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Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Review

Varidesk Pro Plus 48

  • 10/10
    Build - 10/10
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    Aesthetics - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Ease Of Use - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Maintenance - 10/10

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Introduction

The fully assembled and ready-to-use Varidesk Pro Plus 48, is an adjustable desktop add-on that you can place atop your regular work desk to instantly transform it into a smart standing desk! A specialist in producing office furniture and standing desks, in particular, Texas-based Varidesk has patented a spring-routed lifting technique, which enables a holding capacity of 45 pounds, while altering the height smoothly in just 3 seconds.

Given that being ‘locked’ in a single position all day (be it sitting or standing) could be highly detrimental to your body, the Varidesk Pro enables easy position-changing and movement all through your working hours. Moreover, the dual handle design and spring-loaded boost mechanism allow smooth operation, keeping your focus where it should be – at work!

The ample 48” working area provided has been aptly divided into 2 tiers, the higher one for visual devices like monitors and the lower one for input devices like keyboard and mouse. With a total of 11 various height adjustment choices, enhanced by remarkable stability and high visual appeal, there’s no surprise that the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 has earned rave reviews and galloped its way to being a bestseller!

VARIDESK - Height-Adjustable Standing Desk - Pro Plus 48 - Black
  • VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 standing desk is 48" (121.92 cm) wide, giving you ample space for multi-monitor set-ups or extra space requirements
  • The two-tier design gives you an upper display surface for multiple monitors, and a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck
  • Height-adjustable to 11 different positions for ergonomic comfort. Remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Shipment & Assembly

Even before I set out to review the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, I was quite aware of the fact that this has been a bestseller ever since its launch in 2015. Those who have religiously watched the hilarious ‘Silicon Valley’ comedy series, must have observed the Varidesk Pro’s Counterpart, the Pro Desk 60 workstation being used in a couple of episodes. Now that kind of popularity and mass media viewing is certainly incomparable for many of its competitors!

To be honest, I have come across some complaints about how the shipping charges are unreasonable. So I would suggest that you order the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 on Amazon since it’s priced below 500 bucks while providing free shipping. The package arrived perfectly on time, and it was surprisingly lightweight, no more than 60 to 65 pounds, which is perfect for portability.

You can literally transfer it from your desk to your colleague’s desk for a free trial! But more on that, later. The shipment was kind of secure and guarded with Styrofoam against any form of damage. And the best part is that the Varidesk Pro comes fully assembled- a rare standing workstation that can be instantly unpacked and put to use!

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Build & Aesthetics

There’s no denying the fact that the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is an outright charmer, looks-wise and all! The attractive black workstation is all kinds of suave, and you will feel that it gels well in any form of an office environment or even a home office. The only beef I have with it is the claim that it can house ‘multiple monitors and keyboards’. Well, with the 48” work area, I can assert that you can fit in 2 monitors and keyboards at best, and not more than that! While the spring-based technique makes height adjustment a cakewalk, I would most certainly say that it does end up affecting the stability of the structure to a certain extent.

Upon careful observation, I have observed a slight wobbling when I type hard, despite making sure that the lock-in system is well-fastened after the last height adjustment. Of course, this does not imply that the construction is a washout. No, the Varidesk Pro is pretty sturdy, and I can make out that the fiber used is of supreme quality. Even the external black finish is amazingly smudge-proof as well as spill-proof.

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Comfort & Ease of Use

Since the Varidesk Po Plus 48 is not a standing desk, but an ergonomic workstation that functions as an add-on to convert your regular desk into a standing desk, the comfort levels also somewhat depend on the surface that you are placing it upon. For instance, I happen to be 5 feet and 10 inches tall, and the maximum elevation of 17.5” for the monitor and 14” for the keyboard, is just a little bit higher than the level that I’m comfortable with standing and working.

Mind you, this is the 11th elevation, so there are no issues with users who are short or medium height. I find the 10th level most ergonomic, but I’m quite sure that any user of height above 6’2” would find it difficult to use the Varidesk Pro Work Station unless the desk they place it on, is higher than conventional. Not to ignore the positive aspect, the fact that the surface area of 48 inches has been divided into a 2-level surface separately for the input devices and visual display units, is a significant factor as far as the ergonomics go.

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Safety & Maintenance

With the kind of straightforward and fuss-free design that the Varidesk Pro bears, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that there is hardly any maintenance required, apart from the daily wiping with a soft, dry duster. Even if you accidentally stain or spill on the surface, the black color and glossy finish ensure minimal staining or discoloration. Very few standing desk workstations of this kind costing under $500, offer manufacturer’s warranty. In this regard also, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is a definite winner, with the 1-year coverage that you get!

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Pros

  • Two-tier surface area aided by spring-loaded lift mechanism for ease of operation, allowing you full freedom of movement
  • Zero Assembly required, thereby saving you lots of time, energy and foraging of tools
  • Ample work space area of 48 inches and holding capacity of 45 pounds which allows you to use multiple monitors, input devices, networking devices, file, refreshments and so on
  • Swift and smooth, one-touch height adjustment over 11 varied positions
  • Better posture achieved owing to variable height difference between monitor and keyboard
  • Budget Pricing enhanced by one year manufacturer’s warranty

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Cons

  • Slight bit of wobbling when you type hard
  • Not suitable for overtly tall users (above height 6’2”) unless you place it on a desk that is higher than a conventional low-level desk

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Conclusion

A few negligible hindrances like mild wobbling and height constraints aside, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is a fabulous desktop add-on to transform your daily work desk into a brand new standing desk, in a jiffy! Apart from bestowing you with the freedom to stand, move and sit at will while at work, the fuss-free adjustment and non-existent installation process, make the Varidesk Pro an entirely worthwhile purchase. The smart, modern design and Varidesk brand name, of course, add the cherry on the cake!