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RDX Cow Hide Leather Gym Belt Review

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt

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    Comfort - 9/10
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Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Introduction

Soft cowhide leather with a contoured design that supports the back exactly where it should, the RDX weight lifting belt is my top pick among all leather gym belts. The leather is oil-fixed, ensuring durability and softness. Additionally, this RDX lifting belt does not soak up a lot of sweat thanks to moisture wicking technology. The added benefit is that it won’t stink after repeated use.

Traditionally leather weight lifting belts are either too rigid or pointy. This belt is neither thanks to the padded lumbar region and contoured fit. Finished with heavy duty rivets, reinforced edge stitching and a steel buckle, it feels top notch and durable. If you hate Velcro straps or the soft nature of nylon belts, this RDX weight lifting belt with its classic design and full structure should give you the best retro-styling while being as comfortable as nylon.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Size Guide

  • Small – Suitable for waist sizes between 24 and 28 inches.
  • Medium – Fits 28 to 32 inches waist size.
  • Large – Fits 32 to 36-inch waists.
  • X-Large – Fits 36 to 40-inch waists.
  • 2XL – Fits 40 to 45 inches waists.

RDX suggests measuring your waist size with a tape to get the right size. The trick is to always measure between the hip bones and rib bones – almost dead center. Depending on your individual measurement, you can pick from any of the five sizes. The RDX Cow Hide leather gym belt is 4 inches wide, but because it is made entirely of leather, you get the full 4-inch support running across your lumber and abdomen region. To me, it feels almost like a professional weightlifting belt minus the extra cost and added materials.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Review

The RDX weight lifting belt is without a doubt, a very high-quality gym belt. I expected a lot from this gym belt, and I was not disappointed. In fact, this is my favorite leather belt because of its classic styling, affordable pricing and superior construction quality. I wear a small (because I am short waisted) and it fits me comfortably with ample room to tighten or loosen the belt. Now you may need a larger size depending on your waist size, but with five different sizes, plus the ability to punch new holes, if the need ever arises, you should find a size perfect for your waist.

For me, the RDX lifting belt comes handy only when I want to attempt my one rep max. I cannot rely on a nylon belt since they tend to fold up under intense pressure. This cowhide leather belt, on the other hand, pulls through every time.

A word of caution, this belt is not meant for beginners or novice. The reason I say this is not because of its rigidity or design. In fact, I believe beginners should not use belts at all. You should be concentrating on perfecting the form and building a strong core. As for intermediate weightlifters, this is a belt worth purchasing. Though, I will advise buying a comfortable nylon belt as well since a leather belt is overkill for the majority of weight lifts.

One key feature of the RDX weight lifting belt is its padded back area. Though the front is completely leather, and so is the back, there is sufficient padding that rests against your skin soaking up the sweat and moisture. It feels comfortable around the waist and prevents sweat from touching the leather.

I just feel that RDX could have made the belts in more than five sizes. Unlike nylon Velcro strap belts that can easily accommodate various sizes, a leather belt is only as good as the number of holes it has. Because of this, some folks might just find the belt either too small or too large if they measure around the edges of each size category. In particular, the XL and 2XL sizes have nothing in between. So if you have a waist measuring more than 40 inches, you may have to settle for an oversized 2XL belt.

Something you can’t see in the pictures is the retro styling of the belt. The leather is great and so is its natural color but the design is just awesome. My belt is over six months old, and it never fails to catch the attention of fellow gym goers and my clients. I continue to get compliments every time I use it. Nubuck rules!

Six months of regular use and the holes I rely on haven’t stretched or lost their form. It still retains the rigidness of the leather with the padding comfort. I simply cannot see myself using any other brand’s leather belt in future if this goes bad.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Pros

  • Soft cowhide leather with moisture wicking and rugged stitching all over.
  • 4-inch width is sufficient to support almost anyone regardless of height or waist size.
  • Available in five different sizes, each with the ability to grow a bit or shrink as the need arises.
  • The cheapest leather belt in the market with proper support and finishing.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Cons

  • Sizing is a bit awkward especially for those with a waist size above 40 inches.
  • Being leather, it has a slight break-in period though the padding helps soften the initial rigidness.
  • Meant mostly for beginners moving onto heavier weight lifts.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Conclusion

The RDX weight lifting belt looks great and inspires confidence. One maximum deadlift and you immediately begin to trust this belt. Unlike conventional leather belts that soak in sweat, smell and are scratchy on the skin, the RDX lifting belt is moisture wicked, odor resistant and padded on the inside. In short, it is just as comfortable as a nylon foam-padded belt minus the limited support.