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Ironman Gravity 3000 Inversion Table Review

Ironman Gravity 3000

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    Durability - 6/10
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    Build Quality - 7/10
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    Affordability - 9/10
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    Warranty - 8/10
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    Testing - 6/10

Ironman Gravity 3000 Introduction

I often recommend inversion tables to clients for chronic back pain, and so, through my clients’ experiences, I quickly learn which products and brands are the best quality, and which are not.

From my years as a physio I have learned through experience that Ironman is a brand that consistently rolls out high quality and reliable products, and I have found that they tend to be the first brand that I think of when making a recommendation to a client.

The Ironman Gravity 3000 is one of the more affordable options in the Ironman product line, but it is also a very high quality product. During my career, I have had clients that purchased this table tell me that they have had wonderful experiences with it.

As one might think, having the opportunity to review the 3000 model has been great for me, especially since I also had pleasure of reviewing the Ironman Gravity 4000. If you are thinking about getting the 3000 model, be sure to read this review first, as I’ve done my best to lay out all of the advantages and disadvantages that I could find with the model – and provide my overall rating for the inversion table.

IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table, 350 lbs
  • Inversion table may help optimize lumbar traction and relax body
  • Durable tubular steel frame with scratch-resistant powder-coat finish
  • Memory foam backrest for comfort; ergonomically molded ankle holders

Ironman Gravity 3000 Review & Experience

To use just one client as an example, she was suffering from a herniated disc which was causing some painful pressure on her spinal nerves. She was exhibiting all of the common symptoms, ranging from “electric shock” pain to numbness and tingling, as well as weakness of her muscles and ongoing problems with bladder control. As usual during our appointment, I recommended the Ironman inversion tables, and based on my suggestion she ordered an Ironman Gravity 3000 on Amazon.

I already mentioned that Ironman is known for their exceptional quality, and this was incredibly apparent in the changes that my client began to see in her life. The Ironman Gravity 3000 is made to relieve pressure on the vertebrae discs & ligaments, so when she told me how seriously her back pain had been reduced I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

She was so excited to tell me about how much her quality of life had increased since she began using the table. She took my advice to just get on the table a few minutes per day, and after just a few short weeks of consistent use, she saw the drastic results that I have learned to expect from these tables. Like me, she seemed particularly impressed by the build quality and how easy it was to use. Her story is just one of many that show that chronic back problems do not need to be hard to fix.

I had the opportunity to use one of these tables myself, as chiropractors are encouraged to try out different products, and I can say that this is a solidly built table that will be easy for anyone to assemble, use and install. All in all it took me less than a half hour to get up and going, a timeframe that’s not too bad considering the years of use you’re going to get out of this thing. I also noticed that when everything was assembled, you can easily fold it up and store it.

There are a lot of different ways for you to decompress your spine, but there is nothing simpler to use than this. The table can invert at up to 180 degrees using a very straightforward and intuitive action to cause a gradual inversion. It’s also very easy to get out of. When it comes to inversion therapy, the Ironman Gravity 3000 is such an easy to use, safe, effective and comfortable table that I find it impossible not to recommend.

Ironman Gravity 3000 Best Features

As a qualified physio, I often ask my clients to record their experiences on a weekly basis. Since I hadn’t used the Ironman Gravity 3000 before, I decided to lend my table out to a client for free, in exchange for a weekly report. The below case study represents the true experience of my client and the results she had with the IT8070.

  • The Ironman Gravity 3000’s power as a pure spinal decompression tool really shouldn’t be understated. This product is made in such a way that it does not put any undue stress on the body. The Ironman Gravity 3000 is very effective at targeting disc & ligament pressure without any unnecessary strains anywhere else. Aside from the above example, clients have been coming to me to me with positive reviews of the Ironman Gravity 3000 and other Ironman products for years, which, for someone looking for pain relief on a budget, makes this, in my opinion, a no-brainer.
  • The table is sturdy and reliable, and it is lightweight enough to easily move and pack up or set up as needed. This table is very comfortable compared to many of the other options on the market, and you will feel very safe while you use it. Anyone worried about potential discomfort should not worry with the Ironman Gravity 3000.
  • It is a very intuitive table, with its easy reaching action the invert, and simple installation. Those who are not usually handymen shouldn’t worry about needing to call the next door neighbor over to screw in the bolts and figure out what’s supposed to go where, as I have (unfortunately) done in the past – assembling this is something that anyone should be able to do.
  • If price is a concern, the Ironman Gravity 3000 is a great choice, as it is very cost-effective for a product that is so effective and well-made (don’t forget, even the more expensive models are more than worth their price in the long run). So long as you use this consistently, I can practically guarantee you will see an improvement.

Ironman Gravity 3000 Conclusion

My opinion should be obvious at this point. The Ironman Gravity 3000 is a safe, effective, sturdy and affordable table that is very effective at treating chronic back pain. This table was easy to install and even easier to use, with a complete 180 degree range can be controlled quite simply. As I so often tell my clients, there is really no reason for anyone with chronic back pain to not try such an easy and affordable treatment, and if you want to go with any product, given its outstanding features, I would definitely recommend the Ironman Gravity 3000.