Scuf Prestige Gaming Controller Review – DO NOT BUY

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Scuf Prestige Gaming Controller Review – DO NOT BUY

Quick Summary

Don't Buy It.  I hate to say it because I've recommended it to some friends but after a few months of use it is plainly apparent that the value is not there.  For a ~$200+ dollar controller, there are just too many issues to justify the cost while having a plethora of build quality issues.  Pre-order the Elite 2 from Microsoft

Thumbsticks get stuck

The Xbox audio adapter doesn't fit properly. 

Thumbsticks just don't hold up.

The Issues.  So Many Issues.

There really isn't anywhere else to start but the issues with this controller and for a ~$200 controller there are far too many issues. 
When research controllers it essentially came down to this or the Microsoft Elite controller and seeing as the first version of the Elite had it's own issues combined with the strong reviews of other Scuf controllers, it did not take long to land on this one. 

Boy did I make a bad choice. 

Problem #1 - Thumbsticks get stuck

The biggest issue with the Scuf Prestige, and I have the Xbox version is the thumbsticks get stuck in a downward position. At first, my buddy had this issue and he would in an Apex Legends gun fight and randomly start spinning around out of control. While hilarious at first we thought that it might just be an issue with his controller but a quick internet search reveals thread, after thread,  after thread, after thread of people having all kinds of issues with Scuf products.  

This isn't just an isolated case with the Prestige model.  This carries over to other models on other platforms and that's an issue.  I didn't bother sending mine in for this issue because I didn't want to be without a controller for the start of Apex Legends Season 2. Instead I used this fix from reddit:

The Fix for Stuck SCUF Thumbsticks

Take the faceplate off, and you'll see a little spacer pad next to the ring. If your right stick is getting stuck, it's most likely because this spacer has moved slightly.

The fix is to just "extend" this spacer a bit. I did it by adding small pieces of these little sticky notes I have. Anything that's not too thick (but not too thin) that'll stick to the spacer should do the trick. See the picture below.

Apply some material to increase the padding. Via Reddit

Full thread here.

Alternative Fix: Use the Longer Sticks

Before my friends and I found that fix above, I was testing all sorts of things to try and find a fix and I thought I did. I switched both of my sticks to the longer thumbsticks included with the controller and the problem seemed to go away. I wrongly concluded that the weight of the longer sticks helped snap the stick back in place. I cancelled my RMA with SCUF and asked them to just send me another pair of longer thumbsticks and they agreed. 

The problem is, they never sent them. 

As you can see, it has been 2 months and I've not heard a peep from SCUF.  I'll get to their poor service in a minute.

Problem #2 - Thumbsticks Do Not Hold Up. 

The pictures speak for themselves. I've had this controller for a few months and only play an hour or 2 every few days and I'm shredding these sticks. 

Moderate use, the sticks don't hold up.

Scuf thumbstick side view

Problem #3 - Scuf Prestige Will Not Stay Connected to the Xbox

Despite all of the other issues, this one is the most frustrating. The controller will not stay connected to the Xbox for more than a few minutes at a time. It has gotten to the point where some days it will not even connect at all. I've had to connect it with the included cable and move my chair directly in front of the TV. Really defeating the purpose of getting a $200 controller with extra long battery life. 

I've read that wifi routers could be interfering with signals so I removed the router from this side of my house and hardwired the Xbox with a 50-foot long Cat5e cable and it still disconnects. 

Problem #4 - Xbox Mic Adapter Does not Fit Properly

This one I had not expected and while there are plenty of people with other audio issues, I've yet to see other people with the exact issue. While playing games occasionally the audio would cut out and I'd get an ear-piercing loud static noise coming through my headset. It was awful. I'd rip off my headset in pain. 

I eventually figured out that it was the connection between the Xbox mic adapter and controller. I can't get a picture of the problem but it barely fits properly so any movement knocks it loose and causes this skull-piercing noise.  I've been able to play without it by connecting directly to the headphone jack on the controller but now lose the ability to control the volume properly. 

Connection not secure enough.

Problem #5 - Customer Service 

I've already highlighted that SCUF customer service failed to deliver on the promised thumbsticks.  That and the fact that these controllers take nearly 50 days to ship is just a poor experience for me.  But I'm not alone.  My friend who bought the same controller had to RMA his with ridiculous wait times to get it back, Redditors being over-billed for repairs, and just slow response times to my other non-related inquiries. 

If you sell a premium product, you need to have premium support or you degrade all brand-equity you've built up. 


I'll repeat my earlier sentiment, do not buy this controller. While it feels nice in the hand and the customization options are fun it does not deliver the value you'd want from a $200 + controller. I'd recommend waiting until the Elite 2 comes out in November