How Much Can You Earn Playing CSGO?

Back in the day, if you wanted to earn a living from sports. you had to go out and hone your skills on the pitch or at the gym. Million-dollar contracts are all the rage in the NFL and NBA, but did you know some video gamers are also turning professional as well?

The esports industry is thriving, and top of the heap as far as earning potential is concerned is CSGO.

There are leagues and tournaments all over the world dedicated to unearthing the best CSGO players around, and thanks to commercial sponsorships, more and more money is flowing into competitive esports. Indeed, the cumulative prize pool for all CSGO tournaments exceeded $18 million in 2019, and the game continues to grow in popularity, with more than 20 million active Counter-Strike players each and every month.

 And with that much prize money in the bank, he can always treat himself and his loved ones too.

Making it Rain

With the above in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that CSGO has now created its first millionaires.

Andreas Hojsleth, better known by his gaming name, "Xyp9x," has made more money playing CSGO than any other individual on the planet – a cool $1.74 million and counting. The Dane is part of a gaming franchise called Astralis, who is widely considered to be one of the most valuable in the world. As such, Hojsleth is able to work on his game without worrying about how he is going to pay the bills.

There must be something in the water in Denmark, because the CSGO aces who sit second and third on the all-time list of moneymakers are also from the Scandinavian country.

Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen has chalked up career earnings in excess of $1.5 million, with the 26-year-old participating in 136 tournaments so far. Third on the list is Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, who has also taken home more than $1.5 million from around 130 tournaments.

Clearly, these guys reached such heights by practicing hard while benefiting from a hefty slice of natural talent and a dash of good luck along the way.

For those who want to try and emulate the achievements of the trio mentioned above, here are five tips that might help your CSGO career get off to a good start.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring quarterback, lawyer or esports player; you’ll only get to the top if you work hard. You'll also learn plenty by bookmarking CSGO news sites too, so you can keep abreast of all the latest developments in the industry. And be warned: It was revealed recently that the B Site League - in which many of the leading CSGO teams and players compete - is to start handing out fines to players who don't perform well enough. That makes practice all the more imperative!

All Mapped Out

You will give yourself a significant advantage if you learn as many CSGO maps as possible like the back of your hand. That will help you to avoid easy kill areas, find the best vantage points and give you the air of a gaming veteran – even if you are new to the title. Put simply, there's no way to become a top player without learning the maps first.

A Little Bit Special

Normally when playing PC or console games, players don’t take the time to learn all of the special functions that their character can perform. In CSGO, these can give you a huge advantage, so make sure you take the time to learn exactly what you can and can’t do with your hero and how. It's the old adage "know thyself" applied to the 21st century.

Get Versatile

Ordinarily, if you were kicking back with some online CSGO in your spare time, you’d load up a death match game and get going. But this won’t necessarily harness the skills you need to be successful in competitive esports: strategy, forward planning and cunning. So be sure to try your hand at capture the flag contests and other "outside the box" game modes.

Watch and Learn

Most amateur gamers have the wrongful pretense that they can suddenly just become esports professionals overnight. You can’t! You first need to learn the skills and tactics that will enable you to be a useful player at pro level, and to that end you should watch as many live streams of the best CSGO leagues and competitions as you possibly can.

 If you follow these five tips, your CSGO skills will improve. And who knows where they might then take you?

Mobile Malware – How to Protect Yourself From This Threat?

All mobile devices today have access online. Technological advancements have made our devices more capable, but increased complexity also means more vulnerabilities. Smartphones are, in fact, tiny computers. They work on software and hardware and allow us to access, send, or receive data online. 

A lot of this data is personal, and it carries a lot of value to cybercriminals. That’s why these people are always looking to find new vulnerabilities. Additionally, more and more people are using smartphones each year, making them an attractive target. 

At the moment, malicious software is one of the greatest threats for mobile users. Organizations and individuals alike need to take certain precautions to protect themselves from this threat.

What is Mobile Malware? 

It’s pretty much the same as regular malware only it targets mobile devices. This software is designed to steal people’s money, virtual resources, or personal data. The most common way to get malware on your device is by downloading content from unsecured sites. 

