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Kraus KPF-1640SS Review

Kraus KPF-1640SS

  • 8.2/10
    Construction - 8.2/10
  • 8/10
    Style - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Durability - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10

Two weeks ago I was visiting my mother-in-law (I call her mom!). While I was there, she said that she needed to find a new kitchen faucet at some point – her faucet was leaking and that it was time for a change anyway. At that point, I began looking online for a new kitchen faucet for her.

She said that she wanted something that would “bring her into the this century.” Her kitchen is a bit dated and could use some new features in order to give it a more modern feel. She told me that she was interested in finding one of those new faucets with a spray head that pulled down. Because she lives alone, she never seems to have enough dishes to fill the dishwasher. She said that a pull-down spray head would help her to keep up with the few dishes she dirtied each day.

Since mom is getting along in years, I looked for something that would be easy for her to operate and keep clean. I found the perfect faucet when I came across the Kraus KPF-1640SS Commercial Faucet in a stainless steel finish.

Kraus KPF-1640SS Specifications

The Kraus KPF-1640SS weighs only 9.4 pounds and measures 8.8 x 2 x 19.6 inches. This faucet was very easy for me to install when it arrived, and I had also ordered a soap dispenser to go with the faucet (it has a 2 or 3 hole installation). As soon as I got the faucet hooked up, mom was ready to test it out. The spout has a reach of 8 27/32 inches. This seems to be the perfect length – she had no trouble keeping the water in the sink.

The high performance/low flow spray head/spout is just perfect as well – this Neoperl aerator is what gives this faucet its efficiency. This features means that there will be almost no water waste when using this product. While I purchased the stainless steel finish for mom, this faucet is also available in a chrome finish. With either finish, this faucet is resistant to both rust and corrosion.

Kraus KPF-1640SS Modern Nola Single Lever Flex Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel
  • Lead-Free All-Metal Construction. Spout height is 6.38 inches and faucet height is 19.50 inches
  • Dual Function Pull-Down Spray Head w/ Magnetic Docking
  • Codes/Standards Applicable: cUPC (UPC&CSA), NSF 61, NSF 372, AB1953, EPA, CALGreen, MASS, FTC, DOE, CEC and ADA

Kraus KPF-1640SS Features

The first feature I noticed was the magnetic docking of the spray head. My mother-in-law would be able to pull down the spray head with a minimum amount of effort. Additionally, the magnetic docking mechanism would make it easy for her to put the spray head back into its normal position.

When I was looking at some of the product features, I found that the magnetic docking feature along with the easy-clean rubber nozzles would help to prevent the buildup of both hard water deposits and bacteria. This would help my mother in the long run because of the ease of cleaning and the fact that the magnetic seal rubber nozzles would help prevent bacteria from growing.

It was no surprise to me that this product was listed and certified with cUPC (UPC&CSA), NSF 61, NSF 372, AB1953, EPA, CALGreen, MASS, FTC, DOE, CEC and ADA. These listings told me that my mother-in-law would be getting a faucet that would help her conserve water. Since mom is on a fixed income these days, keeping the water bill down is a big help. Further, these listings also told me that this product is approved for individuals with disabilities. It’s always nice to have a faucet that is easy to operate with only a small amount of effort required.

The single-lever design makes it easy to control both the water temperature and the water flow with only a light touch of the hand. The pull-down spray head makes it easy to fill containers, water house plants, and do anything else that requires a bit of a reach.

The dual-function spray and stream sprayer has a 360 degree swivel so that you can access the entire sink – you’ll be able to clean the sink thoroughly and prevent hard water stains that have to be scrubbed out.

Kraus KPF-1640SS Extras

Before I installed the new Kraus KPF-1640SS faucet, I decided to do a little bit of Internet research on the product. I found that some people did not like the fact that the water flow was restricted to the point it was by the aerators.

These individuals also said that there was an easy fix for people who wanted a great deal more pressure. If you remove two little aerators or restrictors, one from each end of the hose, the pressure increases significantly. While this is a great alternative for some people, you can also opt to leave them in place in order to save on your water bill.

I really liked the look of this faucet with its heavy-duty, double-spring design. The faucet as a whole really makes life easier in the kitchen. You’ll have no trouble moving the lever with the lightest of touches. The magnet docking mechanism is an awesome feature too – you just have to guide the spray head back to its normal position and the magnet seems to just pull the head right back into place with almost no effort at all.

Kraus KPF-1650SS Conclusion

We were both very pleased with the quality of this faucet, the durability, and the functionality. Once mom moved the faucet lever back into its off position, there was not so much as one drop of water coming from the faucet (her old faucet would drip occasionally).

We were able to bring mom’s kitchen into the 21st century with the simple replacement of the faucet. This Kraus unit is a surefire way to add some awesome functionality (and style) to just about any kitchen out there. If you’re looking for quality, durability, and longevity, the KPF-1640SS is definitely for you.

There aren’t too many commercial faucets out there that do exactly what this Kraus unit seems to do with ease – tie functionality to bold fashion in order to be one of the best kitchen faucet options out there.