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Msi H270m Bazooka Review

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We Recommend the Msi H270m Bazooka For

Not planning on overclocking and want to save money but still invest into something above the basic motherboard package? The H270M Bazooka from MSI offers plenty of features, a robust build, good looks and is affordable too. This is the motherboard we suggest if performance matters to you but not overclock ability.

MSI Gaming Intel H270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 micro-ATX Motherboard (H270M BAZOOKA)
  • Supports 7th/6th Gen Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket
  • Supports DDR4-2400 Memory
  • Virtual Reality Ready


There was a time when overclocking was all the hype. Games depended heavily on CPUs as much as they did on GPUs. Squeezing that extra bit from your CPU made all the difference. Today, programs and games alike cannot stretch even the most basic current generation processor to its limits. Naturally, overclocking today is for enthusiasts. Even gamers don’t prefer overclocked machines.

With games running heavily on GPU, barring a few titles such as Ashes of Singularity, the need to overclock your CPU is no longer felt. Naturally, the MSI H270M Bazooka is an excellent choice for anyone who does not wish to overclock. You can pair this motherboard with a Core i5 7500/7600 or a Core i7 7700 and rest easy knowing that the next two generation of games isn’t going to push your processor to its limits.

This is a micro ATX motherboard using the H270 chipset that is ideal for gaming and performance. It is a notch higher regarding build quality, features, and performance, as opposed to the H110M series of motherboards. Moreover, MSI includes a few gaming goodies with the Bazooka that we believe will help every young DIY PC builder.


The MSI H270M Bazooka is a gaming oriented motherboard. Naturally, it has some design elements and features specifically targeting gamers. However, the number of ports, connections, and other add-ons are just staggering considering the price tag for this motherboard. Yes, MSI tends to pack in good design and thoughtful features into all its motherboards regardless of the price range.

The Bazooka H270m does not shy away from USB port connections. It offers two USB 3.1 ports at the front and four USB 3.1 ports at the back with one being Type C. As for USB 2.0 you get a total of 4 at the front and 2 at the back. Display outputs include HDMI and DVI-D, but then again you won’t be using these ports considering the board is meant to handle a heavy-duty graphics card.

The chipset on this motherboard is Intel H270 running on an 1151 Socket, which means it will support All Intel Core processors from the 6th and 7th generation. A total of 4 DIMM Slots with Dual channel DDR4 2400/2133 MHz options. Please note that with 6th Generation processors, the motherboard automatically limits memory sticks to 2133MHz. Being a Micro-ATX form factor, this motherboard packs in one PCI-16x slot generation 3 and 2 PCI-1x slots.

Yes, you do get an M.2 Slot and 6 SATAIII connections with RAID 0/1/5/10 on all. The key point to note here is the Intel Optane support if you have older magnetic disk drives and wish to improve performance with an Optane module. This motherboard uses a basic Realtek ALC887 codec and offers up to 7.1 channel high definition audio. The LAN controller on this motherboard is Realtek 8111H Gigabit.

Our Review

Grey with Black overalls is how we would describe the H270M Bazooka. This MSI motherboard definitely feels like a gaming board but does not cost as much. For the attractively low price you get some amount of RGB lighting that can be controlled using the Mystic Light sync feature. We loved the ability to quickly change between breathing, flashing random and double flashing RGB options though, you will probably stick to just one.

MSI thought of your cooling needs too. The Bazooka offers a total of 3 fan headers for independent power, and all your fans can be controlled thanks to the all-inclusive MSI software. Speaking of the apps bundled with this motherboard, you get the X-Boost, Command Center, RAMDIsk and Live Update apps. We aren’t great fans of all these, but they do serve their purpose. There is a slight learning curve associated though with these MSI apps as they aren’t all intuitive from the beginning.

What actually blew our minds though is the build quality of the MSI H270M Bazooka. This motherboard features steel in very particular areas. Reinforcement is the key to its stability and rigidity. MSI calls this Steel Armor, and with carefully placed heatsinks that also double as shock protectors, the motherboard seems well built and sturdy. No wonder it is certified for gaming by many online portals. On a side note, the exclusive Click BIOS from MSI is easy and intuitive though it isn’t next gen by any means if you compare it to an ASUS or Gigabyte BIOS.

For those upgrading from an older motherboard, the Bazooka is an excellent choice. It supports 6th and 7th generation processors, it is built like a brick and has sufficient ports to entertain everyone. What really sets this board apart though is the RGB lighting with the grey-black environment. There is an alternate color scheme called the Tomahawk Arctic that is in white and grey for those who are building a white system. RGB lighting is available on both and can be minutely controlled. That is not something you find in budget motherboards, not even on Ryzen boards!


  • Built like a tank, we do not see this motherboard giving up before judgment
  • Supports older 6th generation processors and newer 7th generation processors from Intel.
  • Already comes Intel Optane ready if you choose to try this new idea out.
  • Can take in 6 SATA drives plus an M.2 SSD (doing so disables first SATA slot).
  • Sufficient heatsinks and well laid out design helps vent heat from the critical parts of the motherboard.
  • MSI drivers are easy to download and install from their website.


  • Included drivers will throw a lot of errors. Also, it is best to update the BIOS before anything else since the newer BIOS offers better Windows 10 support.
  • Could have done with a decent Audio DAC instead of the base Realtek.


Motherboards tend to be expensive the moment you put a gaming tag on it. MSI believes a gaming motherboard can be cheap and yet packed to the brim with features. The MSI H270M Bazooka is a tank with large heatsinks, steel reinforcement, and gaming grade design. Yes, it weighs a bit more for a micro-ATX, but the confidence this motherboard inspires is well worth the extra weight.

For a gamer, the ability to use top grade graphics cards and processors without worrying about motherboard stress levels is paramount. This motherboard will handle massive heating though we suggest investing into a good CPU cooler and some aftermarket Chassis fans since you do get three Fan headers on the board.