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HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Review

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill

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HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Introduction

In the very first instance, the HBS Portable Motorized Treadmill woos you with its jaw-dropping price tag. Amongst the best-selling models featured in the ‘budget treadmills arena’, this lightweight and compact workout machine allows you the luxury of working out at home. And the best part is that its compact, foldable design allows you to easily store it in one corner of the room, without worrying about space constraints!

Not everybody requires a highly sophisticated treadmill with advanced features in order to train for the marathon. Some of us prioritize simplicity, comfort and cost-effectiveness, and this simple motorized treadmill from HBS, encompasses all of that. Its basic yet powerful functionality and durable construction is praise-worthy. So is the safety and ergonomic quotient, with the high-grade deck cushioning to minimize undue strain on your back or joints.

While most budget-treadmills tend to get very noisy during operation, the HBS Portable Motorized Treadmill boasts of a small, efficient and almost noise-free motor to spare you the deafening. The fuss-free speed adjustment control allows automatic variation from 1 kmph to 10 kmph, idea, while the slightly alterable manual incline puts in the element of challenge when you are up for it!

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Review

If your vision of an ideal treadmill is a gleaming, state-of-the-art piece of equipment from a global fitness brand, then you should probably stop reading right here. But there is a huge market segment out there for ‘economy treadmills’ such as the HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill.

After all, for someone who is just aiming for general fitness levels and optimal health, a routine 30-minutes jog or daily walk on this fuss-free treadmill, is more than enough to suit your needs, without pinching your pocket. This treadmill is also a boon for seniors who are looking for a very light, low impact yet assuredly safe workout.

Being a treadmill expert of sorts and having reviewed countless models for this site, it took me just 10 to 12 minutes and a screwdriver to assemble this baby. For first-timers, it might take around 30 minutes, as the design is fairly uncomplicated and easy to understand. The only issue here is that the instruction manual is not as user-friendly as the machine itself, so you might need to check for some online assembling videos if you happen to be a novice.

Getting started with the functionality, I must definitely compliment the smoothness with which the rollers work in sync with the motor. Quite a buttery-smooth experience, and it is really worth buying this piece of fitness equipment for its innate comfort.

Couple of glitches here and there though; some inconsequential such as the absence of a heart rate detector (as you can use a smartphone app for the same purpose), but an important one that you cannot ignore- a mere deck space of 13.5” x 39.75” which makes it virtually impossible for tall and broadly-built users, or even avid runners to be able to use this treadmill.

Also, with the small 60HZ, 500W motor, I wouldn’t suggest putting much pressure on this baby. Although the instructions say you can weigh up to 250 pounds to use this machine, I really wouldn’t suggest this HBS home treadmill for anyone who weighs close to 200 pounds or above. You will simply end up tearing down the motor in its prime, and there’s no warranty to bail you!

No doubt, the folding feature is exactly what a space-conscious home owner needs; once folded, this only occupies a space of 50” x 24” x 19” which makes it pretty easy to tuck away in a corner after use.

A special word of mention for the lucid and well-illuminated console that displays in large digits, the basic parameters that any user would want to track, irrespective of age, fitness levels or gender! No high-sounding, incomprehensible use of fitness terminology- just your regular metrics like calories burned, distance covered, time of workout and speed.

Talking of speed, this HBS Folding Treadmill does provide you with a fairly diverse range of automatic speed adjustment choices, going from 1 kmph to 10 kmph all the way. And if you are curious about incline, there is a certain manual elevation mechanism that lets you up the sloping gradient to some extent. But it’s not as elaborate as higher-priced treadmills.

All in all, I adjudge the HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill to be the ideal workout machine for home-owners with space limitations and tight budgets. There really couldn’t be a better-priced machine to beat your expectations of a safe, effective, fuss-free and customized workout!

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Pros

  • Definitely provides value for money, if we gauge the features provided vis-à-vis the budget-friendly pricing
  • Comes with a Complimentary Twist Plate to get rid of your love handles and work towards those killer abs
  • Easy to Assemble + Highly User-Friendly, owing to simple construction and uncomplicated functionality
  • Foldable design and ease of storage makes it ideal for home use
  • Crystal-clear LED-backlit console offers live tracking of fitness parameters such as distance covered, speed, time and calories burned
  • Utmost Comfort Levels with padded handrails, cushioned deck and easy speed alteration

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Cons

  • Expert Assembly costs around a hundred bucks in addition to the actual treadmill cost
  • Given the extremely compact design and limited workout space, this model is ideally meant for short-statured users
  • Lightweight Construction of this Treadmill allows users weighing up to 200 pounds only (manufacturer guidelines mention 250 pounds max user weight, but anything more than 200 overworks the motor)
  • No warranty included for frame, motor, parts or labor whatsoever
  • Doesn’t include a heart rate sensor

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Best Features

  • Compact – Sleek, foldable design with overall dimensions of 47” x 24” x 48”,folded dimensions of 50” x 24” x 19” and deck dimensions of 13.5” x 39.75” ideal for short-statured users
  • Cushioning – Well-cushioned deck for maximum shock absorption and minimal strain on joints, whilst enhancing performance
  • Ergonomic – Ergonomic Design with firm, padded hand grips, easy-to-access controls and emergency stop feature for assured safety
  • Adjustable Speed – Seamlessly adjustable speed at various points ranging from 1 kmph for walkers to 10 kmph for brisk joggers
  • Multi-Faceted Display – Clear, backlit console displays vital metrics such as distance, speed, calories burned and time
  • High Durability – Solid Steel Construction with 60HZ motor emanating minimal noise and a hassle-free workout

HBS Portable Folding Motorized Treadmill Conclusion

Buying a sleek, motorized home treadmill at such a low cost, certainly seems to be an attractive proposition. Of course there are limitations in term of maximum user weight, suitability for users who are not very tall and the inability to accommodate high-speed runners.

But, the HBS Folding Motorized Treadmill stands tall in the realm of competitive pricing, ease of use, fuss-free storage and provision of all basic features for a safe and comfortable cardio regime. A must-buy for all beginners who are just warming up to the idea of working out at home!