On the other hand, downloading apps that aren’t verified puts you at a similar risk. Additionally, some apps are completely ok but can be targeted by malware and get infected after some time. In turn, these apps will steal your data and resources rather than doing what they are supposed to. 

At the same time, there are lots of rogue apps that are copies of other apps but have malicious designs. Furthermore, some apps with inadequate protection can have malicious ads that might infect your device if you click on them. 

Ways to Protect Yourself

Download Apps From Verified Sources Only

The first step is always to make sure where you are downloading apps from. If you are downloading an app from the store, make sure that it’s verified. Look at the reviews of the app and see what people have to say about it. If there aren’t any reviews, avoid it. 

On the other hand, if you are downloading an app from a website, always check the domain address. Make sure that it’s, in fact, the official site of the developers. Even when you are on the app store, make sure that you are clicking on the original listing and not some fake copy.

Make Sure to Install Updates 

Our phones come with weekly and sometimes daily updates. Even though they can sometimes be annoying, they have a purpose. A part of these updates are security patches that protect your phone. They add layers of security measures that make it more difficult for malware to get inside your phone. 

When a specific operating system is jeopardized, the developers always make sure to fix the issues. They give security fixes in their next update. Without them, you can expose your device to a lot of “basic” threats. 

Get a Virtual Private Network Tool 

VPNs are really growing in popularity in the last couple of years. These tools increase security and protect your privacy online. Luckily, there are VPN solutions that can cover your mobile devices. 

A Virtual Private Network basically helps you establish a safe connection to the web. The information you send and receive is no longer vulnerable. This tool encrypts this data and makes it impossible for anyone to intercept it or see its contents. 

It protects you at all times, when downloading something, when playing games, and even when connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi. 

Don’t Disable Security Protocols on Your Phone 

A lot of people “root” or “jailbreak” their phones. They want to personalize their devices or unblock some functionalities but disable a lot of security controls in the process. These security options can create a room for a lot of new and old threats. 

Install Malware Protection Software 

Many people don’t know that there are various malware protection tools for both Android and iPhone devices. This software is like anti-virus tools that we use on our computers. They are also similar because it’s become mandatory to have one if you want real protection. 

In the past, there wasn’t a big need for these tools, but today with so many threats, you need malware protection. This software recognizes malicious links, web pages, and software. It will also do regular checks to ensure that some malware hasn’t slipped into your device. 


These are some of the general steps everyone can take to reinforce their mobile security. On top of that, always try to use your device responsibly. Don’t disable your security just because a site or app asks you to. Don’t give permission to apps unless there is a real need for it. 

Also, make sure to lock your phone and add security verification. Turn on auto-lock because sometimes the danger comes from the outside, and someone might abuse your device and infect it. 

What to Know Before Adding More CBD to Your Routine

CBD has a number of different uses — it may be able to help you maintain a sense of calm for focus throughout your life, which can be immeasurably helpful. That’s why so many people have decided to use it in their day-to-day routine. But even if you’re already using CBD, you might not be getting all the benefits you want out of it. The question there is, can you add additional CBD to your routine? If you want to add CBD capsules or another CBD method to your routine, here’s everything you need to know about doing it.

Determine What You Want to Change

Of course, before you change anything, it’s important that you figure out what it is that you want to change. Maybe you’re having a hard time getting yourself through certain extremely stressful parts of your day, or maybe you want additional help sleeping. Regardless of what it is, there might be a part of CBD’s benefits that you don’t feel like you’re effectively receiving; that’s what adding more CBD may be able to help.

If you find that overall you’re just not getting as many benefits from CBD as you were hoping, you may want to try and increase your CBD dosage before you try adding other types of CBD to your routine. Try adding just a few more drops every few days and see whether it seems to increase the benefits of the CBD. It may just be that you’re at the wrong dose.

Choose the Right Type of CBD

When you’ve figured out what it is that you want to change, you need to decide how you want to change it. For most people, CBD as needed works best with a portable option like CBD capsules. With a CBD liquid capsule, you’ll essentially just receive the CBD oil that you would usually take from a dropper, but it’ll be pre-portioned to make it easier to take.

