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Msi X370 Xpower Titanium Reviews

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We Recommend the Msi X370 XPower Titanium For

Currently the beefiest AMD Ryzen compatible motherboard in the market, the MSI X370 XPower Titanium will allow you to push your Ryzen processor to its limits. Remember to pair this with an X series Ryzen processor for maximum performance.

Though there are other AM4 motherboards with the X370 chipset in the market, the MSI XPower Titanium continues to impress us and is, therefore, our top pick for gaming enthusiasts and designers who don’t mind paying a premium in return for quality and performance.

MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM Amd Ryzen X370 Ddr4 Vr Ready Hdmi Usb 3 Atx Gaming Motherboard
  • Supports AMD Ryzen 1st and 2nd Generation/ Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Processors and AMD A-series / Athlon Processors for Socket AM4


If only the best will suffice if you cannot wait for Asus and others to build you an enthusiast level motherboard, get the MSI X370 XPower Titanium today. With a Ryzen 7 or 5 series X processor, this motherboard will revolutionize the way you play and work. A Ryzen processor, in our opinion, is nothing unless paired with a capable motherboard that can exploit every last ounce of computational power from it.

At the time of writing this review, the X370 XPower Titanium is the biggest and baddest AM4 board available in the market. Not that other manufacturers will never make a competing high-grade AM4 motherboard, it is just that MSI got their model out faster and until a competitor makes something cheaper or better, the X370 XPower Titanium will continue to be our top pick.

This motherboard is badass, it can run 3 AMD GPUs in crossfire and 2 Turbo M.2 drives in RAID 0! By the way, with 4 Memory slots in dual channel configuration, it supports a maximum of 64GB DDR4 Memory.


MSI never fails to impress us with the specifications. Before delving into the complete specs of the X370 Xpower Titanium, do keep in mind that this is the costliest Ryzen compatible motherboard from MSI. Naturally, some of the features it has are exclusive to just this board and not in general to all X370 chipset motherboards.

To start with, this device packs in a dedicated Gaming I/O & Audio back panel. The gaming device port region offers a single PS/2 connector and two USB jacks that are free from interference. It also provides a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Lightning port, a dedicated VR Boost USB port and Intel Gaming LAN for uninterrupted gaming. Even the audio jacks are gold plated with S/PDIF.

The motherboard is designed in an arctic white layout with black and silver being the preferred component colors. Anything in Silver though is intentional since these elements feature Steel Armor technology. The four memory slots operate using isolated circuitry and can handle up to 3200MHz (OC) 64GB configuration. The PCI-E Steel Armor slots protect your graphics card from bending and even electromagnetic interference.

Next up, the MSI motherboard packs in 2 M.2 slots and an Audio Boost 4 segment that uses top quality components with Nahimic 2. All these components are protected with Heavy Plated Titanium heatsinks to ensure the motherboard retains its rigidity without heating up on heavy load.

Our Review

Ryzen at its launch released just the 7 series that is not really gamer oriented or even consumer friendly. Yes, the price tag is way cheaper than what Intel top-of-the-line processors cost but the amount you pay for the work they will do is just not justifiable. We suggest investing your money into a high-grade motherboard such as the MSI X370 instead and getting a Ryzen 5 unlocked processor. The 1500X or the 1600X are both worthy contenders though it entirely depends on your budget and your individual requirements.

The good news is that MSI X370 Xpower Titanium motherboard works wonderfully well with all unlocked Ryzen processors. But, that is what the X370 chipset is made for, and any motherboard with this chipset will do just that. What actually sets this motherboard apart is the sheer amount of functionality packed into it.

You can literally count the number of motherboards currently offer M.2 and U.2 connectivity. X370 Xpower Gaming Titanium comes in this list with two M.2 slots operating at 32GBps. One of the slots even has its own thermal pad for reducing electromagnetic interference and keeping the unit cool. A lot has been said about the Virtual Reality technology of Ryzen and the X370 chipset, so it is heartening to see a dedicated VR chip built into the motherboard. This chip directly feeds into a single USB port at the back that when used with a VR headset gives you the most accurate sound signatures live in a game. Forget an audial radar when you can close your eyes aim and shoot with maximum accuracy!

MSI packages all its utilities and apps in a single software DVD. It has a lot of stuff, and we weren’t particularly thrilled by the bloatware. Our advice, just install the required drivers and the main suites. Do not opt for the additional add-on packages. Everything your motherboard can do is controllable through the main app, including the RGB Mystic Light feature. This lighting feature allows for over 16.8 million colors with 17 effects!

Overclocking is easy with the included software. Instead of manually changing frequencies and voltage, you can just increase the CPU speed multipliers, and the software takes care of the rest. The same package allows for overclocking DDR4 RAM to frequencies above 3200 MHz. Basically, all your overclocking requirements are met in a single dashboard on Windows.

MSI offers the Live Update 6 program with the motherboard that stays in sync with MSI global servers. The moment a new driver or update is released, your PC will automatically download the correct edition for your motherboard.

Nahimic 2 app from MSI is the next software worth installing. This app works with the DAC and VR module to ensure you get optimal sound output. You can control your speakers, mic and even use the Sound Tracker component if a game allows for directional sound detection.

What actually impressed us though was the overall build quality. AMD processors come cheap, but this motherboard does not. Naturally, we wanted heavy duty construction and weren’t disappointed. Steel Armor reinforcements for the PCIe and DRAM sections does not just physically reinforce the regions but also offers more ground points. Basically, these reinforcements help reduce interference, improve signal quality and protect the motherboard from physical shocks.


  • The build quality of the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium instills confidence. It might even manage a skydive!
  • Top notch individual components to ensure ultimate gaming experience.
  • The layout of the motherboard is intuitive, and with an ATX form factor, there is ample space to reduce cable clutter.
  • 2 slots are both on the front of the motherboard so they can be quickly swapped out without needing to remove the back panel of your case.
  • Virtual Reality chipset with dedicated USB out improves the already amazing audio experience available with this motherboard.


  • Unstable BIOS that can do with more fine tuning and UI improvements.
  • Costs a lot of money for a first generation motherboard.


The MSI X370 Xpower Titanium is a Ryzen supercharger. This motherboard packs in every possible component that man has ever manufactured for sheer gaming pleasure. It has the best audio DAC with Nahimic 2, excellent LAN connectivity, superior VR technology and maximum storage capacity in the segment. Besides, 3 x Crossfire? Who even needs that, but it is nice to know you have the option.

MSI X370 Gaming motherboard is expensive, but with the performance of Ryzen 5 processors, it makes better sense investing more into this motherboard and skipping the Ryzen 7 series altogether.