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Corsair M65 Pro RGB

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Quick Specs
Sensor Optical
Connection Wired
Max DPI 12,000
Max Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Buttons 12

It’s true that Corsair is basically known to create everything PC related besides mice, as they’ve already exhibited a high level of success in their PC cases, headsets, cooling products and more. Not too long ago they’ve started to dip their toes into the mice effort and they’ve had stellar results, specifically in the M65 Pro Gaming Mouse.

It’s a decent little mouse that’s specifically made for accuracy in first person shooter games. There are quite a few things to like about this from a specialist’s point of view, although there may be a couple of somewhat superfluous limitations.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse - 12,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Adjustable DPI Sniper Button - Tunable Weights -  Black
  • 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum structure: light weight, durability, and optimal mass distribution
  • Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style


The first thing that catches your eye with this Corsair product is its ergonomics and design. Like a great deal of gaming mice, the Corsair is super-stylized with wicked angles from a design standpoint. In any event, in composition, the Corsair M65 uses a aluminum unibody that they affectionately have called aircraft-grade. Whether or not this has been implemented on an actual airplane we have no way of knowing, though we can say that this was a decent idea and has the mouse feels sturdy without it being too heavy.

This is a mouse that also comes with additional weights. When they’re pkaced inside of the mouse, the total weight will end up at 135.5 grams. They’ve designed the removal of the weights to be pretty easy, too. If you don’t have a screwdriver handy, you can just as easily use a coin to pry the weights out. Anyway, with or without the weights, the Corsair offers a decent range of weight, allowing for this mouse to be about where you’d want it to be when compared against other gaming mice. Though, when it’s at capacity, you’ll definitely feel it. That’s a nice choice, especially for those who feel as if they want control that can only given with a heavier mouse.


This is a pretty feature-rich mouse, though the company doesn’t overdo it too much and keeps the M65 mostly in line with what you’ll get from its competition. The M65 uses one piece of plastic to form three parts of the mouse – the palm rest and both the left and right click. On the side there’s a surface designed for strong support for three of your fingers. This actually feels pretty good, except that some people may find that their pinky may slide off the edge of the side. While it’s not normally a big deal, there’s a chance that it’ll get pinched a little.

Expanding on its grips and overall featureset a little, the M65 does have an issue where you can’t exactly adjust anything here. While not a dealbreaker, the mouse is on the longer side and with its low design, you’ll find that this favors those who want a mouse that’s specifically palm grip only. In short, some people may feel as if it’s not the most comfortable mouse coming right out of the box, as it does not easily allow for a user to grab it the way that they want to. Furthermore, it’s got no functionality for left-handed users. That said, most mice are set up that way.

Outside of that, the Corsair M65 does have some other assorted awesome features. One, it comes with 8 different programmable buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and three buttons for your thumb. The M65 also has DPI up and down buttons. While that’s pretty standard for a mouse like this, the Corsair does have a button that lowers the DPI when you compress it. This is probably one of the better ideas for first person shooter enthusiasts, as its akin to sniping in a video game. Super cool.

The Corsair is also one of the most sensitive mice in its class, which is definitely saying something when you consider who it’s going up against. The mouse features a 12,000dpi optical sensor for surgical precision.

Lastly, let’s touch a little bit on software. Corsair’s is call the Corsair Utility Engine and it’s handy for just about all of their products, so if you have a few of their things, you’re going to have to become a little accustomed to it. In any event, it’s generally easy to navigate, though you’ll probably mostly want to set up the DPI range so you can get the settings you want on the fly while you’re gaming. There is plenty of range here, too. For example, you can go as high as 12,000dpi with no issue. However, you can even go as low as 100dpi. While we don’t know who will need such a wide range, the ability to do so is quite nice. There’s also a cool indicator light that lets you know what setting you’re on, too.

If you’d like, you can also adjust more settings in the CUE. For example, there’s a slider that just adjusts the sniping mode. So, when you compress it, you can have it lowered down to the lowest setting. When you release it, it can go back to a more reasonable range. Obviously, this could make you a more efficient killing machine, as many mice simply don’t have that type of functionality.


Performance wise, this thing was a beast. It was as sensitive as we would expect it to be. The polling on it was really nice, and the DPI settings worked exactly as we programmed them. Unfortunately, while it was moderately comfortable, it didn’t really lend itself to a wide range of mouse-gripping styles. All in all, it was extremely accurate and smooth in all that it did. It also affords the proper amount of grip when in use.


This is a pretty easy mouse to recommend. It’s definitely up there with the top tier of gaming mice for a fraction of the cost. Sure, we would have liked for it to be a touch more comfortable, but with that being the most nit-picky of arguments, this mouse shines in every other way.