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Ader Leather Power Lifting Belt Review

Ader Weight Lifting Belt

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Ader Weight Lifting Belt Introduction

One glance at the Ader Powerlifting Belt and you know it is a quality product. Make no mistake, leather belts aren’t made like this anymore. Yes, this is not a full-grain single layer leather belt. It is a four layered belt measuring 4-inches wide and 10.5mm thick with soft-suede lining on either side for increased comfort. However, the double stitching and finishing all suggest high-quality control.

The Ader weight lifting belt is only available in a single color, namely black but comes in several size options that we will discuss later on. For closure, this belt utilizes a seamless roller buckle and a single loop. Word of advice, do not expect quality at par with Inzer leather weightlifting belts. This is a cheaper brand, and naturally, its products are priced accordingly.

Ader Weight Lifting Belt Size Guide

Unfortunately, Ader does not adequately inform its belt sizes. Though available in several sizes of Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and a couple more fringe sizing, the company makes no attempt to clarify exact measurements. My best approximation from what I received is that Ader powerlifting belts match Inzer size chart. For me, the small was perfect.

Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt- 4" Black (Large)
  • These belts are made of very durable leather and may require some breaking in.
  • Size: Large (waist size 35"-40")
  • 3/8" thick, top quality leather with a soft suede lining for increased comfort. Easy to use closure system features a double-prong roller buckle with a single loop to secure belt tab

Ader Weight Lifting Belt Review

I noticed the Ader weight lifting belt had a lot of complaints regarding poor sizing. First off, do not buy blind. Always measure your waist size and not your pant size. I guess this is one aspect I keep repeating in all my weight lifting belt reviews. I am astonished by the sheer number of negative reviews that focus on improper sizing. It is not the manufacturer’s fault that their belts do not fit you. Unless you try a belt before buying, it is your responsibility to measure the size and order accordingly.

Unfortunately, Ader is not helped by the fact that they don’t give clear size measurements online. Nevertheless, this Ader powerlifting belt has a sort of cult following. I attribute this to the classic no-frills design. There is absolutely zero styling with the belt. It looks, smells and works like a retro powerlifting belt.

Being a 10.5mm leather belt with thick inner leather layers, it is hard, and I mean the type of hard leather that cuts deep into your skin until it breaks in. The Ader weight lifting belt will not feel comfortable until you break it in and one sure way to do this is to roll it like a burrito using a rod. For me, the edges of the belt were too rough. They dug into my bare skin even on light lifts. I took a 150 sandpaper and a file to soften the edges and smoothen them out. Though this is the case with almost all leather weight lifting belts, Ader could have differentiated their product by improving the finishing.

The fact that this belt is less expensive than several competitors is what caught my attention in the first place. It feels like a sturdy product, behaves like one and costs nothing close to a professional quality weightlifting belt. Please note though, this belt is just 10mm thick and not 13mm, which would provide a significant boost to your weightlifting training. For the majority of beginners and intermediate users though, the Ader 10mm 4-inch leather belt will suffice.

Using the belt is straightforward as there is no correct or wrong way to wear it. I should point out though, this Ader powerlifting belt lacks any padding on the inside so wearing it against your bare skin will cause the belt to soak up a sweat and even irritate your skin. Let’s not forget that the buckle and roller are metal so it can get quite uncomfortable underneath your clothes. Besides, these kinds of belts should be unbuckled in between sets to help relax the abdomen and back muscles.

Ader Weight Lifting Belt Pros

  • Straightforward and easy to use design.
  • Constructed from premium grade leather.
  • Double nylon stitching should prevent tearing over time.
  • Sturdy buckle and roller design.

Ader Weight Lifting Belt Cons

  • Lack of proper measurements.
  • Too rough around the edges needs some filing down before you can use it comfortably.

Ader Weight Lifting Belt Conclusion

Ader isn’t a brand I usually purchase but having tried out their no-frills leather power lifting belt, I have to acknowledge them as a decent fitness brand. Their products might not have the finishing of competing brands, but they sure are quality conscious regarding material and construction. I loved the leather belt once I filed down the sides and if you don’t mind a little DIY, this belt is an excellent underpriced acquisition.