AOC G2460PF Review

AOC G2460PF Gaming Monitor

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This AOC monitor is not meant to be a super high-end display. It’s an affordable 144Hz option, and it compliments mid-range gaming rigs perfectly. If you’re sick and tired of manufacturers focusing their efforts on pushing out high-end displays, the AOC G2460PF just might be the perfect monitor to round out your rig.

AOC G2460PF Quick Specs
Screen Size 24 inches
Resolution 1920×1080 Full HD
Panel Type TN
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Response Time 1ms
Input Types VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort

AOC G2460PF Design & Specifications

At some point in time, manufacturers decided that red and black signify gaming intent. Like it or not, that’s the color scheme of this AOC. I’m not always the biggest fan of the red and black trope, as it can often come across as childish and unprofessional. That being said, the colors are done rather tastefully here by AOC. The casing is all plastic and “brushed” black, with a single strip of red along the bottom side of the monitor. There is also a red cable management clip on the backside of the stand. The bezels are all appropriately thin (not razor thin), and the overall construction of the monitor is quite encouraging.

The stand itself is a typical circular base and affords a wonderful amount of adjustment: You can move the monitor 5 inches vertically, it allows for 25 degrees of tilt, and an almost-full-circle 300 degrees of swivel. You can also swing the monitor in and out of portrait mode with ease, which is always a nice feature to have for programmers, and even just for casual internet browsing.

There are four physical control buttons located on the bottom right-hand side of the monitor, indicated by printed icons on the front of the bezel. The G2460PF does come with two rear-facing built in speakers, both of which produce sound quality typical of smaller monitor speakers.

The G2460PF features a 24-inch screen, with a Full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution and a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The monitor has a measured maximum brightness of 350 nits, and comes with numerous input options – VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort video inputs, along with 4 USB inputs, 1 USB host input, and 1 standard headphone jack.

The unit itself measures 22.3 x 9.6 x 20.6 inches (including the stand) and weighs 14.4 pounds. It’s not the smallest or slimmest monitor out there, but it should fit comfortable on most any desk.

AOC G2460PF 24" Gaming Monitor, FreeSync, FHD (1920x1080), TN Panel, 144Hz, 1ms, Height Adjustable, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB
  • 24" Class LED Monitor (24" Viewable) Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144hz Response Rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology provides the smoothest gaming experience. Height adjust amount- 5.1 inches. Pixel Pitch (H) (V)- 0.276
  • Brightness - 350 cd/m2, Dynamic Contrast Ratio - 80,000,000:1, Response Time - 1ms

AOC G2460PF Features

The G2460PF does make use of a TN panel, operating at an 80,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The use of a TN panel here is what really keeps this otherwise-premium monitor so affordable – a comparable IPS panel would probably cost you 3x as much.

While you may be slightly disappointed by the TN panel technology, you should perk right back up when you realize that you’re also working with a 144Hz refresh rate + AMD FreeSync adaptable refresh rate technology, along with a 1ms pixel response time. AMD’s FreeSync technology is a better iteration of V-Sync and essentially allows your monitor refresh rate to sync up with your GPU’s framerate.

While FreeSync only works if you have an AMD graphics card, don’t be discouraged – Nvidia GPUs work just fine with this monitor as well, and there’s honestly no difference noticeable to the naked eye thanks to the monitor’s impressive 144Hz refresh rate.

These specs are right up there with some of the most premium monitors available, and allow you to reach the full potential of any mid-range gaming rig. Input lag is also negligible at best.

Armchair Empire panel type note: The G2460PF makes use of a TN panel type. TN panels are one of three major panel types you’ll run into TN, IPS, and VA. Of the three, TN panels tend to be cheaper, have better refresh rates and lower response times, but also have worse viewing angles and worse color reproduction than either IPS or VA panels do. That being said, TN panels make an excellent choice for gaming monitors, especially if you don’t want to break the bank when upgrading your rig.

AOC G2460PF Performance

Overall, I was pleased with the performance of the AOC G2460PF. The important thing with any budget monitor is to temper your expectations. In this case, it’s clear that AOC was going for uber-fast motion processing, perhaps at the cost of some color reproduction and viewing angles. In other words, a TN panel will almost never quite live up to the image standards set by IPS panels.

That being said, the colors of this G2460PF were more than satisfactory for all of my gaming needs. It’s the sort of difference you’ll only think about if you have the G2460PF set up right next to a more expensive IPS panel, anyway. Some common complaints about this monitor include blues being too blue, and reds being too reds at times. The color accuracy isn’t always spot on, but I was able to get the color profile to a very good point after messing around with the calibration and settings when I first set the monitor up. TN panels will almost never look perfect right out of the box, so it’s important you take some time to impart your preferences into the monitor.

As for motion processing, this thing flies. I noticed absolutely no screen tearing, and literally no motion blur, ghosting, or other choppiness during high-intensity action sequences, both while gamines and in movies. As a gamer, I do think other gamers place too much importance on picture quality, color vibrancy, and so on at times.

The thing that impacts your gaming capability more than anything else is your display’s motion procession ability. If you move to the G2460PF from a slower, more laggy monitor, you’ll feel like a kid exploring the world for the first time again. Crystal clear motion and near-instant responsiveness are absolute game changers when it comes to gaming – especially for quick- twitch, competitive FPSes and similar games.

AOC G2460PF Extras

AOC did include their “Flicker-Free Technology” with the G2460PF monitor, which provides more comfortable and healthy long-term viewing by adjusting the monitor’s brightness using their Direct Current backlight system.

The unit is VESA wall mount compliant as well, which is always a good feature to have – don’t knock wall-mounted displays till you’ve tried one!

AOC G2460PF Pros

  • 144Hz refresh rate w/ FreeSync and 1ms response time = uber fast motion processing and lag-free gaming across the board
  • Well-constructed and good looking, even if it’s not the most stylish monitor out there
  • Hard to find many 24-inch displays with these refresh rate and response time numbers
  • Very affordable for what you’re getting
  • Picture quality is more than satisfactory
  • Numerous input options

AOC G2460PF Cons

  • Menus are confusing and generally hard to navigate
  • Requires some tweaking out of the box to get your color reproduction to an acceptable level
  • Suffers from standard TN panel viewing angle limitations
  • Speakers aren’t very good

We Recommend The AOC G2460PF For

The AOC G2460PF is hands-down intended for gamers looking to upgrade their display on a budget. If you’ve long coveted a 144Hz display with 1ms response times but didn’t want to shell out a massive amount of money, now is your chance. Designers and users obsessed with color reproduction and viewing angles should look elsewhere.

AOC G2460PF Conclusion

If you have a mid-range gaming rig and are looking to make the jump to 144Hz refresh rate displays, the G2460PF is a fantastic choice. It’s affordable and gives you a taste of what gaming is like on premium displays. The G2460PF allows you to get the absolute most out of your gaming rig and comes with an extremely reasonable price tag.

  • 8/10
    Picture - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performance - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Versatility - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Value For The Price - 8.5/10

Our Rating