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Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt Review

Harbinger Weight Belt

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Harbinger Weight Belt Introduction

Among the cheapest weight lifting belts available today, the Harbinger belt provides necessary back and abs support you will ever need. Yes, there are higher priced belts with better features and finishing, but this isn’t a fashion fad that you must spend to follow. I believe that a belt capable of supporting your weight and reducing the pressure on your back is what anyone needs.

The Harbinger belt features 5-inch wide foam padding inside a tricot plus outer lining that is comfortable on bare skin. It calls this a closed cell foam structure. Another 3-inch support strap runs across this layer and around your body for additional protection of the lower back and abdominal regions. The design of the belt allows for flexibility at a reduced weight thanks to the use of abrasion resistant nylon. An added advantage of this design is that the strap helps retain muscle warmth. As for tensioning, the belt uses steel roller heavy gauge buckle.

Harbinger offers 90-day manufacturer warranty, and if you buy it from Amazon, you can rest easy knowing a return is possible anytime without the guaranteed return period. The Harbinger weight belt is available in a total of four sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large. More details on this are available in the next section of my review.

Harbinger Weight Belt Size Guide

  • Small – Designed to fit 24 to 29-inch waists.
  • Medium – Fits 29 to 33-inch waists.
  • Large – Fits 33 to 37-inch waists.
  • X-Large – Fits 37 to 42-inch waists.

Please note that the size chart available from Harbinger isn’t entirely indicative of fitting. For me, the Small is perfect regardless of the kind of workout I do. This is because Harbinger cites actual waist size and not your pant size. To measure your waist simply wrap a measuring tape around your waist. Moreover, while the belt is 5 inches wide, the real support is more like 3 to 4 inches. This is a nylon Velcro strap weight belt, it is not entirely rigid so do not buy expecting a full 5-inch support.

Harbinger Weightlifting Belt with Flexible Ultra-light Foam Core, 5-Inch, Medium
  • Extra wide 5 inch strength training belt with 3 inch support strap provides maximum lower back and abdominal support for heavier lifts
  • Thick, flexible ultra-light closed cell foam provides maximum comfort and maintains muscle warmth
  • Heavy gauge steel roller buckle makes tensioning simple and easy; plush tricot lining is comfortable against skin

Harbinger Weight Belt Review

I personally know a few guys who use the 5-inch Harbinger weight belt, and I love the gloves that Harbinger makes. Almost anyone who vouches for Harbinger suggests getting the 5-inch wide belt because of the design. Unlike leather belts that are rigid and hence 5 inches can be too much for shorter folks, this belt bends a little on the edges so behaves more like a 3 to 4-inch belt. For me, that’s more than sufficient support, though I can imagine few wanting a proper 5-inch wall against their stomach.

To me leather belts are stifling, and worse still they soak in a lot of sweat, eventually smelling bad and needing replacement. So much pain for something that I use barely a few times a week! I always prefer Nylon belts though Velcro straps are not always my preference. Nevertheless, the Velcro on this Harbinger weight belt works just fine.

Coming to the fit and feel, this Harbinger belt is comfortable enough to be worn on bare skin. I won’t advise doing this though it helps trap some of the muscle heat within. If you are searching for a Velcro belt that can be worn under layers of clothing, this is it.

The belt buckle is large and heavy, probably the only part of the belt that has a lot of weight. This belt uses Velcro to tighten around your waist. Obviously, Velcro is prone to losing its grip over time. From what I read and heard, a Harbinger weight belt with Velcro straps lasts at least a year before needing replacement.

I would go as far as suggesting two Harbinger belts, one measuring 4 inches wide another 5 inches wide so you can alternate between the two depending on the exercise you do. For me, the 5-inch Small size is perfect. I use it for everything from front squats, dips with weight to power cleans, deadlifts and heavy back squats.

Speaking of heavy lifting, this is a nylon type Velcro belt with foam padding, which means you cannot expect it to hold its shape under heavy duress. My advice, if you are into picking heavy weights for weight lifting purposes, take a leather belt instead. I don’t think any Nylon belt will manage to survive the severe strain.

An added advantage of having Velcro is that you can loosen the straps between sets instead of having to take the belt off. Though I don’t suggest you keep your belt on, if you are like me, get a size that is slightly larger than your requirement so you can loosen it enough for when not picking heavy weights. The unfortunate side effect of this is that you might forget about the belt once done with power lifts and heavy squats. I know I have!

Harbinger Weight Belt Pros

  • The velcro strap is so easy to manipulate. You need not fumble with the strap like with buckle types. Just loosen it between sets, and you are ready to go.
  • 5 inch at its widest provides sufficient support for going beyond 60% max weight capacity.
  • Does not absorb sweat so smells less and is easier to clean too.
  • Comes with 90-day return guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Cheapest 5-inch belt in the market. Harbinger weight belts also come in other sizes including 3 and 4 inches.
  • Construction quality is superior with closed cell foam padding inside a skin friendly exterior that is wrapped using a nylon material.

Harbinger Weight Belt Cons

  • Velcro will eventually lose its grip in a year or two.
  • Not the most supportive as the five-inch width is only superficial. Stretching beyond 75% weight capacity will put undue stress on the edges of the belt causing it to bend a little.

Harbinger Weight Belt Conclusion

The Harbinger Weight belt is my absolute favorite. For less than $30, personally, I do not mind replacing it annually. If you can live knowing that the Velcro will eventually give out, this is the best weight lifting belt in the market. It is comfortable, supportive and designed for a superior fit.

I advise getting not one but two of these belts in different width so you can alternate between them depending on the kind of exercise you do.