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RDX Cow Hide Leather Lever Buckle Belt Review

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt

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Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Introduction

The RDX Cow Hide Leather Lever Buckle Belt is useful if you are searching for an alternative to traditional leather buckle belts. But if you aren’t much into leather weight lifting belts, this probably won’t change your mind.

This RDX weight lifting belt is made from Nubuck oil-tanned leather measuring 10mm thick and about 4 inches wide. It is the right width and thickness to ensure proper support and stability though comfort isn’t high on the list. As for accessibility, it does feel easier to adjust and use compared to a conventional leather buckle belt. What impressed me most with this leather belt was its shape. It retains the rigidity over time and does not seem prone to bending or shearing.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Size Guide

Available in a total of four sizes, this RDX lifting belt will fit your waist perfectly. Take a measurement of your midriff before ordering the correct size as lever belts are unforgiving in terms of variable sizing. The options available to you are as follows:

  • Small – 28 to 32 inches
  • Medium – 32 to 36 inches
  • Large – 36 to 40 inches
  • Extra Large – 40 to 44 inches

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Review

After using the Inzer Forever Lever Belt, which also used a similar lever mechanism, I had high hopes from this RDX weight lifting belt. It looks almost similar though the lever latch mechanism is a bit different. RDX suggests its lock is made from chrome, but it feels more like chrome finished metal underneath. Thankfully, this belt looks chic.

If looks were everything, I would rate this the best weight lifting belt. As it stands, there are some flaws with the design. For starters, the belt seems too pliable for my liking. Yes, the leather is soft – a bit too soft! While this is good news for folks who are afraid of leather belts because of the bite they carry to the sides, it also means that the belt cannot survive beyond a year of rugged usage. For over $60, that’s too soon to be buying yet another leather belt.

When I carefully inspected the belt, I noticed that there are two rows of nylon threads interwoven across both edges. I suppose this is to prevent the leather from tearing layer by layer. Yes, this is not made from a single block of leather. Instead, it uses the old layer technology to increase the belt thickness.

Wearing the belt for the first time does not have the bite you learn to expect from a leather belt. If anything, it feels more relaxed. I am not so sure this is a good thing. For beginners who won’t be stretching their workouts to include heavier deadlifts, this is fine. However, intermediate users going past the 300 lbs. mark may witness stress marks across the belt in as little as a couple of weeks.

RDX usually makes reliable fitness accessories, and their traditional belt that I reviewed earlier is a testament to that fact. However, with the Lever Buckle belt, I feel they skipped out on quality control. The first piece I received had some sort of scratch mark on the front. Additionally, the size chart isn’t accurate enough for this belt, or like I said earlier, my piece skipped quality checkpoints.

This RDX weight lifting belt is a good attempt at challenging the Inzer lever belt, but it does not come close in any respect. If you can spend another $50, get the Inzer belt instead or pay less and go with the traditional RDX leather buckle belt (I have one of those for over six months now, and it is way better in every respect compared to this RDX belt).

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Pros

  • Innovative Buckle and Lever design make it easy wearing and taking the belt off.
  • Not heavy like other 10mm leather belts.
  • Well styled and looks chic.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Cons

  • Not reliable in terms of materials used, finishing or construction.
  • Does not inspire confidence when lifting heavy.
  • Meant mostly for beginners moving onto heavier weight lifts.

Rdx Weight Lifting Belt Conclusion

When you want more support to the back and abdomen region, you pick a leather belt. That was what my trainer told me when I was starting out. I am pretty sure he would not agree to me using the lever buckle RDX weight lifting belt. Yes, it is innovative and catchy, but it does not inspire enough confidence.

I would advise spending the same money on a Velcro nylon type belt or a cheaper traditional leather belt depending on your weight lifting ability. However, if you hate leather belts because they bite into your sides, this RDX belt is a decent alternative.