To take CBD as needed, you’ll usually want to give it a little bit of time to work. As with any supplement, it won’t work immediately. If you’re taking CBD capsules to more easily get to bed, for example, take it around half an hour before you actually go to bed. If you’re taking them to handle stress, take it as you feel a stressful situation coming on, not when you feel like you can’t handle it all. Build it up properly for the best results.

Make Sure You Have a Good Provider

With any form of CBD, it’s important to make sure that you have a great provider. Your CBD provider will ensure that you’re getting the CBD you think you’re actually getting. After all, if you think you’re getting a strong CBD at 50mg/ml, but the manufacturer has watered down the CBD to 25mg/ml, you’re getting a product that’s half as strong as what you think you’re paying for.

That’s exactly why you need to buy your CBD from Charlotte's Web. At Charlotte's Web, you know you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, whether you’re buying CBD oil, CBD capsules, or any other CBD products. You can even look at the batch results for any product, obtained from a third-party unbiased certification authority. That makes it easy to trust Charlotte's Web’s products.


It’s definitely possible to add CBD to your life even if you already have CBD as part of your daily routine. If you want to add more CBD to your life, there are a number of ways to do it. CBD capsules are an incredibly popular way to do so, and can make it easy for you to take your CBD on the go. But even more important than deciding how you’re going to take CBD is deciding who to get your CBD from. Remember that if you want to get the most out of your CBD capsules, you should always buy from Charlotte's Web to get the most high-quality products.

New Release For 2020: Upcoming Games To Get Excited About

The new year is here, and with it comes new possibilities for game developers to provide gamers both new and old with fully immersive experiences. But with so many games coming out this year, finding the right titles for you can be a challenge. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite upcoming releases for you to be excited about in 2020. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Since its announcement at E3 in 2019, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that gamers all over the world are excited about. With a celebrity cameo from Keanu Reeves and a bustling open world set in the year 2077, this game is jam-packed with weapons that are great fun for you and your friends. Though you may be excited about this, you have to wait just a little bit longer as the release date for this title has been pushed back until October.

Marvel Avengers 

Another game that is highly anticipated in 2020 is the release of the Marvel Avengers Game. With all our favourite characters coming back to our screens this is the perfect way for fans to relive the excitement despite the film franchise being over. With the game trailer teasing the Avengers to be in San Francisco, you can play as a number of your favourite characters in a brand-new adventure. Whether you choose to fight as the almighty Thor or sore through the sky as Ironman, you can enjoy gameplay either on your own or with friends for the ultimate gaming experience across multiple platforms. 

Minecraft Dungeons

If you are a fan of PC gaming, then you are likely a fan of gaming titles on websites such as Vegas Slots Online as well as indie games such as Minecraft. If so then you are in luck as the new year brings a brand-new game in the form of Minecraft Dungeons. With new mods to battle as well as a multiplayer mode where you can team up and fight together in Co-Op or online modes. In addition to this, there are a number of unique items, weapon enhancements and special attacks to make the experience the best PC gaming experience that you can have, making this ideal for many.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Another game that is worth getting excited about in 2020 is Animal Crossing New Horizons. Much like the original title on the DS this exciting new game features all your favourite characters as well as some brand-new ones. Customise your character and our home as you create your own island paradise. Whether you are someone who loves to decorate, fish or interact with others on the island you can make your own storyline and create an island that you love. In addition to this, up to 8 people can live on one island with 4 people playing on one system, allowing you to enjoy an island paradise with you and your friends, without them even needing a switch system. 

Overwatch 2

The final game that has many gamers excited is Overwatch 2. Hot off the heels of the success of the first game, the announcement of Overwatch 2 has got many of us excited. But with no release date set in stone at this time, we may have to wait until 2021 before we can play new maps with new heroes. But with a number of leaks already out there such as a story mode, this is set to be a welcome change from the original title. At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard stated that the title was only in the early stages of development and there is no date as of yet. This has got many fans excited about what the developers will give to gamers, only time will tell. Who knows, we may even see a teaser trailer at E3 this year. 

