ASUS VS248H-P Review

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The ASUS VS248H-P is one of the most popular gaming monitors currently available. The low price point, great specs, and slick design make this ASUS a no-brainer for any gamer looking to buy a great all-around budget gaming monitor.

ASUS VS248H-P Quick Specs
Screen Size 24 inches
Resolution 1920×1080 Full HD
Panel Type TN
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Response Time 2ms
Input Types HDMI, DVI, VGA

ASUS VS248H-P Design & Specifications

The VS248H-P doesn’t use any tricks or gimmicks to look stylish – it’s simply a good-looking monitor, as we’ve come to expect from ASUS. This model is a 24-inch display housed in a glossy black case, with a typical no-frills stand. The bezel isn’t razor thin, but it’s more than subtle enough for all but the most critical gamers out there. The entire unit is a “slim design,” and is surprisingly thin overall.

The VS248H-P also has a function strip located along the bottom-right hand side of the monitor, and it features your typical control buttons: Power, Brightness, Menu, Inputs, and so on. The labels are along the front side of the monitor, while the physical buttons are “underneath” the monitor.

The entire monitor measures 22 x 16 x 8 inches and weighs around 9 pounds, which is a tad heavier than other similar monitors – not that it really matters after you have it all set up on your desk.

We are dealing with another plastic casing build here, which some people may not like. You’re not going to get a non-plastic case in this price range, though, and the build quality overall is excellent. ASUS is not known for shoddy build quality.

The monitor is VESA Mount compatible as well, which is always nice to see if you’re interested in wall-mounting.

ASUS VS248H-P 24" Full HD 1920x1080 2ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor
  • Slim design 24" Display with 1920x1080 resolution and quick response time of 2ms (GTG) eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback
  • Smart view technology can adjust color parameters to deliver the same image quality and colors with straight viewing
  • Exclusive splendid video intelligence technology automatically optimize image quality with intelligent color, brightness, contrast and sharpness

ASUS VS248H-P Features

This particular ASUS was clearly made with gaming in mind. It has a 1920×1080 Full HD display resolution with your standard 16:9 aspect ratio. It features a TN panel with a maximum measured brightness of 300 nits, and it boasts a crazy low gray-to-gray pixel response time of 2ms.

The VS248H-P  does operate at the standard 60hz refresh rate, however – this is expected at this affordable price point, but still not quite as good for gaming as higher refresh rate options. The monitor has a 50,000,000:1 “smart” contrast ratio that’s supposed to dynamically enhance your contrast based on whatever you have up on the screen, which is a cool feature for TN panels to have.

As for inputs, this model has HDMI, VGA, and DVI input options.

Here’s our typical note on panel type and technology – this monitor features a TN panel, which is one of three main panel technologies: TN, VA, and IPS. TN panels are known to have the fastest response times, and are typically more affordable than their VA and IPS counterparts. They can suffer from diminished viewing angles and worse color reproduction, however.

ASUS VS248H-P Performance

Like I said, this monitor is clearly intended for gamers. A TN panel with a 2ms pixel response time means you’ll almost never see that motion blurring you can get during fast-moving games/movies on monitors with higher response times. So, the VS248H-P does deserve top marks for its superb response time.

That low response time is diminished a bit by the monitor’s standard 60hz refresh rate – you will probably notice occasional screen tearing, as you would for any monitor there with a 60hz refresh rate. The only true solution to this screen tearing is a 144hz monitor, but those tend to be much more expensive than this affordable ASUS unit.

TN panels in general are not known for having good viewing angles or good color quality. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the VS248H-P performs. The viewing angles and color reproduction are definitely a step below what you’d get from an IPS panel, but they’re not nearly as bad as those of some other TN panels out there.

I’m not sure if this is due to ASUS’s display technology additions (dynamic contrast, etc), or some other factor, but I was much happier with the picture quality on this ASUS than I thought I’d be.

ASUS did go with a matte finish on this VS248H-P as well, which seems to be the standard nowadays. I do like a nice glossy screen, but they only work well if you’re absolutely positive you won’t have any light reflection issues with your setup. The matte finish here is well-done, and I didn’t notice any of the color tinting that can sometimes happen as a result of the matte finish adhesive.

As for negatives, there are a few reported issues with this model that may suggest some quality control issues during the manufacturing process. Certain users do report receiving models that have color reproduction issues (like a gray or yellow tint), or have excessive light bleed issues as well. I personally didn’t have those issues with the model I tested, but you can always return your unit to ASUS for a repair or replacement – their customer service is extremely receptive and willing to work with you, in my experience.

If you’re unhappy with the picture quality out of the box, make sure you take some time to mess around with the settings before deciding to return or replace the VS248H-P. There are several utilities you can use to do this automatically, from ASUS’s built-in settings to nVidia’s GeForce experience app, and so on. The point is that you may have to play around with the color settings before you’re perfectly happy with the picture – this is just par for the course with most non-IPS panels out there.

ASUS VS248H-P Extras

The VS248H-P does come with two cool ASUS features: ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) and ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology (Splendid).

ASCR is a dynamic contrast ration that results in sharper images, especially when your watching or playing something that tends to be darker. Splendid is a “quick image setting” menu accessible through the monitor’s physical buttons, and it basically has a bunch of different preset configurations. Each is tailored to a specific usage, like gaming, movie-watching, editing, and so on.

These extras are a great addition rom ASUS, and really help address many of the stereotypical shortcoming of a TN panel.

ASUS VS248H-P Pros

  • Crazy-low 2ms response time is perfect for gaming
  • Dynamic contrast ration really bolsters a weak spot of most TN panels
  • The price hits the sweet spot for cost vs features provided

ASUS VS248H-P Cons

  • Some users just don’t like TN panels
  • 60hz refresh rate could be better
  • Possible quality control issues, although ASUS is quick to respond to and help with customer service issues

We Recommend The ASUS VS248H-P For…

This monitor is perfect for gamers big into FPSes and other games with a lot of quick movement in them, thanks to the 2ms pixel response time. Quick movement sequences in movies and TV shows will also be reproduced well, without the motion blurring that can happen because of higher pixel response times.

If you’re not a big gamer and just looking to upgrade the quality of your picture, you may want to look elsewhere – there are plenty of gorgeous IPS panel monitors available at this price point that will provide you with better colors and better viewing angles. That being said, don’t just count the VS248H-P out – you’ll definitely be surprised by how good the picture is for a TN panel monitor.

ASUS VS248H-P Conclusion

The ASUS VS248H-P truly is one of the most popular monitors out there in this price range. Its great specs and affordable price make it a fantastic choice for any gamer looking to upgrade his or her rig with a stylish, quality all-around TN panel gaming monitor.

  • 8/10
    Picture - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Performance - 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Versatility - 7.5/10
  • 9/10
    Value For The Price - 9/10

Our Rating