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Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Review

Health Mark Pro Max

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    Durability - 9/10
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    Build Quality - 8/10
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    Affordability - 5/10
  • 9/10
    Warranty - 9/10
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    Testing - 9/10

Health Mark Pro Max Introduction

If relief from chronic pain is really important to you then you might be ready to move up to a professional level inversion table. The Health Mark Pro Max is a wonderful entry into pro-level therapy for your home. The table is built to help you with circulation problems by allowing you to while inverted to alleviate compression fatigue, but still allow for the other benefits. Fortunately, inverting in this position also massages the back or allows a massage therapist to work on a client’s back, if you choose to use this table commercially. The top feature of the Pro Max though is quite possible its exceptional ease-of-use.

To use the table, simply choose one of five preset angles and lie back until you get to the selected angle. Once inverted, you can easily stretch or do whatever practice you prefer to get circulation back up. Because of its clever design, nearly any exercise is possible with this table. In terms of build quality, the table comes with rear ankle brackets, easy to use front brackets, knee support and a rolled thigh and foam back support. It has 25 possible height options which support a height of up to 6’6”. This table is of a truly professional build and it can support a maximum weight of up to 600 pounds, which is by far the highest in the industry. In addition to all of this, the Health Mark Pro Max comes with a one year warranty.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table
  • Inversion therapy table designed to help simulate blood flow
  • Relaxes back, decompresses spine, and improves posture
  • Works in traditional "face-up" or inverted "face-down" position

Health Mark Pro Max Review & Experience

There are many affordable inversion tables out there, and there are a lot of tables that come with more than one year warranty; but the Health Mark Pro Max brings something to the table that no other product does. This is a complete professional-level table that provides the ability to completely invert, lock into 5 different pre-set positions and adjust to 25 different heights while supporting a total load of up to 600 pounds. These features alone make this a worthwhile investment, assuming you have serious need of an inversion table.

We decided to purchase this table because it was rated 5 stars across the board. If we didn’t review inversion tables and have such a passion for the benefits they provide, we might not have spent the $700 on it. However, after using it, we were blown away. This product has so many features it is crazy. Its innovative and intuitive construction manages to incorporate the highest quality components with a very durable but at the same time well padded support.

The table feels rock solid, and it is a lot larger than most of the consumer models you might be used to. Of course, putting together the Health Mark Pro Max took us a while. All in all it took about 90 minutes to get it all assembled and double checked for safety before it was ready for its first use. Once the table was set up it was very very easy to use. All you need to do is choose your angle of inversion, strap in, get comfortable and let the table tilt to the desired angle.

This table is incredibly solid, and you can do exercises while inverted with ease. We tried doing inverted crunches and our usual exercise routine, and this is by far our favorite table to exercise on. It is great for allowing you to workout the abs while decompressing your spine.

Anyone that wants a commercial-level inversion table, whether it’s for their chiropractor clinic or for their massage center, will love the that this table allows clients to invert while either face up or face down. This is one of the best tables available to use commercially, considering its fairly affordable price tag compared to other professional tables. The warranty is a bit short, but based upon the construction of this machine I seriously doubt you would need to use it any time soon.

Health Mark Pro Max Best Features

  • Decompress the spine and improve posture.
  • The inversion and therapeutic table lets you commercialize with a massage therapist or chiropractic service.
  • Functions in both a face down and face up positions.
  • Offers 25 height settings, 5 pre-set angles, and supports up to 600 pounds.
  • 1 year warranty.

Health Mark Pro Max Conclusion

Typically an inversion table is supposed to invert you, help you to decompress your spine and do nothing else. The Health Mark Pro Max challenges this by doing this and also by doing so much more. This table also has the ability to hold the inversion angle allowing you to workout your abs, shoulders and neck. It supports a face down posture for chiropractors and massage therapists. Finally, it offers a 600 pound capacity and supports a height of up to 6’8”, which makes this one of the most versatile tables on the market.

In summary, there is no reason not to look at the Health Mark Pro Max. However, buying this masterpiece might be a completely different story, and the only reasons we can think to purchase it are if you desperately need it for back pain or because you are filthy rich. That said, this is a must-have professional inversion table for commercial settings such as a gym or clinic.