Regardless of the titles that you are looking forward to, there is sure to be an upcoming game release in 2020 that will get you excited to play again. Whether you are ready and waiting for the remakes, or you are on the hunt for new indie games, 2020 has a lot to offer us gamers as we get closer to E3 and other gaming conventions. 

Atari to Open Eight Video Game Themed Hotels

The company behind the brand name Atari (currently Atari Interactive) has announced plans to open eight new hotels aimed specifically at professional video gamers - esports players. 

Atari are best known for their ground-breaking video game console, the Atari 2600 released in 1977, as well as for their pioneering video games Pong, Asteroid and Roller Coaster Tycoon. 

According to the statement released on their website, Atari have acquired the rights to build video game themed Atari hotels in the USA. Atari have also announced that the first hotel will be located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional hotels have been planned to be built in Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Who will the hotels be designed for?

As aforementioned, the hotels are being built specifically for professional esports players. Out of the eight hotels planned, Atari have stated that a select number of them will also feature state-of-the-art venues and studios that are able to accommodate esports events. 

Atari have also stated that the hotels will be fully immersive experiences for every age and gaming ability. The hotels will showcase and make available to guests the latest in both virtual and augmented reality. Atari are hoping that video gamers from across the USA and the world will visit and stay at their new hotels.

Is there a reason behind this?

Atari have recruited True North studio, a Phoenix based real estate developer who will help develop the first hotel. Both Atari and True North Studio have spoken of the booming video game industry. Atari went on record to state that: “More than 2.5 billion gamers across the world spent more than $152.1 billion (US) on games in 2019 alone; an increase of +9.6% year on year.”

Atari feel that there will be high demand for a video game themed hotel. They also are of the opinion that the esports industry will continue to grow. Although esports is growing in popularity in North America, the concept of competitive video-gaming is much more in demand in Asian countries such as China and South Korea. Whether or not Atari plans to build similar hotels in these countries remains to be seen.

With that being said, USA is the country with the largest number of active esports competition players worldwide. Research conducted in 2018 suggested that USA has almost triple the number of competitive players of the countries in second and third positions; South Korea and China.

A never been seen before concept?

Actually, Atari have already been beaten to the punch. The world first video game hotel is already open and can be found in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam is designed for PC gamers. Hotel rooms come with the most up-to-date gaming equipment including chairs, computers and sound systems.

Atari’s announcement has made worldwide news due to their brand names reputation, now it is up for them to deliver a product capable of attracting video gamers for years to come.

Hotel and casino… hotel and video games…?

There is of course already the concept of hotels and casinos. The city of Las Vegas wouldn’t be what it is today without the hotel and casino combination. There are already numerous online slot games based on video games including a Call of Duty slot game; a Tomb Raider slot and Street Fighter. Who’s to say the concepts of casino gambling mixed with video games cannot work hand-in-hand?

In Las Vegas, especially, Atari may be able to design a hotel with one section for adults and one section for under 18s. The section for adults could contain video games with an 18+ rating as well as gambling theme video games. This kind of hotel would be unique even within a city such as Las Vegas and could become a major attraction.

Watch this space

The news has only just been announced, therefore there are very little details surrounding the details of the project. Since Atari first released the first ever video game console back in the 1970s, numerous competitors have come onto the market and usurped Atari. Despite this, the name Atari arguably remains the most recognised video game brand in the world. 

Would you visit one of the planned Atari casinos?

Do Online Gamers Really Need to Use a VPN?

One of the buzzwords flying around the internet in recent years has been that of ‘VPN.’ In the wake of headline-catching hacking scandals and a heightened fear of people invading one’s privacy through the internet, VPNs have become very popular and a staple of the online experience for many.

While not surfing the internet or watching consuming content through websites, gamers do make use of the internet when playing online games. Every time we log on and battle in a game’s arena, be it DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or even Ark: Survival Evolved, someone in the know can access our data via our connection.

