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Bear Komplex Weighlifting Belt Review

Bear Komplex Belt

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Bear Komplex Belt Introduction

The Bear Komplex belt design makes weightlifting easy regardless of the technique you perform. It works great with deadlifts, snatches, power cleans, squats and a lot other exercises. You can even use it like a proper back support in your day to day activities. Bowling, golfing or even working on a desk are some daily routines where the Bear Komplex belt helps out.

This belt uses Velcro and a steel roller with buckle to keep a tight grip across your midriff region but is light enough not to impose any movement restrictions. You can even use this belt for cross-fitness training or metcons. The Velcro closure is easy to adjust and takes less than a second peeling off entirely. You can precisely control the comfort level and support by choosing how tight to wear the belt. Best of all, Bear Komplex has the best customer support service in the entire fitness accessory industry.

Bear Komplex Belt Size Guide

Bear Komplex belts use Velcro straps so the sizes are indicative only of your waist measurements. You could rely on the size chart entirely or take proper waist measurements. According to Bear Komplex, their belt is available in the following sizes.

  • Small – 27 to 32 inches
  • Medium – 32 to 36 inches
  • Large – 36 to 39 inches
  • X-Large – 39 to 43 inches
Bear KompleX Weightlifting belt for Powerlifting, Crossfit, Squats, Weight Training and more. Low profile velcro with super firm back for maximum stability and exceptional comfort. BLACK XL Belt
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  • TACKLE YOUR WODS, OLYMPIC LIFTS, AND OTHER MOVEMENTS. Extreme Support and Stability for ALL of your lifts
  • 4" STRONG VELCRO AND ADJUSTABLE SIZING allow for Easy In and Easy out while performing multiple movements in workouts

Bear Komplex Belt Review

Bear Komplex products always impress me. They make their designs in a manner that suits both, pros and beginners. Unlike other companies that have designs exclusive to either segment, almost all products in the Bear Komplex lineup works great for pros and newbies alike. The Bear Komplex belt is no different.

This is a Velcro strap weightlifting belt with ample expansion possibilities. It features a lumbar support region that is wider and padded while the rest of the belt has sufficient padding to feel comfortable on bare skin. Yes, the Bear Komplex belt is meant to be worn on the bare skin and that’s why I just love this belt. It soaks up the sweat but does not let your body lose muscle warmth. Unlike a leather belt though, this one will not stink up your gym bag, as long as you dry it and periodically clean it.

Speaking of fitting, the belt fits like a charm from day one. This is because of its design and Velcro mechanism. Yes, the belt is a bit small compared with other companies but the choices available in terms of sizing should make up for that. If you happen to fall on the fringe sizes, better pick up a larger size and use it tight. I had to settle with the Small since they had no size smaller. It fits me like a charm though, I have to pull the Velcro strap rather far. Good thing though, the belt seems sturdy and yet pliable at the same time. Hence, it should provide ample support doing all kinds of techniques without hurting your midriff.

Coming to the negatives of this belt, it is targeted solely towards beginners though intermediate users can use it for general weightlifting techniques. Deadlifts, squats, snatches and cleans are all possible with this Bear Komplex belt but, going past the 300 lbs mark can put undue stress on your back and abdomen region. Unlike a leather belt, this one does bend on the edges and loses its firm texture.

Bear Komplex Belt Pros

  • Good design and easy to use.
  • Feels sturdy from the word go.

Bear Komplex Belt Cons

  • Bends on the sides with repeated usage and doing heavy lifts.
  • Velcro will eventually wear down.
  • Not meant for professionals and advanced users.

Bear Komplex Belt Conclusion

The Bear Komplex belt is an excellent weight lifting belt if you aren’t much into heavy duty lifting. It also doubles as an everyday back support belt for folks suffering from back ailments. Best of all, this all-purpose back belt doesn’t cost much. However, as a complete weightlifting solution, it does lack the necessary prerequisite of being supportive no matter the weight you lift. Besides, the Velcro strap does not inspire complete confidence so for me this is a good beginner friendly belt but no more.