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VicTsing (formerly TOMOKO) Mechanical Keyboard Review

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    Value For The Price - 8.5/10

Our Rating

We Recommend TOMOKO Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard For

Not gamers! Yup, the TOMOKO Waterproof mechanical keyboard is an excellent piece of hardware, built to last and with a sweet audio feedback on pressing any key. The problem, however, lies in the lack of gaming-centric features. Take for instance the missing backlight and the use of matte black finishing. For all, you know you may have pressed the delete button mistaking it for the arrow keys. With a few more features though this could have made for an excellent gaming keyboard but as it stands, we suggest getting the TOMOKO waterproof mechanical keyboard only if you need a second keyboard for the office or home solely for the purpose of typing, coding and general use. Don’t make this your first choice for gaming, though.

TOMOKO Water-Resistant Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switch, 87 Non-Conflicting Keys, Ideal for Typing & Gaming, Attached Key Cap Puller
  • Blue Switches.Provide your clicky ± tactile feedback to improve typing speed and accuracy. Give you an edge over gaming competitors with accurate response. And it also owns the most rhythmic clicky feeling of typing among all kinds of switches(Blue/Red/Black/White/Brown Switch).50,000,000 times keystroke test, 60 ±15g key force and 4.0 ± 0.2mm stroke travel.
  • Anti-ghosting,87 Non-Conflicting Keys. This Mechanical Gaming Keyboard allows multi-keys to work simultaneously without confliction, experiencing a new level of gaming and typing. Ideals for gamers, typist, programmer, writer etc.
  • Build Quality. Made of top-grade ABS and metal base, with matte-finish texture,it is sturdy and robust for durability. Laser-engraved keys are not easy to fade. Water-resistant with drain holes.

TOMOKO Introduction

Need an inexpensive mechanical keyboard that multitasks well? The TOMOKO 87 Key compact mechanical keyboard is precise, compact and affordable too. This keyboard is ideal for programmers, typists, gamers and just about anyone who wishes to maintain a high typing speed. Thanks to the choice of key switches, you get a tactile feedback and an audio feedback as well, which in turn increases accuracy and typing speed.

This keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue knockoffs (read generic switches), which obviously help keep the costs down but they mimic the action and behavior of the Cherry MX Blues. Basically, the keys have a tough audio feedback that resonates and is audible at 50% keypress all the way down till the switch hits the base. You simply won’t miss a keystroke ever again. The keys are tested to last a good 50 million strokes and are made from metal, topped with a matte texture finish. They are robust by design and should withstand corrosion, bumps, and scratches with relative ease. TOMOKO advertises this mechanical keyboard as waterproof, though we aren’t so sure of that. The other aspects of its advertisement though are easily verifiable such as the non-slip rubberized holders at the bottom, plus the included key cap puller for easy removal of the key caps.


Back in the old days of PC and Mac, keyboards were all mechanical by default because everything was mechanical and hardly anything was touch sensitive. Then keyboards looked like the TOMOKO 87 key mechanical waterproof keyboard. The difference, though, those keyboards only looked mechanical but they weren’t the gaming keyboards you see today with anti-ghosting and roll-over features. This keyboard while reminiscent of yesteryears still looks quite acceptable especially if gaming isn’t the only reason why you are purchasing it in the first place. Those who code a lot or program or even write will fall in love with the simplicity of the TOMOKO. The plain black matte finish on top of a steel bed and keys that have depressions to catch your fingers with little effort – that’s all the innovation you get in the design front. No pass-throughs nothing with the TOMOKO and you should not expect any either considering the below $40 price tag of this keyboard.

TOMOKO Specifications

Coming to the specifications, we were under the impression that the switches would be of a reputed brand that mimics the feel of Cherry MX Blue switches. However, the truth is that these are generic switches or basically good knockoffs of the actual thing. Having said that, typing on these keys does come pretty close to typing on a Blue Cherry MX keyboard, though, I personally felt the travel of these keys was shallower. As far as ratings go, TOMOKO reports about 4mm of travel with the leniency of 0.2mm either ways with actuating key force of nearly 60g, give or take 15g. Basically, the feel is suitable for not just gaming but more so for coding and typing.