For gamers, it can be of particular importance to keep your details and data safe while online because, simply put, the whole point of you being online at that time is to defeat others. In gaming, there are no winners without losers, and some losers don’t take too kindly to being defeated. As such, ensuring that you’re safe and secure from any potential out-of-game retaliations is vital.

 People all over the world are utilizing VPNs to keep their data private, but gamers can draw and extra benefit from the tech, potentially making their actual game time even better.

VPN’s primary purpose: privacy

Source: Pixabay

VPNs, or virtual private networks, used to be used as a way for workers to access their company’s servers in-house and remotely, ensuring that access to the sensitive data was kept as secure as possible. With more people becoming concerned about the safety of their data online, VPN providers decided to expand their services, offering the benefits of virtual private networks to the general online public.

When you boot up a VPN and connect to one of the provider’s servers, the VPN creates a tunnel between you and your access point (most likely your computer) and the service provider’s server. The virtual tunnel which you and all of your data is using to access the server is heavily encrypted, making sure that prying eyes can’t see what you’re doing while online or where you are situated.

Using a VPN used to be a cumbersome process, but now, service providers have enhanced their offering. Nowadays, virtual private networks offer high speeds, as well as the much sought-after heightened security measures.

Regardless of what you’re up to online, there’s always the possibility that someone will want to access your data. This risk is heightened in online gaming where you’re competing and have personal identifiers on the screen – such as usernames – making it easier for someone with the knowledge to attempt to breach your privacy. With a VPN in place, you put a massive obstacle in the way of any would-be hacker.

Privacy is incredibly important in the modern era of internet use, but through using a VPN, gamers can get another benefit, which will enhance their gaming experience.

VPNs to decrease ping and reduce lag

Source: Pixabay

Ping is one of the most important metrics for games. Otherwise known as ‘latency’ or ‘lag,’ ping is the measurement of how long it takes for them to send a command to the game – or in online gaming, the game server – and for the screen to then show what happens. In a competitive space, players need ping to be as low as possible to enjoy the gaming experience, but due to how game servers are positioned around the world, high ping can be a real killer.

Many VPN service providers have servers situated all over the world. In their programs, you can pick which one you effectively tunnel to, making it appear as though that is the location you’re in as far as the internet is concerned. So, you need to find out where your game’s servers are hosted and then use a VPN to tunnel to a server in that same country, or at least in a region closer to where you are situated.

Tunneling to a server via a VPN closer to the game server will greatly help to reduce ping in your gaming, making for a much better experience. However, this only works if you use one of the leading VPN providers like NordVPN that not only covers safety and has multiple servers around the world, but is also incredibly fast.

These three components are crucial for gamers to make the most of a VPN service. If the service isn’t superfast, the gaming will become slow and cumbersome, even if you tunnel to a server nearby the game servers. High speed and multiple servers are the aim of the game for those who want to improve their online gaming.

People are turning to the power of virtual private networks to keep their data safe and ensure that prying eyes can’t access their information. Gamers, on the other hand, are taking it further: using the VPN to maintain a high level of security while also tunneling to other countries to allow for a much better gaming experience by decreasing lag.

Most Stylish Yet Comfortable Recliners

It can be overwhelming to shop for a new recliner let alone a stylish one. There are so many options on
the market there could be countless choices. There are many styles and models to choose and if you are
looking for a stylish recliner you will pay more money for a fancier make. Then how can you purchase a
recliner online without sitting on it first? This is where the review sites come into play. The writers on
these review sites have already done extensive research and they have tested out the models they are
reviewing. So, they took a lot of guesswork out of the process. But if you choose to you can still research
the particular recliner you want to purchase.

The options are very diverse from old school comfy recliners to the ones with modern and
contemporary look. Modern look recliners were a trend in 2019 and will be at least for some years. Their
designs are mostly inspired by modernist furniture designers like Florence Knoll. She fought against
gendered stereotypes of furniture design and left a legacy of very creative chairs and office furniture.
Florence died in January, 2019 at the grand old age of 101. She died of natural causes. Her designs are
still found in offices, homes and other facilities to this day. Below are some of the most stylish and
comfortable recliners you can buy in 2020.

