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Lifespan Tr 1200i Folding Treadmill Review

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

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Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Introduction

This would have been my first treadmill review had it not gone out of stock. While not the best seller on Amazon, the Lifespan TR 1200i certainly has a huge fan following. For a treadmill that is priced over $800, it has over 400 verified reviews and that’s something. There are several reasons for such great reviews but I got the chance to review it at the new fitness center near my home where I work on the weekends. They got a brand new batch of TR 1200i treadmills to replace their aging Precor units.

This is my first stint with a Lifespan model and I am impressed thus far. 2.5 HP continuous power motor might sound similar to many cheaper treadmill motors but the keyword here is ‘continuous’. Basically, it can work at 2.5HP peak output on a stretch. Yes, the motor is commercial grade and that’s great news for you at home. Need a treadmill to last ages, this is it guys and it isn’t over a thousand dollars either.

The running deck is wide at 20 inches and naturally the treadmill is heavy but it folds up completely using hydraulic arms, which also assist when unfolding it. On the programming front, 21 exercise programs, sufficient to keep you busy for the rest of your life. Personally tested, all the programs are designed for specific purposes and by trained physiologists. Finally, to keep track of your progress you can always plug in a USB drive and take your readings, which is why my fitness center got this in the first place.

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill
  • The best selling electric treadmill by LifeSpan, foldable and portable capability turns this motorized running machine into a small compact size;Step-Up Height :7.5 inches
  • Heavy duty and high capacity 2.5 HP motor with a large 20" x 56" walking belt surface, and 15 levels of adjustable incline.
  • Quiet and lightweight manual fold for space saving and storable purposes in your office or home. Console tracks time, calories, distance, speed, and more.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Review

I am going to start with the dimensions and weight of the Lifespan TR 1200i treadmill because that matters for a home user. This is huge and it weighs a lot, to be specific it weighs nearly 300 pounds and comes with the bottom area completely assembled. Getting it into your home may not be as easy as you think and you better have some help. I checked on Amazon and they have an expedited delivery but it can take longer since their timeline does not take into account the duration it takes the shipper to send out the package.

Can’t speak much about assembly though the technicians at the centre said that it needs around 30 minutes to assemble. The console, upright handles and arm rests all come separate and need assembly. They did tell me that the console may need a little troubleshooting at first. Do a complete check with your unit before you decide everything is in order.

21 workout options, that is probably the first thing you will notice when you switch this treadmill on. By the way, the on and off switch is awkwardly located at the base of the treadmill towards the front side. Not that major of an issue though I cannot see why Lifespan could not include that button on the dashboard.

All the workout options are different and because this unit takes in user weight into consideration as well as counting the number of steps, it is pretty accurate with the calorie count. Heart rate sensor is built into the resting arms because of which it isn’t the most effective when you jog or run. As for the console itself, large with ample space to hold a tablet and buttons for quick controls.

The Lifespan TR 1200i does feature incline options and is mechanised meaning the entire treadmill changes inclination while you run. I felt the maximum inclination is at around 9 degrees which is great considering the numerous workout profiles available. 2 degrees is what I suggest all my clients to maintain as long as possible as it isn’t that difficult but burns the most calories, meeting your maximum heart rate requirements too.

Finally, let’s talk about the ergonomics. The belt is wide at 20 inches so it should not be a problem for heavy or tall folks. The deck is cushioned and Lifespan says it uses 6 cushioning features to provide comfort for your back, knees and joints. I really don’t care what the brochure says but how it feels. To me this treadmill feels light, springy and comfortable to walk, jog or run on. In short, it is a no-brainer if your budget allows it.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Pros

  • Loads of steady power right till the last mph.
  • Mechanised operations including multiple incline degrees.
  • Smooth and cushioned deck movement.
  • Highly customizable settings and ample profiles.
  • Wide deck and commercial grade construction.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Cons

  • Expensive if that can be called a con.
  • Heavy enough to need at least two to move and assemble.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Best Features

  • Commercial Grade – Speak of the motor, design or overall construction and features, the Lifespan TR 1200i is an outright commercial grade treadmill marketed towards home users with a little extra cash to burn.
  • Reliable And Sturdy – The treadmill might be huge and heavy but it is designed to last. I doubt if this treadmill under home usage would need more than a lubrication every now and then for at least a decade!
  • 21 Workout Profiles – Been a long time since I tried, purchased or reviewed a treadmill that came with double digit workout profiles. This one has 21 profiles and each profile is different.
  • Accurate Readings – The calorie count and step count is accurate thanks to the improved computing power of the console plus sensors built into the treadmill.
  • Mechanized – The treadmill is completely mechanised meaning inclination changes happen while the belt is moving.
  • Easy To Fold And Unfold – This treadmill might have a heavy deck but it is easy to store thanks to hydraulics assisting with the folding and unfolding.
  • Cushioned Deck – The deck has six cushioning areas that together give your back, knees and body joints a proper cushion so your workouts can go on for longer.

Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill Conclusion

As far as commercial grade treadmills go, the Lifespan TR 1200i is an affordable treadmill. Yes, it costs over $800 but true commercial grade treadmills can go for over $1500. As far as features and functionality, it offers everything a fitness centre needs so a home user should be getting way more than what he pays for.

Is it something I would recommend to my clients. Absolutely! If they have the budget for this treadmill, I would not give them any option other than to buy the Lifespan TR 1200i treadmill. This model in particular lacks nothing at all. Be it ergonomics, design or power output – there is ample of everything here.