Coming to the sound feedback, I felt it was quite loud. In fact, if you plan on keeping this in your office then think again because you are definitely going to drive your neighbors made with the ruckus you make. This is especially true if you type above 100 wpm or more, which you will eventually on the TOMOKO. As for extras, this keyboard offers quick media shortcuts for a web browser, email, calculator and audio functions, along with N-key rollover and anti-ghosting keys to boot.

TOMOKO Performance and Feel

The price, look, and specification hardly matters until the performance and feel justify it. When we shortlisted the TOMOKO 87 keys mechanical keyboard, it was purely because of the sheer number of reviews we saw online. This is probably the only multipurpose mechanical keyboard in the entire list that isn’t exclusively designed for gamers and gaming. Nevertheless, the two weeks it spent in our labs gave us a lot of insight and the opportunity to test it with other bigshots in the mechanical keyboard segment.

First off, the keys are noisy as hell. Don’t expect to use them in the middle of the night and not wake up your neighbors! I took it home one night with me and the moment I began typing, my dog woke up and glared at me with an accusatory gaze. Next, the missing NUMPAD section is not a bother at all especially because it makes this keyboard even smaller in size and thanks to its lightweight nature, it is easy carrying around. If you ever needed a portable mechanical keyboard then this is it. As for the feel of the keys themselves, unfortunately, the keys don’t inspire confidence. We feel that the keys will need replacement in a matter of months but the good news is because these operate on generic Blue switches, any Cherry MX Blue set of keys will slot right into the TOMOKO keyboard.

Coming to the switches themselves, they have a double sound, one when you depress a key half way and another add-on sound of the keys bottoming out on the steel body underneath. I personally felt this soothing as it gave me more confidence typing. As far as gaming is concerned, my go to game for testing anti-ghosting and polling rates is FIFA and there, I felt the keyboard miss a keystroke or two. When a keyboard isn’t designed exclusively for gaming, usually the WASD and direction keys are where you instantly realize something is wrong. In FIFA, this meant rapid changes in direction and unexpected movement. Thankfully though with other games, I did not notice any significant drop in performance. In short, if you are into FIFA and those sorts of games, get something else otherwise for the price, this is an excellent addition to your gaming arsenal. Besides, won’t be a bad idea keeping a separate keyboard for coding and typing, and another expensive model for gaming only. Finally, my only other gripe is the absence of backlighting. Keyboards today need backlighting if they want to attract even occasional gamers. I don’t see why TOMOKO could not spend a few bucks extra and add a single color backlight throughout the keyboard.


  • Compact in size, easy to carry around and waterproof so totally travel-friendly.
  • Keys replicate the feel of actual Cherry MX Blue keys though they are only good copies of the same. There is a noticeable audio feedback twice upon depressing the keys, that helps with typing and coding speeds.
  • The keyboard uses a steel base with heavy duty matte body on top. Good in terms of durability but not so sure about the plastic sides, if they will handle drops and falls.
  • For less than $40, there aren’t that many good mechanical keyboard options, which makes this a must have even for those with gaming keyboards.


  • An absence of backlight is a bother, especially in dim or dark conditions. Do not see this being the preferred keyboard for any serious gamer.
  • The design is reminiscent of first generation keyboards that came out in the 90s for typing.

TOMOKO Conclusion

Yes the TOMOKO 87 key mechanical keyboard is a typist’s dream but it is not a gaming keyboard. The only positive for a gamer is that the keys use Cherry MX Blue replicas but that’s where the advantage stops. Even though the keyboard is waterproof and has a steel base, the absence of backlighting and matte finish of the keyboard makes this a poor gaming keyboard. If only TOMOKO gave a backlight, we would still suggest getting this keyboard for games but as it stands, our suggestion is to get this as a replacement or standby keyboard and for your office when you only want to code or type quickly.