JC Home Olbia Power Lift Recliner Chair

The chair is very nice to look at and it is made of a trendy and expensive Chenille fabric which will add to the bottom line. But yet the chair is a very good value for the price. It is so soft you feel like you are sitting on a marshmallow and it is very comfortable to sit in. The power controls allow you to set the chair ton different positions at the touch of your fingertips. 

You can also use the power controls to get in and out of the chair easily even if you are really tired or you do not feel well. There is a side pocket to store your remote and magazines in and the chair is made of a wood frame. This will guarantee the chair will last for years to come. It is priced under $500.00 dollars.

The chair comes in only one color and it does not rock so these factors may be seen as weaknesses of the chair. The chair weighs 111lbs and the dimensions are 35.4x38.2x40.6 inches. The features of the chair is they have power lifting capabilities, eligible for Amazon prime free delivery, and the chair is designed to save space in the home. 

Halter Bonded Leather Recliner Sofa Chair 

This is a luxurious leather recliner that would look good in any room if the decor of the room matches the limited color selection of the chair. The chair would look very nice in a formal dining room. The leather is very plush and soft and your body sinks right into the chair as soon as you sit in it. The chair relieves chronic back pain and helps the back to rest and relax. This is done by the chair relieving the pressure points in the back. 

The chair has a very stylish look and is ergonomically designed to keep the spine aligned properly while you sit. The chair is very cushy and is very reasonably priced for such a luxurious-looking chair. You can elevate the foot rest and put your feet up but the chair has manual recline and decline controls. You will have to put some muscle into adjusting the chair how you want it. The chair has no basic features.

Weaknesses of the chair are the limited color selection, manual controls and if the chair color does not match your room decor then the chair will not blend well in the room. Another downside is the chair does not qualify for Amazon free shipping. Thus the chair weighs 150lbs. so the shipping costs would be quite extravagant. The chair costs a cool $400.00 which is outstanding for such a nice-looking chair. The chair is a lever recliner. Dimensions: 37 x 40.9 x 38.9 inches

Coaster Weissman Casual Pillow Padded Glider Recliner

This is a great chair to relax in as the material is soft fabric which will nestle your body and coax you into a deep sleep. The arms, back and seat are padded. You will feel like you are sitting on a bubble. The chair is great for reclining to read a book or watch a movie. You can put your feet up and fall into a deep sleep this is how comfortable the chair is. 

You can elevate the foot rest as well if you so choose to do so. The chair has a manual decline and recline lever which means you have to put in some effort to set the chair into the sitting position you desire. The chair contains a stable metal frame that promises to keep the chair in good condition for a long time. The chair is a basic chair but it has no special features. The chair has a glide feature which allows the sitter to go to sleep quite easily using the glide feature.

The drawback of the chair is that it is to be assembled upon delivery so this could be a deal breaker for some people. The chair is a good basic chair but it does not have any special features. The chair is under $500.00 dollars but needing to assemble the chair may make the price a little lofty. The dimensions are: 41 x 42 x 40 inches and the chair weights a straight 107lbs. The color options the chair comes in is not known. The customer may have to wait for a special free shipping deal before the shipping will be free.

Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner                   

This leather recliner is worthy to sit a high class movie theater. It is the perfect leather recliner to relax in while watching a movie. It has built in snack trays and lighted holders and adjustable support so you will never miss any of your favorite movies. The chair is luxurious in look and feel and you will sink into heavenly bliss as soon as your back hits the back of this recliner. 

The chair offers power controlled switches to set the chair to the perfect sitting position while you enjoy the action. The chair also gives strong lumbar support which every aching back will be thankful for. You may even fall asleep in the recliner while you watch your favorite movie. The chair has numerous special features and it is Amazon Prime for free shipping. Another plus is that it comes in so many colors you will find something you like. 

The chair is big so it will not fit well in small rooms and it is quite expensive which may put it out of the reach of many buyers. These are a couple of downsides of the chair. But if you can purchase the chair you will enjoy it for years. It weighs 170 lbs. so the free shipping will come in very handy. The dimensions are: 40 x 38 x 43 inches.

