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Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table Review

Ironman iControl 500

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Ironman iControl 500 Introduction

The Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest is the ideal tool to decompress your spine at home, with the iControl 500 you won’t need a chiropractor or physio to experience relief from lower back pain – all you need is the manual.

The Ironman iControl 500 is incredibly sturdy. The body is made with heavy duty 1″x2″ steel bars, and the “Air Tech” foam backrest makes this table both stable and comfortable.

The unique design lets you freely move while inverted, making this a great table to use if you plan to do any crunches or sit ups while inverted. All the while you will feel safe with your ankles secured firmly to the inversion table by its two sturdy ankle braces. And, if you want to optimize your workout routine and stretch your back muscles, the Ironman iControl 500 comes with a stretching bar created for exactly that purpose.

The Ironman iControl 500 was created to support users that are between 4’10” and 6’6″ and it can support a maximum load of up to 285lbs.

The lock system and pivot point allows you to invert to any desired angle without needing to adjust a tether strap beforehand, helping you to achieve your desired results quickly and effectively. In addition to the pivot point and lock feature, the extended handles enable you to easily push and pull to your chosen inversion angle and easily bring yourself back upright when you are finished.

IRONMAN iControl 500 Disk Brake System Inversion Table Air Tech Backrest
  • Frame Construction is heavy duty 1"x 2" oval steel frame construction to prevent any instability when inverting
  • The "Air Tech" backrest is 2.75" thick ribbed soft foam for superior comfort when inverting
  • "Open Space" design eliminates interference from the usual front support bar found on other inversion tables when getting on and off the table

Ironman iControl 500 Review & Experience

Having owned my Ironman iControl 500 inversion table for some time now, I have grown to really appreciative its simple yet advanced design. And comparing mine to other tables my friends have only makes me even more grateful for this table, needing to jump off of the table to change the angle of inversion with a tether strap is both frustrating and harmful to your back (from an extended spine to hunched without a break) and trying to guess amount of strap that corresponds to the angle of inversion is really hit or miss.

The second my collapsible Ironman iControl 500 arrived at my door I was eagerly putting together all the bolts, screws and nuts – I didn’t care that it took a bit of time to assemble, the safer it is, the better be honest, and after two hours I was hopping on it for the first time.

I had been on the internet and made sure that I already knew the right way to use the table, and what issues to look avoid, so I was able to get on pretty much immediately. So, I put my cellphone in the holder (very convenient), tweaked the inversion table to my height (I would suggest measuring yourself beforehand), used long handles, locked myself securely to the table, and I was inverting with hardly any effort whatsoever.

The Ironman iControl 500 definitely feels like a well balanced machine. So, tentatively, I tried to do a sit-up, I was able to manage maybe five before I needed to stop for a rest and get off the table (because of its circulatory effects, it’s very important to only use it as long as it feels comfortable). The experience didn’t put any added strain on my neck or back, and overall I was very satisfied with the table.

Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table Best Features

  • “Air Tech” backrest. The backrest is very comfortable for inversion therapy, but it is also breathable enough to allow you to do exercises on the table without it getting too sweaty.
  • Lock/Unlock. The locking feature allows you to have complete control over how much you invert. It allows me to invert to whatever angle I like and feel secure once I’m locked into position.
  • “Open Space” design and lack of a tether strap. I love the fact that I don’t need to get off of my table to adjust a tether, and I also really like not needing to rely on a weak scrap of fabric to keep me at my chosen angle.
  • It rings in at under $250. For a very well made table built of heavy duty steel, a supportive and comfortable “Air Tech” backrest, a stretching bar, and the lock/unlock system this is an incredible price point. The Ironman iControl 500 is a real bargain.

Ironman iControl 500 Conclusion

The Ironman iControl 500 helped me eliminate my neck and back pain after sitting at my laptop for hours a day, whether working or surfing the web. Now that I use the Ironman iControl 500, I don’t have to wince or groan when I turn my head. In fact, I think I’m going to go get on my table right now. This ones a winner for sure.