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Genius SW-G2.1 2000 Review


  • 8.5/10
    Sound Quality - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Volume - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Value For The Price - 8.5/10

Our Rating

Why Buy The Genius SW-G2.1 2000

Genius has been in the speaker market since 2010, and the SW-G2.1 2000 was one of its first models. In fact, there’s a new and improved version called the G2.1 3000. However, it is the original that continues to garner massive praise from gamers and non-gamers alike. Remember, this is an affordable 2.1 subwoofer satellite speaker set. It isn’t exclusively designed for gamers neither is it meant for movies and music alone. Consider the GX gaming speakers to be more of a compromise solution.


Frankly, we had never heard a Genius GX gaming speaker before. At less than $100, these speakers are like girl’s scout cookies – you just can’t have enough of them. Try searching for a better speaker under $100, and you will eventually circle to the SW-G2 2000. Even the renowned Ballista Unity speakers these are whacky and gamer-centric in their stance. However, the appeal goes deeper than just the looks.

From the onset, know that the subwoofers are its weakest link. Though not bad, they will crack up when pushed to the limit. Then again, you should not be listening to any speaker beyond 60% max volume.

Rated at 45 Watts RMS, the speakers have ample power to blow your mind, be it video, music or gaming experience. Moreover, the satellites offer maximum reach. They face slightly upwards and away from each other for a more resonating throw. As for connections, you have RCA stereo input, 3.55mm primary, and auxiliary inputs as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and line input.

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System for Android, Apple Devices, Tablets, Laptops, PC
  • Total output power 45 watts (RMS)
  • Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with rich and deep bass
  • Curvaceous satellite speakers with hook design

Our Review

3D experience, hearing footsteps with precision and gaining a competitive edge all bring some sense of excitement to a gamer. That is what we expect from a gaming speaker though not many can induce such sentiments. The Genius SW G2.1 2000, however, comes close to an actual gaming speaker without featuring gamer-centric specs.

We feel the Genius GX gaming speaker is a powerful subwoofer with satellites that have decent separation, zero static and look awesomely wicked. Just look at the exhaustive use of LED lighting all over the place. From the scorpion logo to the pulsating lights, it feels so much like a gaming setup. But that is not why we consider this a decent gaming speaker set.

The lights, when gaming, strobe, and change depending on the amount of bass. Yes, as you enter an intense moment of your game with a lot of falls, bangs, and crashes, the lights flare. The more explosions you have, the more the lights tingle. That’s what brings in an authentic gaming feel. In a speaker that costs less than $100, the strobing lights matched with the real bass produced is a nice touch.

We tried it with Battlefield One, Star Wars, Call of Duty. The speakers, each time, delllivered nice effects with the LED lights matching every single beat. If you play music on these speakers or if your game has background scores, you will find the lights flashing in a smooth sequence, almost as if it were dancing to the tracks. We just love the design and aesthetics of these speakers. They go well with a custom built PC using LED light strips.

The speakers are built to accommodate more than just PC gaming, though gaming is its priority. It has a line in hence works great with televisions, gaming consoles, and even mp3 players. Use an external DAC if you want an exact reproduction of music. Without a DAC though, the speakers tend to garble up highs and mids to some degree when playing above 60% volume. The same applies to the bass that begins to flatten and disperse a lot at higher volumes. Then again, 2.1 speakers are never designed to operate beyond 75% capacity.

EDM is probably the only genre of music these speakers cannot produce well. It is because the satellites are bright and loud with string instruments and voice. However, the subwoofer is a bit subdued and thus to get clarity with heavy bass stuff, you have to lower the volume for a fuller effect.

Watching movies is fun on the Genius SW G2.1 2000 speakers. It has just the right amount of bass with clear lows, and mids for an action packed couple of hours. Remember, to configure the volume and bass on the control hub before sitting down to enjoy your streaming. And if you have any add-on synthesizer or audio enhancement feature in your PC, shut it down. These speakers will feel hollow using software enhancements.

Finally, the option to bypass the speakers entirely and use headphones or even connect to some other speaker is truly wonderful. I use this feature personally a lot at home when I do not want to disturb house guests. Even though the headphone jack does not get its dedicated controls; it works just fine.


  • Decent music quality and nice gaming experience considering the price tag.
  • Magnetically shielded speakers with a pleasing aesthetic shape that delivers what it promises.
  • The crossover offers MIC/AUX jacks, headphone port, and RCA stereo IN.
  • The speaker uses AB Amp.
  • Uses a crossover to isolate each component electrically. The subwoofer and satellite speakers are not hardwired together.
  • Zero distortion speakers.
  • The crossover has dedicated knobs for bass and volume.


  • The metallic color does not do justice as it is not metal but rather plastic painted as such.
  • The satellite cones do not have any front protection so be careful when cleaning around them.
  • Bass will distort beyond the 70% volume mark.
  • Clarity is a bit lacking with highs.


If you have around $100 or so and are looking for a decent gaming speaker with decent performance, the Genius SW G2.1 2000 is what you should get. Yes, it looks tacky, and that might not be the style you want, but it does perform well. At 45 watt RMS and the ability to retain clarity until 70% volume, the speakers should be loud enough for most PC users and average gamers.

Besides, with a crossover unit that has multiple jacks, ports and control knobs, these GX gaming speakers work just as well with a regular television or even an MP3 player/smartphone. We see no reason why you should not purchase this speaker over all else.