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Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Review

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk

  • 7/10
    Build - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Aesthetics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Ease Of Use - 7/10
  • 7.5/10
    Comfort - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Maintenance - 8/10

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Introduction

Specially designed to address your spine, neck, posture and mobility issues at the workplace, the Halter ED-600 boasts of an exemplary layout and befitting ergonomics for new-age professionals. While there are many similar pre-assembled, standing workstations in the market, the USP of this sit/stand elevating desktop from Halter is its unique gas-spring technology, and super-convenient squeeze handles for fast and smooth height adjustment.

Once you reach the desired height, all you need to do is to let go of the handles on either side and the work surface auto-locks in an instant, so that you can concentrate on work. In addition to enabling you to stand or sit as per your convenience, this add-on workstation also boasts of the necessary dimensions to reduce strain on your eyes. All in all, a bargain in terms of price, value, comfort and health!

Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit to Stand Elevating Desktop - Gas Spring Riser Workstation - Black
  • ⭐ HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Make Working Comfortable Without Height Adjustable ED-600, Gently Squeeze The Handles For Easy Height Adjustment From Sit ⬇ To Stand ⬆ Position.
  • ⭐ FULLY ASSEMBLED: Seamlessly Setup Your Fully Assembled ED-600 By Placing It On Your Table, Desk Etc. And You're All Set.
  • ⭐ FREE UP SPACE: Our ED-600 Tabletop Comes With A Large, Sturdy Platform With More Than Enough Room For Your Office Essentials Such As A Laptop 💻, Full Size Keyboard ⌨, Mouse, Accessories & Much More.

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Shipment & Assembly

Yet again, the Halter ED-600 can be featured in the list of pre-assembled standing desk workstations which are instantly ready to use, out of the box. This is precisely why this model from Halter, as well as many of its competitors like the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 and the Ergotron WorkFit, sell like hot cakes on Amazon and other e-commerce websites, despite certain shortcomings.

Users would rather not opt for an entire desk when they can get hold of a ready-made workstation which automatically elevates their desk height as required. As always, my shipment and delivery experience with Amazon was great, and the package arrived adequately packed, protected and on time.

My only beef is that the instruction manual was missing. Maybe the folks at Halter forgot to pack it. But since there was no assembly required, it didn’t make much of a difference. And I also found a lot of information and usage guidelines online, which was pretty helpful!

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Build & Aesthetics

In a nutshell, the Halter ED-600 looks like a small folding table mounted atop your desk. I must admit, my brand new standing desk did draw the envy of onlookers at work, for the sole reason that it looked stylish and impressive. So full marks to this beauty for aesthetics!

I wish I could iterate the same about this model regarding the build. But I’m afraid that’s not the case! When you merely look at the strength of the construction, there are not many concerns about this product. It is pretty sturdy, and no part or material looks cheap. However, the ‘squeeze-handles’ mechanism for height changing is somewhat perplexing. Firstly, the workstation in itself is heavy (around 70 pounds), and when you have many things placed on it, it takes quite a lot of heaving and strenuous efforts to raise it up from sitting level to standing level.

What you ultimately end up doing, is off-loading the computer components and then trying to raise it up. As expected, your entire focus is diverted and removing the computer components and accessories is risky in itself. This is kind of frustrating, so I really wish they change the supposed gas-spring technology or at least work on increasing the lifting weight capacity.

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Comfort & Ease of Use

I have already spoken about the comfort value or ergonomics in the ‘build’ section above as it was co-related. But that is only one-half of the picture. There is a lot of convenience in terms of the top-tier space. You can easily fit in 2 to 3 monitors, and even a gaming keyboard atop when the deck is raised. Especially for those who suffer from chronic spinal issues like a slipped disk or spondylosis, this is amongst the most well-suited and in-budget options in the vast maze of standing desks.

When you use a wireless keyboard, you can easily fit in the mouse on the input tray and work comfortably. Whether I choose to sit or stand and work on the Halter ED-600, I have always found my elbows aligned at a right angle as they should be, my spine upright and my palms well supported on the keyboard, without any kind of wobbling or instability. Since this is a little heavier as compared to other two-tier workstations, you should be careful while transferring it from one desk to another, lest it strains your back!

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Safety & Maintenance

In both of these inter-related areas of safety and maintenance, I would gladly rate the Halter ED-600 high. For one thing, there is possibly no other branded standing desk workstation in the market that is priced so low. But on top of that, these chaps deserve all the applause for their 1-year warranty clause.

Maintenance-wise, the only advice I would give you is to not overload your standing desk (40 to 45 pounds at the max), and even that total weight needs to be well distributed. Be careful during height adjustment and do not let any wire comes in the way, or else you will find yourself in a messy situation!

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Pros

  • Ready to use right out of the box, with no assembling fuss whatsoever
  • Smart-looking and ergonomically constructed regarding suitability for all heights
  • Very economically priced and comes with 1-year limited warranty reduce your initial maintenance woes
  • Upper tier has ample space for two to three display units while lower level can easily fit a small/medium keyboard and mouse
  • Reducing or increasing height keeps the vertical alignment and distance from user alike, thereby minimizing the strain on your eyes
  • Can be mounted atop a small workstation and still count as stable

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Cons

  • Hazard of loose wires getting entangled in the handles/legs warrants you to purchase and use a cable-tie separately
  • Despite comfortable squeeze handles, pulling the workstation up to maximum height is a little strenuous especially when load is heavy
  • Lowest level is still too high for a short-height user (less than 5’4”) to sit and work on

Halter ED-600 Standing Desk Conclusion

The Halter ED-600 has been quite successful in capturing a chunk of the rising market demand for standing desks. Though there are a few concerns with regards to discomfort while adjusting height, and the lowest height setting being uncomfortable for short-statured users, this model still continues to be a bestseller, owing to its alluring price point and myriad pros.

Why waste so much of your time and money in purchasing and installing a new standing desk, when you can get a really cheap, ready-to-use workstation? The response to this question is truly insightful, well-illustrated by the sales volumes and popularity of this Halter preassembled elevating desktop as well as its counterparts like the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 and the Ergotron WorkFit, to name a few!