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Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table Review

Innova Fitness ITX9700

  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
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    Build Quality - 7/10
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    Affordability - 9/10
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    Warranty - 7/10
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    Testing - 6/10

Innova Fitness ITX9700 Introduction

Because of the wide assortment of inversion tables on the market, it’s hard to try them all, so for the most part I end up staying with the ones I know when making recommendations to clients.

As a busy professional, I don’t often have the time to look into all of the different products that I probably should. Strangely, however, the Innova ITX9700 was suggested to me by someone who had endured chronic back pain for years, and found her life totally turned around by the ITX9700. So, with my interest piqued, I got in touch with Innova looking for an opportunity to investigate and test the item.

When it was first delivered, I was at first worried that setting it up may be troublesome, as there were a lot of loose parts and the instructions appeared to be pretty complicated, but despite not being much of a handyman myself, I found that assembly was quick and easy. You truly don’t need to be an expert to get it into working shape. Innova has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into making the set-up as painless as possible.

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table with Lumbar Pad for Hot and Cold Compress
  • Large Memory Foam Backrest and Padded Removable Head Pillow for comfortable inverting
  • Universal Lumbar Pad for Hot/Cold Compress (Hot/Cold Compress NOT included)
  • Five (5) position Adjustable pin system with added Patent Pending Protective Cover for easy positioning and safer inverting over strap systems

Innova Fitness ITX9700 Review & Experience

Compared to other inversion tables, where the set-up process seems to be designed to be as complex and difficult as possible, this one was a breeze, and by and large, it truly demonstrates that Innova has more thought for their customers than many of the other competing brands. When you get on the Innova ITX9700 inversion table, you start to see exactly how solid and tough it feels, and because of that, you get a genuine feeling of security and safety as you use it.

A closer look uncovers that the build quality is incredibly good. I also found the memory foam cushioning for the back and the padding for the legs to be amazingly comfortable, and even though it is not essential to use the inversion table for drawn out lengths of time, you could easily use this table for long periods without any discomfort or awkwardness.

It was important for me to move it out of the family room at one point and then later set it up again, and definitely worth mentioning that the process was very easy, as the table is very easy to move and store. It is a lightweight, easily movable table that you can take out when it is convenient and stash away when it’s not needed. Keep in mind that I do suggest day by day use of the table (customers who have used it for quite some time agree that a couple of minutes each morning tends to have the best results). This is a very attractive inversion table that doesn’t present an eyesore and doesn’t take up too much space in a room.

Since trying this table out, I have recommended it to my clients, seeing as it is very affordable compared to other inversion tables of a similar quality; and several of them have come to me singing its praises and thanking me for the recommendation.

Innova Fitness ITX9700 Best Features

As a qualified physio, I often ask my clients to record their experiences on a weekly basis. Since I hadn’t used the Innova Fitness ITX9700 before, I decided to lend my table out to a client for free, in exchange for a weekly report. The below case study represents the true experience of my client and the results she had with the IT8070.

  • Above all else, This product is incredibly comfortable. The main surface is well-cushioned and comfortable, and the leg holds are snug. Even the support grips on this thing are well positioned and comfortable to use.
  • From the design of the table and reports from my clients, the Innova ITX9700 is very good at getting rid of chronic and serious pain. You only need to spend two or three minutes a day in it to see the benefits. As hard as it is to lose a client, I am happy to say that the ITX9700 has reduced their pain so remarkably that they haven’t had to see me for a considerable length of time.
  • Considering the feel of the build, and the comfort level of this table, it is an incredibly low priced item. Since buying the table, I have met people in support groups who have spent a lot more on competing brands who have not seen the same level of results that my clients have found with the ITX9700, which truly shows you that there is a lot more to picking a great inversion table than price alone.
  • The customer service offered by Innova is an extremely high quality. Soon after getting the table, I lost my copy of the user manual and needed to reach out to them for a replacement. Customer service was very helpful and they were able to quickly and easily provide me with a new copy.

Innova Fitness ITX9700 Conclusion

In my field, I have come to see how crippling and debilitating chronic back pain can be. Clients always come to me with stories about their diminished ability to work, sleep and just generally live a satisfying life. I have a huge amount of sympathy for those individuals who do suffer from chronic pain, and I feel compelled to wholeheartedly recommend anything that could offer assistance. To anyone who has to live with chronic back pain, I would gladly suggest the Innova ITX9700, as the results that I’ve seen have been overwhelmingly positive, and it is an incredibly comfortable, affordable and easy-to-use item.

Innova makes a quality, strong, successful inversion table that feels safe and can easily stand toe-to-toe with more expensive products and brands. I hope that more people suffering from back pain can have the same level of improvement and improved quality of life that many of my clients now enjoy. It is easy to assemble and use, and I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic back pain.