FoodSaver FM2000 Review

The FoodSaver FM2000 reduces bag wastage thanks to its unique latch and seal design. Additionally, it helps that this particular FoodSaver is smaller than any of its predecessors.

FoodSaver FM2000 Introduction

A name synonymous with vacuum sealing itself, FoodSaver has for decades now made some of the best sealing equipment for domestic and commercial use. The Food Saver FM2000 is an improvement over previous V series sealers in that the entire FM range is designed to reduce bag wastage. After all, every bag you use costs you something. The FoodSaver FM2000 seals closer to the edge thus saving you a fortune in roll or bag costs.

The sealing system manages to keep food fresh five times longer. Buy in bulk, vacuum and seal to save money. Unlike previous installments from FoodSaver though, this sealer does not look like much. It is petite, with very few buttons and a lower learning curve. Operating this compact sealer is easy.

Just place the bag into the sealing channel and use the latch bar to lock the device down tightly. Once locked, press the vacuum/seal button to begin the vacuum sealing process. Use the red seal button if you only wish to seal. With the vacuum seal feature, it completely removes air from the bags and then seals it up using just 1/4 inch for a perfect seal. If you do have spillover, the drip tray underneath catches all thus keeping your device squeaky clean. To seal containers and jars you can use the accessory hose port.

Our FoodSaver FM2000 Review

Having studied so many vacuum sealing systems in the past, we always found FoodSaver products to be the best. They are all designed keeping the customer in mind, but earlier models always irked us with the amount of bag used for a perfect seal. Not that there are other companies or models that do a better job, but this certainly was a major concern for us with any FoodSaver product.

The new FoodSaver FM2000 series retains much of the usability and simplicity of the FoodSaver V2244 but works hard at reducing bag wastage. It is immediately evident as you can’t push a bag inside the sealing chamber for more than half an inch. Incidentally, that is the first step to ensuring a proper seal. Once you have your ingredients prepared and bagged, you just push the open side into the seal chamber until it can go no further. There’s a latch on the right of the product that you can then press down on until you hear a click. The latch secures the chamber tight on the bag placing just 1.4 inches of the open side beyond the heat bar.

The Food Saver FM2000 has two operation modes. One is vacuum and seal mode, and the other is the seal mode. The former works best when you want to vacuum seal, but the later comes handy with all kinds of resealing activities. Instead of throwing away potato chips packets, cookies and the sort of perishable items that have a short lifespan once opened, you can reseal using this sealer to keep the content fresh for longer.

The latch mechanism on this FoodSaver is different from other devices. Usually, with compact sealers such as this one, you have to manually position the bag inside the chamber and then push down on the opening to squeeze the heat rods together. Over time, such a mechanism loses some of its elasticity, and you start getting bad seals unless you manually keep the sealer pressed down during the sealing process. With the latch mechanism, the FoodSaver FM2000 will never require manual intervention.

The wide mouth of the vacuum sealer is another advantage. It gives you more room to play. When making bags from rolls, keeping excess down can be difficult. However, with the wide mouth, it comfortably accommodates all sizes of bags and rolls. You can keep an assortment of sizes handy or purchase rolls and prepare your bags. A word of advice though, you need to cut the rolls with a scissor as this does not have any cutting mechanism.

We love the compact nature of this vacuum sealer. It is just 16 inches high and roughly measures the size of a computer keyboard. Such a small size makes it easy to work with as it no longer needs a dedicated counter space. Besides, thanks to the compactness, you can store it away in a kitchen shelf once done.

The removable tray underneath the sealing chamber prevents juice from accumulating inside the sealer. A thoughtful addition by FoodSaver, the removable tray does make maintenance and cleanup easier. You can’t help but have some spillage when dealing with liquid items or even marinades. This sealer cleans up easy thanks to the removable drip tray that cleans easily.

Finally, the attachment port takes in a proprietary FoodSaver hose that can seal containers and jars. It works as a handheld sealer and can also seal zipper bags. However, this attachment is sold separately.

There is nothing wrong with the FoodSaver FM2000. We just noticed that the design of the chamber uses foam edges that prevent external air from entering into the device during the sealing process. Because these foam edges aren’t secured to the sides, they get disturbed from time to time. If you find the device continually sucking air and never sealing, then check the foam edges. One of them must have bumped and come loose. Just push it back into place, and the sealer should get back to doing its job.

FoodSaver FM2000 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The compact nature of the vacuum sealer makes it easy to store and use on a regular basis. Why spend an entire day sealing everything you need for months ahead when you can do it in batches and enjoy the process?
  • Latch mechanism makes the sealing process hands-free. Just position the bag inside the mouth and press down on the latch to lock the heat bars.
  • You can choose to either vacuum and seal the contents of the bag or just seal the bag.
  • Drip tray prevents unwanted spillage and helps keep the device clean.
  • Accessory port attachments are not included in the package. You only get the accessory hose that works with containers and jars.
  • The chamber design uses foam edges to prevent air from entering during the sealing process. These foam edges need to be aligned and in position for a proper seal. If you find the machine continually vacuuming, then stop and check the foam tips. Realign them, and you are ready to go.
  • Reduced Bag Wastage – Folks who prefer using rolls instead of bags to save on cost often complain how FoodSaver devices use up a lot of roll for a perfect seal. The FM2000 fixes this issue and requires just ¼ inch of roll for a perfect seal. Naturally, you can now seal lesser quantity without worrying about bag wastage.
  • Compact Footprint – From afar it can be easy mistaking the FoodSaver FM2000 for a keyboard until you realize it is resting on a kitchen countertop. You decide if you want to keep the little sealer out in the open or store it in a closet. Either way, it won’t take up much space.
  • Latch For Secure Seal – Instead of pressing down on the sealer, you use the lock mechanism to secure the heat rods against the bag. It ensures the same seal strength every time.
  • Drip Tray – Sealing liquid items can be a pain especially afterward. To prevent the build up of spillage, the Food Saver FM2000 has a drip tray that slides out and cleans easily.

Our Final Conclusion For FoodSaver FM2000

The FoodSaver FM2000 is not an expensive all-inclusive vacuum sealer, but it is a capable portable sealer with plenty of innovative features. This vacuum sealer exists to make the life of ordinary folks easier. Someone without any prior experience with vacuum sealing will find this the perfect learner’s device. As for experts, they will appreciate the ergonomic design and functionality.

Even if you already own a capable vacuum sealer remember that this product is not only compact buy highly efficient. You can use it for quick seals, vacuum seals and even protect container and jars using the accessory hose.