Zero-Gravity Manual Walnut Recliner

The chair at first glance does not look ultra-comfortable but once you sit in it does not disappoint. It is intentionally designed to make you feel like you are floating on air. The pressure points are removed making the chair the perfect second bed for a person to sleep on.  

The streamline design of the chair will surprise you once you sit on it because it is so comfortable. It has a hefty price tag which may drive some buyers away. It comes in so many colors you will find what you are looking for. It resembles a high-class dentist chair. You will sit in luxurious, style. 

The chair is priced under $2500 and it does not qualify for Amazon free shipping so it will carry a big shipping price tag. Again, the downside is the price tag is exuberant. But it is a luxurious and very comfortable chair to sit on. We have mentioned this before the downside of the chair is that it is very expensive to purchase. The dimensions are: 43 x 31 x 47 inches and the chair weighs 160lbs. 

Best Casino and Betting Books in 2020

Best Casino and Betting Books in 2020

As the world of casinos keeps growing larger, more and more of us are turning to a roll of the dice for casual and professional entertainment. With the growing popularity in both the online and offline spheres, we thought it could be a good idea to look at the best books which could help both amateurs and veterans prepare for the 2020 gambling season.

From location guides to tactics and history, here are our top three choices for the most important casino and betting books at the start of the new decade.

For Developing Tacticians

There are many experts in the field of gambling, and many tactics books to choose from.

However, out of all the great books on casinos and gambling, the first one to be mentioned has to be the timeless classic: Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp.

In this 1962 (!) guide, O. Thorp details a range of easy to understand methods and tactics that brought him the unofficial title of the father of card counting. As someone responsible for the creation of the world’s first wearable computer, which was millions of times slower than what we have today yet still extremely effective, his genius is not to be underestimated.

To this day, much of O. Thorp’s work remains as some of the most influential in the industry, and books like this make it obvious why.

For the Travellers

America is home to a lot of the world's best casinos, many of which are not found within the mainstays of Vegas or Reno. For those travellers looking for a taste of the land-based casino world themselves, we would absolutely recommend the American Casino Guide 2020 Edition from Steve Bourie.

"Reno" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Sky Island

Having run this guide for the last 28 years, Bourie is no stranger to the best spots which this great nation can provide. He also includes a range of insider tips for players of all ages to get the most out of his suggestions.

For History Buffs

Anyone who knows even a little bit about the biggest stories in online casino history has undoubtedly heard the tale of the MIT group which set card-counting records. For a more detailed look at this story, we recommend Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich.

Following the real-life tale of a group of college kids gaming the system in what would become the most successful card-counting scheme in history, this story is the stuff of legend. Popular enough to have generated a couple of major films, this more factual take is our pick for best historical gambling novel to give as a gift to your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season.

Going Forward

As we head into a decade which is far easier to term than the two preceding it, gambling is bigger than it has ever been. With especially large and continual growth seen in online casinos, it seems very likely that this industry is only going to see even more considerable expansion in the next decade.

Whatever your interest in this world, there is always something to learn. Consider these three recommendations, and you won't be disappointed.

Tips to Win at Online Casinos

Tips to Win at Online Casinos

Online casinos might be the easiest way to make money while sitting at home, but they can be a little scary at the beginning. To make the most of gambling online, earn from it, and simultaneously have fun, it is essential to keep in mind a few tips. The time you spend at the start, understanding the intricates of the industry, can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Not only that, it can even help you win big.

Understand the Casinos

At the heart of it, online casinos are no different from land-based ones, but the lack of any physical presence does make things a little confusing for someone who might not be tech-savvy. Thus, it’s an excellent idea to go through Casino Sites UK, which is a guide for UK players, but also helpful to anyone wanting to start online gambling in other parts of the world. The website has an abundance of information on the best casinos in the market along with all their key features for you to compare, and make the preferred choice.

Play More

A common misconception about online casinos is that you cannot win big unless you bet higher amounts. That is not true. In fact, to enjoy the games for a longer time, and also be in a chance to win more, it is perfectly okay to wager smaller amounts. Quite simply, the more you play, the better your winnings.

