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Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill

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Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Introduction

Commercial treadmills don’t come any better than the Nordictrack C 1650. In my honest opinion, this is the best treadmill in the market today, provided you can splurge over thousand dollars. Yes, this treadmill costs a limb but it deserves the high price tag for all the things it offers.

Thanks to iFit technology, you can train using Google Maps to personalize your route using any routes in the world. The treadmill will adjust its inclination, difficult and pace accordingly while showing you the route or street level images from your chosen route on the 10” color touchscreen.

Powering this beast is a massive 3.5 continuous HP DurX motor that never feels burdened even when you decide to take it for a sprint through the woods on iFit. More impressive is the 12 percent maximum inclination that lets you burn a lot more calories and target exact muscle areas with greater gains.

It does all this while cushioning the blow to your feet with the FlexSelect cushioned 20 by 60-inch deck. The cushioning can be adjusted as per your needs. Make it rock solid like concrete or relax it for a bouncier effect. Changing cushion rebound is as easy as turning a knob.

There is a lot more going on for the Nordictrack C1650 treadmill, in fact the sheer number of features is probably why I fell in love with it almost instantly. Not to forget, it does come with a comprehensive warranty package, which I will discuss later on.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill
  • 10 inch web-enabled touchscreen. Stay in Control of your workout with an impressive 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen. Quickly view your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, incline, and decline on the large, easy-to-read display
  • 3.5 chp drive System. Train safer, longer and quieter. Built with a bigger motor case for less vibration and dual cooling fans for less heat, this 3.5 continuous horsepower motor delivers lasting power that's smooth and consistent
  • 20 x 60 inch tread belt. This tread belt is specifically designed to reduce noise and friction for a quieter workout and longer lasting product. It's stretch resistant and engineered to stay centered on the deck

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Review

I am going to go out of my way and call the Nordictrack C 1650 a diva. You know it has a lot of potential but it needs constant supervision and attention, otherwise it will throw a tantrum with no end in sight. Right from the moment you open the packaging to everyday you use it, there will be something or the other you have to troubleshoot or tinker.

Amazon has piled up a lot of negative reviews over the past year for the Nordictrack C 1650 and a lot has to do with improper assembly. Yes, there are times when controllers have burnt out or the console needs a small component replaced but those are rare and Nordic Track has traditionally had a good reputation for customer service. All you need to understand is that this is a commercial treadmill. As with all commercial grade fitness equipment, it needs a lot of monitoring and maintenance.

To begin with, the assembly. The manual is highly detailed and instructional but, if you do not have a decent collection of tools handy, do not try to assemble this treadmill. If you can spend over thousand dollars, it is best to ask for expert assistance (should not cost more than $150). It took me nearly two hours, with my neighbor helping out. Testing and re-assembly of components took another hour, which is how it is with any new fitness equipment at my fitness center.

Once assembled, the treadmill is a smooth performer. By the way, this treadmill needs a lot of floor space so choose a spot for it somewhere in your house where you will not put anything else ever. Once assembled, this treadmill is heavy to move around. Yes, it has front wheels and folds up easily but weighs a lot even when folded up.

Let’s get to the bulk of the review now – usage and experience. The Nordictrack C1650 treadmill is iFit enabled letting you choose routes and paths from the Google map. However, to gain complete access you have to take a monthly iFit membership. There is a total of 34 workout programs otherwise that you can use free forever and those are within my scope of review.

Each workout program stretched out over half hour duration feels different to a great extent. With automated pace and incline controls you can feel your heart rate rise and fall as you progress through a variety of terrains. The massive deck size does help and option to change the stiffness of its cushioning really does take things to the next level. If you ever get the Nordictrack C 1650, try the hardest cushioning setting, set incline to just 1 degree and run for as long as you can. It does feel like running or jogging outdoors in your neighborhood.

Nordic Track does not cheap out on anything. This includes convenience features and ergonomics. Take the tablet holder or the bottle cutouts. Then there’s the large 10” touchscreen console that doesn’t just give you treadmill controls but lets you browse the internet while you work out. Alternatively, if you take an iFit subscription you get to see a whole lot more thanks to its color TFT screen.

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Pros

  • Massive number of workout options. There are 34 workout profiles built-in but you can download a lot more and also take up iFit subscription if you need more fluid workout routines.
  • Impressive engineering allows this treadmill a great degree of customizability. From the incline and speed to the cushioning levels.
  • Looks sturdy and feels solid in all compartments. 3.5 HP continuous power motor ought to handle any sort of workout program you throw at it.
  • This treadmill remembers your previous settings, and all readings related to your workouts until you flush the memory. You can track your progress without using any online subscription service.
  • Ergonomic features are all there including bottle holders, automated fans, a large touchscreen and a tablet holder.

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Cons

  • The treadmill isn’t easy to assemble and in fact took me over two hours to finish. It truly is commercial in all regards and needs a lot of attention when assembling and testing if you don’t want issues later on.
  • Nordic Track isn’t the best when it comes to providing replacement components. Be sure to find your nearest service center on the map before ordering this model.

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Best Features

  • Easy To Fold – Commercial necessarily doesn’t mean lack of portability. While I suggest you find this treadmill a permanent resting spot, it will easily fold up and down with telescopic EasyLife shocks if you need the extra floor space.
  • Crazy Workout Apps – Total of 34 preloaded workouts at first start is a rather impressive number. These programs are all designed by trainers that take heart rate goals, speed and incline decisions into account.
  • Automated All The Way – To ensure you get the closest approximation of your chosen google route, the Nordictrack C 1650 automatically adjusts the speed, incline, fan speed and more.
  • Comprehensive Warranty – Spending thousand plus dollars entitles you to a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor plus 5 long years on all parts with 2 years coverage for labor.
  • Cushioning Options – The cushioning too has its own settings that you can change as per your liking. Go stiff or full cushioned depending on your body signals.
  • Commercial Grade – When you pay over thousand dollars for a fitness equipment, you expect it to be nothing less than perfect.

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill Conclusion

If you don’t mind spending the time assembling this behemoth and spending over thousand dollars getting it, you won’t be disappointed. This is one treadmill that left me wanting more every single day. It does not lack anything in terms of power, performance, comfort or design.

Ample power, great workout profiles and splendid deck performance are my three reasons for recommending the Nordictrack C1650 treadmill. It doesn’t have that great of a customer service but for folks with sufficient DIY experience, troubleshooting should not be too difficult. The manual is quite detailed.