The Perixx PX-1100 has the requisite features that give it a slight edge over other affordable membrane keyboards. Does it qualify as an average gaming keyboard? That’s what we hope to find out. It does pack the basics with backlit keys, with three color choices of purple, blue or red (blue being default), 20 million key-press tested, 6 feet long cable, full-size layout and quick media section. As far as specifications and features go, it looks attractive and not to mention the keyboard itself is an attention grabber. For its price, the only question remains is whether it meets our stringent checklist for a gaming membrane type keyboard. Let’s find out…

Perixx PX-1100 Design

No questions here, the Perixx PX-1100 backlit keyboard is attractive right from the moment you unbox it. Wide in dimensions, it features the complete set of keys plus the NUMPAD and the separation between the keys is pretty good too. With the backlight and the concentrated media center to the top right of the keyboard, it looks pretty fancy and adept too. As for the keys themselves, well they aren’t mechanical but neither are they full membrane. If anything they appear to be somewhere in between like those Dell keyboards from yesteryears that were dome shaped and depressed but still operated using membrane technology. This is what this keyboard is like. The keys are dome shaped and they depress quite a bit for a semi-mechanical feel though you won’t get that typical click sound of a mechanical.

Moving on, this keyboard does ship with an extra-long cable which is nice especially for office spaces where you really don’t know how far the system rests from your monitor. Besides, longer cables are easier to manage no matter the cable situation of your system. As for the finishing, this keyboard is mostly plastic with hardly any metal other than the minimum necessary for the circuit board underneath. Good news, though, you get a comfortable wrist pad plus the backside of this keyboard features rubberized grips and 2-level adjustable stand. From the looks of things, this keyboard is aimed towards a home user with regular browsing, media playback and the occasional game or two.

Perixx PX-1100 Specifications

Specifications aren’t the forte of this keyboard. Let’s quickly rattle off the specs of this keyboard so we can get to the meat of the review. For starters, it offers to backlight but not the kind seen with mechanical keyboards. It seems the light concentrates more towards the left side of the keyboard and tapers off to the right, which leads us to believe that there is a single source of LED light that does not stretch all the way towards the NUMPAD. Next up, the keys are tested to last a good 20 million strokes before they wear down and die on you so expect a good year or so of regular usage, especially if you intend to use it for typing and coding. The media control keys offer your basic capabilities such as playback, volume control, and the sorts. And that about ends the list of features and specifications for the Perixx PX-1100. Yes, that means there is no anti-ghosting, high polling rate, and macro settings, so no spec wise this isn’t a game-centric keyboard, though it is designed as one.

Perixx PX-1100 Performance and Feel

The Perixx PX-1100 is what you would get if you were strapped for cash and needed a funky looking keyboard that would pass as a gaming keyboard! Yes, this has no anti-ghosting, neither does it have a high polling rate or roll-over keystrokes. It isn’t even mechanical though its keystroke mechanism isn’t entirely membrane either. However, when it comes to performance we felt the keyboard held its own. Because of the unique manner in which the keys depress or bend inwards, we felt it gave a semi-tactile feel and this is great for typing or even casual gaming. Yes, a couple of quick strokes might go amiss but overall you won’t have a bad gaming experience. As for the feel of the keyboard – it is lightweight and full sized so no issues there. Plus, I particularly loved the 6 feet cable. Don’t really know any other brand or model that comes with such a long cable. Then there’s the dual back stand that lets you configure the incline of the keyboard based on your preference. All this points towards ergonomics and it shows with the keyboard as you eventually warm up towards it.

Yes, in games it doesn’t match the performance or quality of more expensive mechanical keyboards but as far as membrane type gaming keyboards are concerned, this is an excellent choice with few but minor misses. It would have been nice to see some amount of anti-ghosting at least around the WASD region since that’s where the majority of gaming happens but as it stands for the price, this is an excellent choice among all membrane keyboards.

Perixx PX-1100 Pros

  • Inexpensive and catchy, no one will ever doubt it to be anything other than a gaming keyboard, though it does not perform on par with hardcore gaming keyboards. But, as the saying goes, “ the first impression lasts long”.
  • A really long USB cable makes it easy connecting this keyboard to a PC, laptop or any other compatible device regardless of the distance between the screen and the main unit.
  • Backlighting is sufficient for most purposes. In fact, in the purple backlighting, you can clearly see all the keys including the NUMPAD.
  • The dual back stand is a thoughtful addition since some folks like their keyboards totally raised up, especially if they have long fingers.
  • The adjustable wrist pad is a nice after thought too and unlike many other companies, Perixx has designed this wrist pad exclusively for the PX-1100 so it does help smoothen the incline and aids in giving rest to the wrist.

Perixx PX-1100 Cons

  • The keyboard uses dome-shaped keys that depress quite a bit before a keystroke is registered. We envision in future the keys may get stuck or the membrane might not trigger as the keys lose their flexibility and tactile feedback.
  • The default setting for the backlight is blue and no matter what you do, it always starts in blue every time the keyboard turns on.
  • The backlighting drops in intensity towards the far right as you get closer to the NUMPAD section.
  • There is no anti-ghosting and key rollover technology with this membrane keyboard so it isn’t suitable for hardcore gaming where your character’s progression depends on how quickly you can press keys.
  • No extra macro keys or the ability to program macros and key profiles.

Perixx PX-1100 Conclusion

What the Perixx PX-1100 does well is a substitute for an actual gaming keyboard. At first glance, no one can tell the difference between this and a ~$200 Razer BlackWidow tournament edition. It really is that attractive. However, that is where the similarity ends. On a more positive note, though, this keyboard runs a lot cheaper and at this price, it offers quite a lot of nice attractive features. Backlit keys with three color choices, semi-mechanical tactile feel with dome type membrane keys, 6 feet long USB cable, media-centric controls, dual back stand and an adjustable wrist pad – there’s plenty for us to feel happy recommending this to one and all. Hardcore gamers stay away but the rest will love the Perixx PX-1100 multitasker.