Check the Odds

Professional gamblers are very much aware of this, but newcomers typically miss out on finding the odds of the games they are playing. In order to win on online casinos, you must know whether a particular game’s odds favour you or the casino. Choosing your games wisely, and going with the ones that are more profitable means higher earnings over time.

Understand the Games

There’s no point in playing games on online casinos if you don’t study their basics. Most leading online casinos allow their members to play games for free so they can get the hang of them and also pick out their favourites from the variety on offer. However, it also pays to know that certain games are by default a lot more profitable. Blackjack is one of them, and the other is baccarat, which is why online casinos have a love-hate relationship with it. With bare minimum house advantage, these games are where you will undoubtedly score some of your biggest wins.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses

From cash offers to free spins and even vacations, online casinos typically reward their first-time customers as well as those that patronise them. In fact, you’ll notice that all the new 2020 UK sites offer fantastic welcome bonuses. These freebies add more value to your plays, increasing your chances of scoring a jackpot. Thus, when selecting a casino, always ask for their welcome offers and loyalty program, and then make the most of them by cashing the proposals to the max.

Keep Your Cool

The fact that online casinos are quick and comfortable can be deceptive. They are, without a doubt, simple, but you still need to keep your focus on the games if you want to win big. Whether it is poker or slots, maintaining your cool, paying attention to the games, and keeping track of your investments matters significantly in the end.  

Different Types of Online Slots

Different Types of Online Slots

Slots are the most prevalent of all online casino games, and rightly so. The options available to players in slots are truly astronomical, with different types of games running into the thousands. Moreover, slots are also one of the most accessible games that gamblers can enjoy without having to overthink. But for a newcomer, the very variety of slots can be a little confusing, and thus it is always an excellent idea to read up and learn about the different types of slots, their odds, and their features in advance.

Also, before indulging in a slot of your choice, gambling enthusiasts who love to keep abreast with news, views, and reviews about slots and other casino games, need to check out what the captain has to say. Casino Captain is a comprehensive website that lets you in on all that is happening in the industry and prepares you with the best on offer so that your playing experience only results in favorable money-making.

Progressive Slots

The biggest earners in the slot world, progressive slots are a must if you dream of receiving that life-changing jackpot. While progressive slots function in the same way as any other slot, the only difference is that a little bit of your bet every time goes into a shared pool. This jackpot is worldwide, which means it is ever-increasing and runs into the millions before someone hits it big. There are several examples of people winning in progressive slots from a minimum bet, or their first spin, which adds to the charm and excitement of playing the game. Moreover, the variety of games in progressive slots is equally diverse, so that it appeals to all tastes.  

Fruit Machines

On the other spectrum of the slot industry are the classic fruit machines, which have been as popular in their physical avatar as they have been virtually. The fundamental nature of the game makes it perfect for beginners who are just starting on their gambling journey. However, in the digital format, even the fruit machines are a lot more interactive, packed with pleasing graphics and sounds.   

Theme-Based Slots

If on the one side, progressive slots have attracted people looking to make it big quickly, theme-based slots are all about enhancing the playing experience. That is why you’ll find that they are an integral part of all new casino sites 2020. Nowadays, there are slots featuring movies, musicians, and themes, such as vampires and romance, in abundance. This has opened up slots to a much wider audience who can bet as little or as high as they want and simultaneously be privy to some wholesome entertainment. It is due to the success of these slots that more and more celebrities from the fields of music, sports, and films are joining hands with game developers and casinos to present customers with something unique, exclusive, and gainful.

Video Slots

The term video slots is loosely associated with games that involve five reels of play as opposed to the classic 3-reel structure. Video slots also tend to be a lot similar to theme-based slots in that they comprise of advanced graphics and primarily more videos and music, to make the experience a lot more amusing. Keeping in mind the profitability factor, it is always best to go with a video slot whenever available, and also opt for one which has the maximum number of pay-lines so that you are earning something or the other with each winning spin.

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