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Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Review

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

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    Construction - 8.3/10
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    Durability - 7.7/10
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    Price - 9/10

The Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST is one of my go to faucets when renovating any kitchen. But, the key to any kitchen renovation is to make sure your remodel works the absolute best for you and those living with you. The 9178-AR-DST is not always the ideal faucet, especially if you have any fixtures or cabinets directly above your sink. When I remodel, however, I try to make sure to leave some space above the kitchen sink open for many reasons. The obvious, and main, reason being that you are not limited in your choice of kitchen sinks.

The Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST is a pull down sink, which tends to be my preferred type of sink for certain renovation jobs (my opinion does change from time to time though, depending on my personal experience with said faucet type as well as the specific faucet model in question).

Most people do not know the differences between a pull down and a pull out sink, so let me tell you a little about the pros and cons of each. A pull out faucet will have a handle that secures by sliding into the faucet base attached to the sink. A pull down faucet will, like the Delta 9178-AR-DST have magnetic docking mechanisms in place – this just means that only the bell curve head detaches from the faucet.

Many pull out models do not have a grip anywhere other than the button where the thumb goes. This makes using the pull out feature a bit of a hassle at times, especially if water splashes back onto the chrome handle. This causes a loss of traction and could potentially result in you dropping the head of the faucet into a sink filled with dish water. With a pull down sink, like the Delta unit of this review, the buttons that change the stream speed act as a grip on the head of the faucet. The pull down faucet also tends to be more ergonomic, requiring only one downward motion for use. The pull out models also aren’t always the best for filling up pitchers or other tall items like vases.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Specifications

The sink’s actual size measurements are slightly larger than your regular sink, due to the high arch. It is 9.2 x 12 x 9.2 inches. It is of the utmost importance that your future faucet is properly measured to fit in the installation area. Nothing is more aggravating than figuring out that your sink will not fit because you forgot to measure everything properly. As for construction and style, the Delta 9178-AR-DST is made of brass and is about seven pounds, with a flow rate of 1.8 GPM.

Delta Leland Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ShieldSpray Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 9178-AR-DST
  • MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful integrated magnet to snap your faucet spray wand precisely into place and hold it there so it stays docked when not in use and doesn't droop over time
  • Soft, rubber Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology is less hassle to install and helps your faucet perform like new for life, reducing leak points and lasting twice as long as the industry standard

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Features

To begin, the 9178-AR-DST offers a very interesting and beneficial feature for faucet upkeep and maintenance. This feature is the one touch clean spray holes. This can greatly assist you in removing mineral build up on and around your faucet. This feature keeps water pressure great and keeps water from backing up in the pipes leading up to your faucet. I have had to fix a few homes where this was the reason for the remodel and I can assure you that this is not a problem you want to have.

Moving on, if you’re anything like me, then you prefer the spray feature over the generic stream mode anytime. One of the cool features with this Delta unit is that once you use the toggle buttons on the head of the faucet, your selected water stream stays on that mode. Unlike many of the usual faucets that revert back to stream mode the Delta faucet does not. It stays on the selected mode of your choice until you change it again.

The 9178-AR-DST also has an extremely low back splash. The spray is not a fine spray and, unlike most faucets where the spray feature comes out in an upside down cone shape, the 9178-AR-DST’s spray comes out in a straight stream. The stream is about 1 ¼” in diameter, so the back splash is already nearly nonexistent. If you are still concerned that there may be a large backsplash, there is another nifty little feature of this Delta faucet – the non-retractable spray head. This feature allows you to detach the faucet head and move it closer to the sink to avoid potential back splash.

If you are anything like my wife, Kathy, then you might be a bit of a “clean freak.” She cannot stand to have a mess anywhere in the house, much more so in the kitchen than in any other room. I asked Kathy what her favorite feature of the 9178-AR-DST faucet was, since there are so many cool and useful features, but her answer honestly surprised me. She told me that her absolute favorite part of the sink was that it did not show fingerprints. I had never thought about this being something that was beneficial, or even mattered truly, but I can definitely see why the fingerprint-resistant nature of the faucet would be appealing to a lot of people out there.

The Delta 9178-AR-DST faucet also offers a 360 degree swivel feature. When some customers see this they get a little worried because most people do not need a sink to turn 360 degrees and because with some faucet models this feature causes the sink to freely spin when placed at a certain angle due to improper weight distribution. I can tell you from experience that nothing is more aggravating than having the sink start to move from one side to the other side and causing water to go everywhere. Luckily, I’ve found that Delta has made this faucet to be very well balanced. The 360 degree feature hasn’t kicked in except when I specifically wanted it to – good news for anyone worried about accidentally spraying water all over their kitchen.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Extras

If you are interested in doing your part to save the planet, or even doing your part to save some money on the water bill, then you are really going to love the 9178-AR-DST. Most faucets have anywhere from a four to seven gallon per minute flow rate. This means just what it says, that every minute you use anywhere from four to seven gallons of water. If you were to choose the 9178-AR-DST as your new faucet. then that flow rate would be significantly lower with its 1.8 gallon/minute flow rate.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Warranty

You will not get this with every single sink, so this is a Delta Faucet exclusive of sorts. All of these models come with a lifetime limited warranty. If there was to be a buildup of calcium in your pipes and it happened to contaminate your sink, you would not be out of a sink for long.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Conclusion

All in all, the Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST is one of my top recommendations for any renovation that I complete. Any and every time a customer inevitably asks me what I would recommend for their sink, I always suggest the Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST (as long as it’s a good fit for them, of course). It is my favorite Delta Faucet style wise, and functionality wise. With its amazingly low flow rate, one touch cleaning, and its magnetic docking feature this faucet is a win all the way around.