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Ergotron WorkFit-T Review

Ergotron WorkFit-T

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    Build - 9.5/10
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    Aesthetics - 8/10
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    Ease Of Use - 8/10
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    Comfort - 8/10
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    Maintenance - 9/10

Ergotron WorkFit-T Introduction

As a pocket-friendly sit-stand workstation, the Ergotron WorkFit is a convenient solution brought forth to you by US-based Tech-Furniture Manufacturer Ergotron. Replacing the requirement for purchasing a costly, full-fledged standing desk with a ready-to-use desktop add-on, the fully-assembled Ergotron Standing Desk saves you lots of time and money. The desktop workstation, weighing less than 60 pounds, is robust enough to hold up to 35 pounds of computer components, accessories, stationery and so on.

The workplace health hazard of inactivity has been revealed as the top reason for a staggering number of chronic disorders, right from obesity and chronic hypertension, to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Therefore, a work arrangement that alternates between standing, correct sitting and frequent movement, needs to be facilitated.

Apart from aptly catering to these requirements, the Ergotron WorkFit is a reliable product accompanied by a substantial 5-years manufacturer’s warranty. Despite offering a two-tier surface separately for the monitor and keyboard units, the structure is still an outright space saver owing to its linear vertical adjustment. You can easily place this on a confined corner desk (as less as 18”) and still find a highly ergonomic platform to work on. The hand brake levers are easy to operate, and enable height adjustment to a tune of 15” above the surface where the Ergotron WorkFit has been placed, making it work alike for users of all heights and stature!

Ergotron WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desk Converter | Black, 35" wide | For Tabletops
  • CONVERT YOUR EXISTING DESK TO SIT-STAND: No assembly required - slide it out of the box onto a tabletop, and you're ready to work!
  • YOUR COMFORT IS KEY: 20 height settings along a 15" (38 cm) range help pinpoint your perfect sitting and standing heights, so your monitors and keyboard are in your comfort zone - no matter what size you are. **Be sure to account for the height of your existing desk when assessing WorkFit-T's height range.**
  • BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: Don't be chained to your chair - you can choose to sit, stand, and give your body the movement it craves while you continue working in perfect ergonomic comfort.

Ergotron WorkFit-T Shipment & Assembly

Having already mentioned earlier that the Ergotron WorkFit comes preassembled, there isn’t much I would like to describe here. Believe me, it is as simple as unboxing the workstation and placing it atop any regular table or desk to convert it into a suitable standing desk. The shipment was as well-secured as expected, and so I would rate this product high regarding shipment and assembly.

Another great thing is that Ergotron offers a complete refund (no questions asked) if you wish to return it in original condition. Considering that not many companies put out such an offer, this is great!

Ergotron WorkFit-T Build & Aesthetics

Measured at just 25 x 35 inches, the Ergotron WorkFit sure as hell provides an attractive proposition to office goers (and even freelancers) who cannot afford the luxury of space. Compared to the more ‘branched-out’ design of its competitor, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, this workstation from Ergotron does win out in terms of compactness. But as you start working, you tend to realize that the lower work surface can only fit in one keyboard. There is no space left for a mouse or any other device. Well, then the only option would be to get hold of an arm extension from Ergotron, for which you will find 5 pre-drilled holes at the back of the workstation.

As far as looks are concerned, I think both black and white color options look equally good. The only thing with white, you need to clean the surface religiously every day to avoid soiling, but that takes just two minutes off your daily schedule. Even as far as stability of the entire structure is concerned, I am pretty satisfied. Several times during the trial, I have leant in on the Ergotron Standing Desk and even typed hard, but there was no wobbling of any sort that I noticed.

Ergotron WorkFit-T Comfort & Ease of Use

While most desktop extensions in the market can only manage to be adjusted to a certain height, the Ergotron Standing Desk has been ideally designed to fit the ergonomic needs of a tall person. The 15 inches height extension is a feature that strikes your attention on your very first trial.

The fact that the ‘T-Stand ’ always stays confined to the footprint of your desktop is a high five on comfort levels especially when space is insufficient. Also, the 4.5” gap between the keyboard level and display level ensures that your body maintains the right posture (elbows, wrist, palm, back, neck, shoulders- all work in tandem), irrespective of whether you are seated or standing.

Given how easy it is so far, I would have preferred a one-touch, pre-set height adjustment mechanism like that of the best-selling Jarvis Standing Desk. But there is a slight disappointment in this area because there are two levers on either side of the workstation that need to be tightened after every height adjustment. The downside is that it deviates your attention off work for a couple of seconds, but the upside is that you get a standing desk which is incredibly stable and stiff as required.

Ergotron WorkFit-T Safety & Maintenance

So far, I’m glad to tell you that there are no qualms about safety features of the Ergotron WorkFit. As long as you stick to the 35 pounds maximum weight capacity (which is quite a lot, believe me!), I can assure you that the structure is pretty durable and built of superior fiber and metal. A colleague of mine tried overloading the keyboard tray, and it sort of gave way to the pressure.

Thankfully the product was under warranty, and the Ergotron customer care team came to the rescue. All said and done, please do not overload the workstation. If you have too much stuff, you have a choice- either de-clutter or invest in an extension arm from the same company, costing about a hundred bucks more!

Ergotron WorkFit-T Pros

  • 100% Pre-Assembled Workstation is a sure-shot time and energy saver
  • Vertical two-tier design for compactness and ability to transform a corner table into an ergonomic standing desk
  • Priced reasonably to suit restricted budgets
  • Warranty period of 5 years provided by Ergotron, including full refund clause within 30 days of purchase
  • Equally suited for users who are very tall, of medium height or short, owing to the 15 inches vertical extension margin

Ergotron WorkFit-T Cons

  • Second-tier keyboard surface is too restricted; can barely accommodate the keyboard with outer edge touching the corner keys and virtually no space for mouse
  • If you have multiple display units, input devices or accessories, one or more monitor arms need to be purchased separately from Ergotron

Ergotron WorkFit-T Conclusion

The fact that the Ergotron WorkFit is a compact, stable and competitively-priced workstation from a technologically advanced brand, is reason enough to feature it, on the list of “Top 5 Standing Desks”. Amongst the bestsellers that rule the roost of standing desks in the online marketplace, this one seems to clinch a fair deal.

Of course, there are some design hindrances, but the advantages such as ease of use, pre-assembled shipment, versatility and long-standing warranty, do make up for the minor construction flaws. As an informed consumer now, I’m pretty sure you can decide the best for yourself!