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Ufaucet Commercial Faucet Review

Ufaucet Commercial Faucet

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    Durability - 6/10
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    Price - 9/10

The Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet is definitely the faucet you are looking for. This awesome kitchen faucet has so much to offer – let me tell you about just a few of the wonderful features you’ll get with this Ufaucet unit.

Pull-out vs pull-down faucet types

The Ufaucet Commercial Faucet is a pull out faucet, and I currently prefer these types of faucets (I will say my opinion changes from time to time, depending on the faucet in question). Now, not many people, other than renovators like me, know exactly what makes a pull out faucet different from a pull down faucet, so let me tell you a little about it. A pull out faucet detaches from the base of the sink and has a handle after the head of the faucet. A pull down faucet will, however, only have the head detach from the faucet. The pull out faucets also secure back into place by sliding down inside of the faucet, while the pull down faucets typically have a magnetic lock, or a clip inside of the faucet. Which one is better? The short answer is the pull out faucet, and here is why.

The spout size on a pull out faucet is substantially smaller than that of a pull out faucet. This is great for those of us that like to have a shelf to store our dish detergent and rings and such while washing dishes. The pull out faucets, like the Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet, also works great if you have pots and things to fill up outside of the sink. You also will not have to worry about losing any water pressure with a pull out faucet. Pull down faucets often have lower than average water pressure because of the height of the spout.

Ufaucet Commercial Faucet Specifications

Now, it is always a good idea to know the physical aspects, such as size, weight, and installation methods of your faucet prior to installation. Being knowledgeable in these aspects can really pay off. After all, no one wants to install the faucet and have it mess up their lovely counter top due to measurement and sizing issues. This Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet is 7.9 inches tall overall, with the spout height, from the counter to the area where it detaches, being 5.5 inches tall. The spout’s reach is 7.1 inches. The Ufaucet also has a very low flow rate of 1.6 gallons per minute.

Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Prep Kitchen Sink Faucets, Brushed Nickel Finished
  • Lead-Free Waterway,Solid Brass Boday,Drip-Free Ceramic Cartridge
  • Ceramic Cartridge Exceed industry Longevity Standards, Ensuring Reliable Drip-Free Use and Durable Performance for Life
  • Dual Function Pull-Out Sprayer: aerated stream & powerful cleaning rinse.

Ufaucet Commercial Faucet Features

About two months ago I did a free kitchen renovation for my mother as a delayed mother’s day gift. I went with the Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet because I just love this faucet and knew she would too. I asked my mother what her favorite part of the faucet was and she told me that she really enjoyed the single handle instead of the two handle approach that most kitchen faucets take. Her reasoning behind this was that she used to hate having to take the time to turn both knobs to get her water the right temperature. She often multitasks, so it is not surprising if she has a phone in her hand while trying to use the sink for one thing or other. Only having to use one hand to get the water the temperature she needs makes her life much easier.

The Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet also comes with two different water sprayer settings. The first setting is your generic water stream setting, and the second setting is your multi stream setting. Something neat about the Ufaucet is that the multi stream feature is a different shape than usual. Most faucets with the multi stream setting have the water coming out in a sort of upside-down conical shape, but with the Ufaucet unit the water stream comes out straight down instead. This can be extremely useful – with many other faucets, it seemed that any time I would wash dishes I would walk away from the sink looking like I just went playing in the rain. With the multi stream setting coming straight down instead of being conical, this greatly reduces the amount of back splash, thus lowering the amount of water you end up wearing.

The Ufaucet Commercial Faucet also has what is called a three hundred and sixty degree spout swivel. After disclosing this information with various customers, I noticed a pattern. The customers, primarily those who have children, were quite wary about the fact that the Ufaucet could turn completely around. After all, who really needs a faucet to rotate an entire three hundred and sixty degree circle? (The answer to this is actually most food prep places as they have two sinks for prep and two sinks for washing.)

But fear not if you’re concerned about the 360 degree range of motion – the Ufaucet requires a constant force to move the spout the full three hundred and sixty degrees. This just means that you, and your children if you have any, will not accidentally brush up against the faucet and have a stream of water soaking your counter and kitchen appliances. Also, it is important to note that most kitchen faucets have a wall behind them, unless your faucet is on an island, which prevents them from rotating the full three hundred and sixty degrees in the first place.

Ufaucet Commercial Faucet Extras

If you are someone who needs a new kitchen faucet on a strict budget, then the Ufaucet is perfect for you. Firstly, the Ufaucet unit is immensely cheaper than most faucets with these features and functionality. Secondly, the Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet has a nice brushed nickel finish which allows it to look surprisingly elegant – just like plenty of two hundred dollar faucets I’ve seen.

Another great aspect of the Ufaucet Commercial Faucet that allows you to save money is its incredibly low flow rate. Most faucets have a flow rate from four to seven gallons of water per minute. Recently, faucet manufacturers have begun to reduce these flow rates all the way down to 1.8 gallons of water per minute. The Ufaucet, however, has an even lower flow rate of 1.6 gallons of water per minute. Now, I know that this does not sound like a significant difference, but for every five minutes that your faucet is running, that is a whole gallon less of water!

Ufaucet Commercial Faucet Conclusion

If you are still not convinced that the Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel faucet is the faucet for you, or if you’re having a hard time deciding between a few different faucets, then let me sum it up for you. The Ufaucet is one of the absolute best faucets for its price. It comes with all the new features and functions that most of the higher end faucets have, and again it is only a fraction of the cost! If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and stylish option for your new kitchen faucet, you won’t be disappointed by this awesome Ufaucet Commercial unit